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The Antichrist is coming on a F.I.A.T.'s car (*)


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Ok, let’s the potential Jesuits dentists to make ‘their day’, and go to see what else happened on the 4th July. You must transfer yourself – guess where? – in Italy, where a particular kind of Italian car was for the first time thrown on the Italian market! This was the famous, also in a world-wide dimension, FIAT 500 car, a very small car, a type called with the Italian adjective “utilitaria” (= utility car), a car that was developed in order to be used whether by the most poor Italian families or by the most rich people who could use it like a “fun car” or to purchase cigarettes among the dense traffic of Rome when the butler had his ‘free-day’; it was used by the young Black kommies to carry sticks in order to beat the ‘Reds’, who were going to the kommies manifestations with the same car full of Molotov’s bomb or were utilizing it to hide themselves among woods to drug themselves. So a car with the ambition to become a kind of UNIVERSAL = CATHOLIC car….

Today the FIAT 500 is considered an historic car, it means that it can circulate only under certain condition stated in order to allow the conservation of the cultural industrial memory. Lately, in the Italian televisions (and maybe also abroad, but I don’t know), the FIAT 500 was celebrated in its catholic essence with a well centred spot for a famous Italian beer: the actual Italian motorbike champion Valentino Rossi was involved in it, acting as a passenger of a New Yorker particular Yellow Cab, a yellow FIAT 500 travelling among the chaotic traffic of Manhattan.
It is interesting to note that in New York you have the headquarter of the SMOM, in the S. Patrick cathedral controlled by His Evil Excellence the Archbishop of N.Y. Edward Egan (surely a pure concidence…), a ‘kind’ of being well interested to ‘celebrate’ in a not conventional way the next 500th anniversary of the Luther’s Thesis. And, as above underlined, as New York with its Manhattan is consequentially considered in all the world (thanks also to the slaughter of 3000 New Yorkers on the 11st September 2001) as the living symbol of the globalization, so again the symbol of Universalism i.e. Catholicism.

So the FIAT 5OO, that we could translate as “make (=fiat) the 5ooth!” in the sense of “make ‘em pay for what happened 500 years before!”, is one of the strongest vectors of symbols that have moulded the Italian society, and not it only, as many FIAT 500 fans are spread all over the world. In fact why an Agnelli’s boys, like Lapo Elkann,.....


(sorry, no pictures found on the web of the drug user Responsible of Marketing of FIAT Lapo - Guelph censorship)

....is delighting with its foolishnesses Manhattan? The Guelph Agnelli are near to the Archbishop Edwad “Stepinac” Egan of America, in order to assist him in the next slaughter of heretics?



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So this 4th July 2007 two important event, with world significance, happened. The first is the presentation in Turin of the Italian Counter Reformation car, the remake of the old FIAT 500. For the occasion the Italian premier Romano Prodi, together with the leader of Confindustria (Italian Industrial association) Luca Cordero de Montezemolo. Luca de Montezemolo is belonging to an aristocratic family, but more on it after the sequent article.

The car, three white Fiat 500, were presented on the roof of Lingotto. At the 17 the Premier Prodi land with an helicopter on the roof, together with the Job Ministry Cesare Damiano. He is on the way to go to Lisbona for a bilateral summit UE-Brasil. To receive Prodi there are the highest leaders of Fiat, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Marchionne and John Elkann. After a short dialogue, three white Fiat 500 are exhibited to the public and the premier put himself on the driver set menwhile Montezemolo sits on the side passenger’s seat and Damiano, the highest, is back, to demonstrate so that the new Fiat 500 is not a little car.
(They have changed the article, there’s another one in the same address)



by Amalia Angotti


>>>…The car has the plate-number of the today date: 040707. “I wish to the new 500 big lucky and Fiat to be able to sell many of it”, is the comment of Prodi. This is also a moment to celebrate the new launch of the Turin-corporation (=Fiat): “Let’s remember today about what it was told on Fiat some years ago – says Prodi – and let’s think as all is changed today. It is a fact of enormous importance for Italy. This is not a spot, but a feeling of happiness. This car has a strong symbolic value, the value of renewing a very original tradition: all the other cars are confusing one among the others, this is different from the others”. Damiano tells that the 500 was his first car, he speaks about the “changing” and resumption of Fiat, and of a “new balance between the production of the car and the city after years of troubles”. On the roof of the Lingotto, a symbol of the new Turin, there are also the Ministers for Communitary Politics, Emma Bonino (“did I make the right choice ordering it red?”, asks she to Prodi) and for the Transports, Alessandro Bianchi, who says that “500 remains an Italian design masterwork”. “Today is an important day, and it is moreover the day of the people that works”, says Montezemolo in front of the Turin industrials that just in this day have their annual assembly. And adds: “In this car there’s the spirit of a city and of an enterprise which want to be protagonist”.

Have some fun with the new Fiat 500 Counter Reformation car:

And now, who is Luca Cordero de Montezimolo, the now president of industrial Italian lobby, the COnfindustria?



So, who is Luca Cordero di Montezemolo? But he is a Jesuit trained, a classmate, in the Jesuits' Istituto Massimiliano Massimo of Rome, of the today head of civil Italian intelligence, Giovanni de Gennaro, and of one among the most important banksters of the world, the governor of Italian central bank Mario Draghi. I don't waste time here on Montezemolo, a family evidently linked with the Agnelli bloodline. What matters here is to understand how my words were describing two years ago the today's reality:


To get federal help, Chrysler has 30 days to do Fiat deal

For Chrysler, the clock is ticking. The Obama administration has told the deeply troubled automaker it has 30 days of financial aid in which to complete its proposed deal for an alliance with Italy's Fiat — or find another partner — and then it's on its own.

Chrysler gets less help than GM

As bad as life is for General Motors, it is decidedly worse for Chrysler now that the Obama administration has rejected its turnaround plan as not viable. While the administration seems clear that it will work to prevent GM's disappearance, it seems willing to let Chrysler sink or swim on its own.

The government is giving Chrysler just enough financing to operate for 30 days — rather than 60 days for GM — and Obama pointedly called Chrysler's situation "more challenging," and that his review determined that "Chrysler needs a partner to remain viable."


Today, Fiat offers much more highly regarded vehicles at the low end, like its retro Fiat 500. But it has just a tiny beachhead in the U.S. market because it owns Ferrari and Maserati.


Chrysler faces tougher deal with Fiat

In rejecting Chrysler's plan Monday, the government also set new conditions for the proposed Fiat deal. It said it nixed the original outlines of a merger deal because as a foreign-owned firm with a stake in Chrysler, Fiat would not be responsible for paying back Chrysler's aid from American taxpayers.


Etc. etc.


It is of some interest to know that.......:


"........C’ERA un ragazzo che amava la Fiat. Frequentava l’Occidental College di Los Angeles ed era entusiasta della sua 'funky red Fiat', probabilmente una 'Strada' rosso fiammante, una Ritmo versione a stelle e strisce che il Lingotto commercializzava negli States quando Barack Obama era studente................"


Resuming the excerpt: practically when Obama was a student of the Los Angeles Occidental College he was enthusiast about his 'funky red Fiat', a Fiat Ritmo car which was marketed in those years in the States....

Let me recall to you about the red colour symbolizing the supremacy of the papacy on the secular power.... Do you remember the red shoes of Ratzinger during his visit in America?....

Remember also the famous red Ferrari supercars of Modena (formally a property of FIAT) ---> Este papal bloodline ......

(*) Additions - an hour later: the reference about the red shoes of Ratzinger visiting America. And then the title. Of course the title of that old post was an effect of the Jesuit Futurism propaganda about the coming of the Anthichrist. Theologically speaking the Antichrist is just here, in the present, and the Futurism (that "...antichrist that has to come...") represents only his cultural efforts to divert the attention from the present with future events. Something similar to what is happening in the ideological spatial sphere of reality in our days, with the s.c. Chemtrails phenomena which, yes, could
really be a "black operation", but whose first goal is to make you look only above into the sky meanwhile on zero level ground they have the hands free.... So take that title as a sort of artistic image.
Jesuit Counter Reformation Futurism:

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Give me a pyre, and I can holocaustize the world


Dresden, Altmarkt square, February 1945, just after the terrorist Counter Reformation bombing of the “Florence of the North”.

Why the Germans, even if that was caused by an health emergency, did cremate their compatriots on pyres in the open air, meanwhile for the ‘heretics’ purportedly massacred inside the camps after Inquisitorial roundups, they even wasted time, money, energies to build for the hated victims ‘civilized’ ovens?

If they were so sure of the final victory, why do they wasted time & energy to build a system of extermination so closed, discrete and separated from the external world?

This is the monument of the Foiba di Basovizza, near the village of Basovizza/Bazovic in the surroundings of the city of Trieste. The ‘foiba’ was a former mine used during the last conflict as discharge for wreckage and for corpses. The below one is an official governmental monument of an alleged mass murder there occured, where the army of Tito should have literally launched inside of the mine a number of victims going from 1,000 to 2,500:

The estimations of the density of the corpses that should lay hundreds of metres below varies from a minimum of 3 corpses for cubic metre to 5 corpses for cubic metre. Considering that the corpses lying on the pyre in Almarkt square were pressed in a density of at least two corpses for cubic metre, and considering that the amount of the victims of the Inquisitorial punishment of Dresden was of some tens of thousands of victims, from 20,000 to 50,000 victims in an average, why the troops of Ledochowsky had such a difficulty to annihilate during at least four years millions of people meanwhile they readily and efficiently did remove the mass of corpses after the bombings - nothwisthanding the fact that all the technical support and the infrastructure of the rescue went practically annihilated by the same bombings?

Did the Nazi-Jesuits really need only of industrial, built with bricks ovens enclosed in precise “facilities” (extermination camps) under official and documented surveillance, to annihilate the greatest number of heretics from Eurasia? Or a well greatest part of the total and never calculated amount of Opfern (sacrificial victims) exceeding the usual six millions of victims of the usual exhibited (to be then denied) Holocaust camps, were annihilated in the desolated forests and steppas of the East Europa, using the same efficient system of Dresden, but far far away from the eyes of the ‘civilized’ society? Has been the great part of the mass-sacrificial system deployed in East Europe because, having in sight the sequent step of the planned ‘defeat’ of the Nazi regime, it and the related evidences, would have been consigned in the hands of the occult anti-semite, Roman Catholic S.J. Josiph Stalin? Who would then have provided to cancel them like Tito did with the Jasenovac extermination camp?


How many traitors of the Jewish people and pimps of the SS guardians, who would have purportedly diverted with poisoned information the researches on the Holocaust, swam in those Nazi swimming-pool? How many Jewish criminal, ruffians, betrayers of their people went privileged by their Jesuit-Nazi masters, to repay them after the planned defeat of Hitler’s regime, with an infinite series of false tales about the Holocaust, spread with the clear, precise and bright intention to destroy any credibility to the true witnesses and true experiences of the survivors?

The swimming-pool of Ledochowsky – to drown in it the true face of the greatest massacre of heretics never happened in the history of the Roman Catholic church:

How to deny the greatest mass murder of heretics of the Roman Catholic history - and to pretend to be an 'heretic'. No doubts that the Jesuit-Nazi and the Holocaust denial is aimed to destroy also the Protestantism, devouring it from inside after having used its the same terminology (From "The heretical press"):

Eurasian Jewish Holocaust

Vatican Holocaust


Ledochowsky's "Final Solution" CITED BY EICHMANN 1961

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The vicarious of the Divine Cone and the Decayed Angels...

From Troy Space, quoted and resumed in Continuing Counter Reformation:
Romish-Masonic Togetherness
From Troy Space:


No surprise either, as both the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia d’Italia (GLDI, founded in 1910 after a schism with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) & the Church of the Gesù - the mother church of the Jesuits - are located in Piazza del Gesù! In fact the GLDI is known as the Piazza del Gesù obedience. This body is recognised by the Scottish Rite’s US Southern Jurisdiction (”Mother of the World”) Supreme Council 33° in Washington, DC. The Jesuits control both the Roman Catholic Church & many elements within high-level Freemasonry on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Grande Oriente Italiano obedience (founded 1975, not to be confused with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) is also to be found at Piazza del Gesù, as is the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia Nazionale Italiana (founded 1979).
- TS









Catholic World News (CWN)

Italian priest joins Masons

Rome, Feb. 19, 2007 (CWNews.com) - An Italian Paulist priest has become a member of the Masons, joining the group in a ceremony attended by about 40 people at the Masonic headquarters at Piazza del Gesu in Rome.

Father Rosario Francesco Esposito dismissed the Church ban on membership in the Masonic lodge, saying that it is “a thing of the past.”

The move by the 85-year-old Father Esposito is particularly interesting because he, along with Father Giovanni Caprile, SJ [Note: SJ = Society of Jesus = Jesuits - TS], was once commissioned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to study the Church’s teaching on masonry. In 1983 the prefect of the Congregation, then-Cardinal [Note: & SMOM Knight of Malta - TS] Joseph Ratzinger [Note: now Pope Benedict XVI - TS], made a public announcement that the teaching of the Church had not changed, and the ban on Masonic membership remained in place.

Related material:



















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Double 'p'.


".......Since the 60ies in Italy there were many massacres and attempts of Golpe. All was carried out with the Black communist mercenaries that placed the explosive for example in the Fontana square Massacre or in the Loggia square Massacre. The leftists, headed by the Communist Party, had the duty to expose to the Italian population all the discoveries made by the investigators about not only the deviated apparatus of the State, filled with right far wing militants, but also on their subversive Nazifascists organizations on whom continually the blame was putted. Meanwhile all the judiciary proceedings lay in a passive inefficiency, allowing to the greatest part of the material executors to escape the justice. Have you heard something similar about it? This strategy today has been translated in a global-wide shape, what once were the “subversive Nazi-Fascists Italian organizations” called “Ordine Nuovo”, “Avanguardia Nazionale”, or intelligence services like “Sifar”, today are the ones named “Al Qaeda” or istead the Sifar you have the “Mossad” or the “CIA”….........."........


....".........So, meanwhile the domestic Italian ‘Al Qaeda’ did its dirty butchery work killing as many innocent people they could in order to made an impression on the population, the Red Kommies did their part in this bloody comedy, spreading among people the theories based on the farce-bloody-massacres, in a similar way as works today the official press that spreads the lies about the “Islamic terrorism”. Exactly like what happens today when the information system indirectly (‘Official’ information) or directly (fake-alternative information ‘a-la-Alex-Johns’) blames on the ‘Neocons/Jews’ (or Al Qaeda) who infiltrate the U.S. institutions, yesterday, in the 60ies, the Official information and the information of the strongest opposition political force in Italy, were spreading the lie of a Nazifascist infiltrated apparatus of the State, full of the Italian ‘Neocons’ of those times, i.e. the fasiscts and the golpists, from the militants of the ‘subversive far right wing organizations to the old nostalgic generals like the founder of the modern Carabinieri, De Lorenzo. But don’t be confused. All this kind of agents for real infiltrated and continue to infiltrate the (fake) Republican Institutions, and operate to deviate them, but their work was to ‘act’ a fake-subversion, filled with much real blood exactly like the much blood of 3.000 Americans of the 9-11, a blood and violence and threats that had the duty to divert the attention on the nostalgic of Mussolini and Hitler and their way to operate...................."........


...."..........Because the REAL way of operate of the REAL golpe, is far, but far away, and is based on the LOW INTENSITY GOLPE, that sees as first pillar the Carabineers as ONLY totalitarian force that rule an every day more medieval Italian society in collaboration with the papal police forces, Mafia, Camorra, ‘Ndrangheta and various other criminal organizations. And the political forces that have the task to let the full realization of the Golpe in the society without anything appearing in the conscience of the people, are properly the same forces that in the pasts were continuously exposing the “threat of the Fascist Golpe”, are the most ‘above suspicion’ forces, these forces are the former Italian Communist party and its ideological allies, that started to prepare the field for the Carabineers Golpe, after the judiciary Italian power wiped away, in 1992 with a strong judiciary cleansing of the political class (= “Mani Pulite” operation), the old trustful political parties which were always publicly exposed in front of the public as the “church’s tools”, and these ones were the Christian Democratic party and its ally the Socialist party...........".......


..."......To surprise the enemy is the first rule. So, meanwhile the enemy (=the Italian society) was awaiting a bloody golpe, with tanks in the streets, with Nazifascists militants killing leaders of the Italian Communist party and of the left and similar theatrical scenes taken from typical butcher events of WWII (scenes continuously refreshed in the minds of the people with ceremonies and movies about the last war), meanwhile the minds of the Italians have been shaped in this way for more than thirty years with a full “Pavlov mass therapy”, the golpe is just happened, on the 5th October 2000, in silence, without violence, without no one realizing it, except the agents that realized it and the undersigned. It is an old strategy to divert the enemy and to use tricks. Today all this is known as “Sun Tzu” philosophy of the war, that often is opposed to the “Von Clausewitz” philosophy of war. In the Italian case you can see the first bright application of the fundamental change in strategy........".....


..."....In fact the classic strategy provides an hot clash between the two fronts involved in the war, with a copious loss of lives, with pain, destruction and all what is involved in a war, civil war episodes too. Then, after one of the front has took the power, i.e. the enemy headquarter, all suddenly becomes quite, silent, peaceful, excepts maybe for some executions or revenges, but there are just some single episodes that are not disturbing too much the “stillness after the thunderstorm”. In the ‘new’ philosophy of war and so of Golpe, the real grip on power is silent, quite, peaceful. This is due because in the last case is not the power in itself that interests (they JUST have the real power on society), which is only a tool. It is the blood and the mass murdering that is the goal and that will FOLLOW the LOW INTENSITY GOLPE. The revenge is a tasty dish and it is the last to be served by the Jesus Order.
Just only five years are dividing us from 2012, and from 2012 to 2017 there will be just only another five years, and from 2017 to 2022 there will be another five years, five like the 5th October when the autonomous Carabineers Armed Force was founded. Just exactly the half of years of a typical Counter Reformation ’30 Years war’.

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-catholic isolationist


(From the post of Jul 14 2007, 07:04 PM in the thread "Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry)." (The Unhived Mind) )

See also: "...........and again confirmations." and many, many, many other messages launched in a bottle.


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Three pieces from Catholand

(21st Saturday, March 2009: see corrections & confirmations below)


Yesterday Brunetta, the minister for the public administration of the P2 government of Silvio Berlusconi, intervened in a program about the reform of the public administration. The Italian employees of the state and local administrations are privileged respect the worker in the private sector, as they have a less charge of work and often they do what they want instead to do what they are paid for (to serve the community). The minister started to intervene with laws that punish the incorrect behaviour of the public clerks. But we should ask ourselves, “why the same power that corrupted the state and its institutions, now search to correct that corruption?”. The minister Brunetta is part of the ruling P2ist mafia elite, an elite which under the alibi of the ‘common good’, hides, following the orders of his masters, the Vatican good. But this in another seat. What matters here is to study the Vatican method used to control and manipulate the country. Minsiter Brunetta betrayed the use of that Romanist trick during a talk show in the program of the television channel “La 7” – “Exit”.

Italian television channel“The 7”/”La 7” – “La 7”, like the 7 hills of the Vatican Harlot; the “7” channel is owned by the giant telecommunication (and spy) Telecom Italia corporation. In 1997 (centre-left Romano Prodi government) Telecom Italia was used to pay the bribe to Milosevic. In consequence Milosevic overwhelmed the competitors in the electoral campaign, won the elections and three years after the N.A.T.O. of the Roman 7 Hills’ pope could get the desired alibi to rage on the ‘heretic’ Serbs. The “La 7” is famous for its ‘documentary’ where the Protestants are always presented in a negative image: ‘oppressors’ of the ‘poor Jesuits’ (Powder’s plot), probable murderers of the ‘poor Catholic Hapsburg princes’ (Mayerling’s fact), bloody oppressors of the ‘poor Catholic Scotland’,….. Roman Catholic ecumenism? The ecumenism of the Council of Trent 'menorah'?

As counterpart of the minister, the director of the program chose a group of public clerks who went easily defeated by the copious amount of data exposing the idle attitude of the Italian public employee. A corrupted and engineered talk show, synchronized with the recent arrest of about 100 public employees for having cheated the state. And a public condemnation & execution for all the Italian state employees. At a certain point, a public clerk, overwhelmed by the rhetoric and the colossal amount of objective data of the Minister, cried that “if it is possible to dismiss the idleness employees, so it should value also for the politicians in the parliament”. And here the minister finally exposed the true core of what is going on around the P2ist reform of the public administration: with surely a sincere attitude, without any apparent awareness, the minister Brunetta candid answered that there’s only a method to dismiss the corrupted politicians who don’t do their duties, the vote. And, as to underline the concept, the Minister moved the arms simulating the gesture of putting a ‘X’ on a sheet.

Finally an higher official of the secular institution explained the tactical core of the Vatican regime. The answer of the minister could be dismissed as a simple confirmation that the Italian laws are double faced: the ‘common’ citizen can be arrested for having committed a fraud against the public administration meanwhile the politicians have free licence to corrupt and to commit fraud towards their electors. Or: “In order to commit crimes and then to avoid the punishment by the judiciary power you must enter in the parliament”. But this is the first superficial layer of the minister’ s message. There’s another layer involved in such a strategy. The true message is “the subjects must obey to the orders of their ‘representatives’, even if these orders are against the laws and their representatives are criminal”. But meanwhile “the representatives cannot be pursued for felonies and corruption, the citizen that have to obey to the order of their criminal representatives are fully responsible and submitted to a trial in case of crime”. Digging inside the minister’s message, we see the sinister Novo Ordo Seclorum mind behind the concepts that moved his tongue: the democratic elections are blessed and putted above any other thing when they consecrate the political class who commits frauds and crime. The parliament is a ‘sacred’ place and the ‘democratic’ representatives of the people are untouchables especially when they work to destroy –through the disrepute - the same secular system of governance. So finally we arrived to the true theological core of the actual government policy: the secular and democratic institution are good only when they are useful to apply the principles of the Canonical law. ‘Democracy’ only for the forces that are destroying the democracy. The secular powers can still continue to operate only if they are supporting the theological occult philosophy of the church of Rome. The ‘X’ on a sheet of minister Brunetta is only the new lure for the increasing savage pagans of this society.


As it was following a precise storyboard, the Irredentist answer to the nearly clash occurred on 28th February in the near Slovenia, arrived punctually with the usual Fascist offensive writing on the Slovenian monuments for the victims of the Fascism. Meanwhile in the zone of the Golobivnica there are about 500 (five hundreds) natural underground caves per kilometre square, and so it is incredible how it is possible to identify among them the precise one where the alleged victims of Tito’s regime are lying, for the recently injuried monument there are the official acts of the Fascist regime who condemned to death the members of the nationalist anti-fascist Slovenian guerrilla and executed them in a precise zone, near the Slovenian community, in order to send a strong message.

You can see applied always the same Hegelian/Jesuit dialectic. First you have the 27th January with a choreographed suffocating propaganda that intimidate in a very rough and banal way the people to “kneel in front of the Jews arrogance and their falsity on the Holocaust ”. This is the “charging step”, possible obviously only with a great radical right and left ‘alternative’ and underground propaganda aimed directly to deny the Holocaust reality or indirectly attacking it through the “Zionist imperialist threat”. Then arrives the later Victims of Tito’s Remembrance day, where all that hate instigated 14 days before, finally have as ‘natural’ synthesis the Irredentist truth of the “Holocaust of Italians (allusion: Roman Catholic) victims by Tito’s atheist (allusion: heretic) army”.

Then, with a boring precision, the same pattern repeated itself three weeks after. First you had the counter-rally opposing to the Italian rally of the Unione degli Istriani to commemorate the victims laying in an alleged mass grave. The very poor and dualist cultural environment in which the anti-fascist opponents have been feed up by the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence and political net allowed to the opponents against the Irredentist commemoration to exhibit exclusively the most banal, rhetorical, and theatrical symbols of the Marxist regimes. Cultural automatism switched on by the skilful Masonic expert in the manipulation of the collective sentiments. Unaware actors instigated to stage a role in a very well refined psychodrama that had the goal to turn the hate of the spectator against themselves. Clear, with the vital support of the Masonic media. So, they let for three days the Slovenian (and also the Italian anti-fascists sensible to such actions) to psychologically elaborate an “evident Fascist attack to the historical truth, for which the mass murder of Italians by Tito is only a creation of the Fascist and early ‘republican’ intelligence (= Gladio)”. They gave three days to the Slovenian community to exchange their sentiments, to communicate among them their feelings, to build an embryonic form of unified collective sentiments. Because a deadly hit was awaiting in order to destroy the least possibility of psychological defence of the Slovenian community: at the end of these three days a shock news shacked the near Slovenia and the Italian bordering zones, in a abandoned mine the corpse of hundreds of victims of Tito went discovered. Such a strategy, if you want to find a term to better classify it, is possible to consider as pure Maoist psychological terrorism. They always knew the existence of those mass grave. You can’t hide the mass execution of hundreds of people. But Roman Catholic Tito’s was fighting the Vatican crusade and was preparing the seeds for the future (today’s) hate. In my posts on The Unhived Mind I exposed the same strategy (just well introduced by Eric J. Phelps, of course!) consisting in the usual Sun Tzu method to let the enemy to advance to then entrap him in a blind alley. Olympic games and Tibet, India, Salam Rushdie, etc. In this case we are not dealing with concrete battle fields but with the immaterial field of the human moral. The destruction of the moral of the enemy is simply implementation of the destruction of the C’hi of the enemy – as suggested by the generals Sun Tzu and Sun Pin 2500 years ago.

In the North Adriatic regions there’s the not conventional war to exterminate the least nest of resistance to the Novo Ordo Seclorum. This is not realized with tanks and bombers but with the press, the television, with the parties and the trade unions, with the cultural association, all coordinated by the vicarious of the rebelling angel, the Masonry. It is realized through the intimidation and the allusion, and also with an arrogant presence on the territory, as the one aimed by probable members of Camorra of Naples to the undersigned who is constrained to meet them every day, like a prisoner in a jail must meet its guardians (the head of the local urban police of Trieste is a marshal from Naples – is it linked with Camorra & intelligence of Jesuit trained Giovanni de Gennaro?).

What does repeat Sun Tzu? “Conquer silently and peacefully the power, and only then, when you are sure to have the levers of the power fully, totally in your hands, you can start to pour the blood of your enemy”.



From the Troy’s blog:


…….quoted and commented by Douglas Willinger:



No surprise either, as both the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia d’Italia (GLDI, founded in 1910 after a schism with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) & the Church of the Gesù - the mother church of the Jesuits - are located in Piazza del Gesù! In fact the GLDI is known as the Piazza del Gesù obedience. This body is recognised by the Scottish Rite’s
US Southern Jurisdiction (”Mother of the World”) Supreme Council 33° in Washington, DC. The Jesuits control both the Roman Catholic Church & many elements within high-level Freemasonry on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Grande Oriente Italiano obedience (founded 1975, not to be confused with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) is also to be found at Piazza del Gesù, as is the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia Nazionale Italiana (founded 1979).

- TS


Catholic World News (CWN)

Italian priest joins Masons

Rome, Feb. 19, 2007 (CWNews.com) - An Italian Paulist priest has become a member of the Masons, joining the group in a ceremony attended by about 40 people at the Masonic headquarters at Piazza del Gesu in Rome.

Father Rosario Francesco Esposito dismissed the Church ban on membership in the Masonic lodge, saying that it is “a thing of the past.”

The move by the 85-year-old Father Esposito is particularly interesting because he, along with Father Giovanni Caprile, SJ [Note: SJ = Society of Jesus = Jesuits - TS], was once commissioned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to study the Church’s teaching on masonry. In 1983 the prefect of the Congregation, then-Cardinal [Note: & SMOM Knight of Malta - TS] Joseph Ratzinger [Note: now Pope Benedict XVI - TS], made a public announcement that the teaching of the Church had not changed, and the ban on Masonic membership remained in place.

The last post in the Douglas Willinger’s blog involves the Grande Oriente d’Italia of Gustavo Raffi. I named the masonry the vicarious of the rebelling angels AND Communism and Fascism are a product also of the Masonry (ALWAYS at the order of the divine emperor of Rome). Today, when the Protestant world is reduced in a complete coma, when the Orthodox church has been completely substituted by the Jesuits Capuchin larva, when the Hindus are completely blackmailed and kept on the international scaffold by false flag massacres, it is time to throw away the useless masque of the ‘cursed’ Masonry. So a priest joining the “Piazza del Gesù” camorra is a signal of general and planetary significance. The times of the “the most cursed = the most trustful to the pope” are definitively gone. The vicarious of Osiris can award the vicarious of the rebelling angel for the century long vital mission. But for the last ultimate duties they can still serve Rome in the usual stealth way. For example with the manipulation of the Communism. The work of Troy and the quote on the Willinger’s blog pushed me to search something on the Italian Communist family per excellence, the Berlinguer family. Enrico Berlinguer was the mythical leader of the Partito Communista Italiano (PCI) in the seventies and responsible for the dismissing of the old “Cold War” line of the hard-die partisans. The daughter – Bianca Berlinguer - is among the most important journalists of the public television broadcast company, the RAI. A bloodline, the Marxist Berlinguer one, which originates from Spain (Catalane). And linked with the Cossiga family, as Enrico and Francis are cousins. The Berlinguer Catalan origins are not clear. They come at the light of the sun at least from the XVII century. The nobility patent has been granted to Giovanni Berlinguer in the 29.3.1777. It is interesting to see how Communist and Anti-communist in Italy are linked and collaborated. Francis Cossiga was interior minister during the kidnapping and murdering of Aldo Moro in 1978. Many rumours were assigning to him a central role in the crime – a part the usual objective statements “for the benefit of whom?”. It happened that after both cousins performed warm political rallies one against the other in the squares of Sardinia (from where they both come), they joined together for a familiar dinner. Doesn’t smell all that of Mafia? Meanwhile the Berlinguer ‘noble’ family was symbolizing the bloody Communist threat, the proud cousin Francis Cossiga was building and improving the Anti-communist subversive intelligence, the NATO Gladio net (responsible for bomb and gun attacks in the immediate after war in the North East Italy borders, using former members of Fascist militia). The father Mario was a supporter of the war against the Central Empires, and joined the first phase of the Ledochowsky’s Second Thyrty Years war as volunteer. It is interesting to see that the father of Enrico, Mario Berlinguer, who was a lawyer man, after the war, joined the Masonry when Mussolini ordered the suppression of the organizations, justifying that as a form of anti-fascism: “If Mussolini is enemy of Masonry, I am a friend of Masonry”. After the armistice of 8th September and the liberation of Rome he leaved the Communist party where he was a friend of Togliatti, and entered in the government of Badoglio, the Italian government allied with the anti-Nazi front. We have here again the “Templar” pattern: an organization is cursed and persecuted by the Vatican or/and its servants. Then the opponents and enemies of the Vatican join that persecuted organization – which is still secretly controlled by the Vatican who can now control also its the most fierce enemies. And also for the most important founder of the Partito Communista Italiano we have interesting information. He too, like the Cossiga and Berlinguer families, was from Sardinia. A constant sign which tells us something: Sardinia was a strong Savoy feud. But Gramsci belonged to an Albanian family of the Arbëreshë ethnic group:


“…..Arbëreshë are an ethnic Albanian community living in Italy, especially the regions of Calabria and Sicily. The Arbëreshë have their own distinct culture and even have been able to keep their Albanian identity over the centuries. Today, they are mostly Byzantine Catholics belonging to the Italo-Greek Catholic Church of Eastern Rite, with a Roman Catholic minority.

Beginning in 1448, the King of Naples enlisted the help of General Demetrios Reres, of the Albanian army, to help him defeat a rebellious uprising in Naples. In exchange for their aid, Naples's king declared the Albanian general governor of Calabria, granting land to the Albanians in the mountainous area called Catanzaro.

The Kingdom of Naples once again needed Albanian military assistance. This time, the legendary Albanian leader, Skanderbeg, dispatched his troops to Italy to end a French supported insurrection. The skilled Albanian soldiers effectively saved Napoli and were rewarded with land east of Taranto in Apulia. A stronger alliance was formed between the two nations and Skanderbeg became the new commander of the Neapolitan-Albanian army….”.

It is clear also why the Albanian province is part of the Italian Jesuit province and the Italian Jesuit provincial rules also Albania. The Islam of Albania, supported by the Domneh Shabtai Zhivi Turkey is only a façade of the Vatican-Jesuit barrack for the crusade against the last surviving Byzantine in the Balkans and Eurasia. So I ask myself: what role had the founder of the Italian Communist party Gramsci, if we consider that thanks to the Italian Communism the General Superior detected all the possible opponents to the Fascist Vatican regime and neutralized them till Russia where the Jesuit Stalin applied the Vatican revenge on the Italian anti-Fascist refugee?.......


.......Well, it is clear now the important role in the Vatican European Counter Reformation war of the XX century played by the Partito Communista Italiano. This is also the reason for which the civic number of the street of the national seat of the Partito Comunista Italiano (via/street Botteghe Oscure = Dark Shops (!!!!)) was the most important number of the Council of Trent, the number 32 (Error! This is not the number of Dark Shops Communist seat, but the sign of something maybe more important.... see note (*)) of the Canon 32 launching the anathema on anyone who dared and dares to believe that “the salvation is gained exclusively through faith in Jesus”. Not a quantum mechanical coincidence. As not a quantum mechanical coincidence was the fact that just the Jesuit trained former Communist party Piero Fassino was too involved in the giant bribe of Telecom Italia paid to Milosevic in order to let him to win the elections (against Milan Panic) and to have then the alibi to Roman Catholically bomb the heretic Serbia. Yes, it is true, the Communism is for real a product of Satan!

So Fascism of Mussolini and the Communism of his ‘victim’, Gramsci, were the occult Vatican pincers to theologically squeeze the dissidents in Italy. It is not a novelty the fact that the Fascism was created with the financial support of an Hofjuden, a Masonic (papal) Jew of Milan, Cesare Goldmann, member of Giustiniani palace masonry (Grande Oriente d’Italia), who was the president of the Industrial Association of Lombardy:


“…….I locali della prima sede a Milano furono messi a disposizione dall'associazione lombarda degli industriali presieduta da Cesare Goldmann, un industriale nonché massone di Palazzo Giustiniani;……..”

The fact that the Masonry is built around the Counter Reformation war goal is a simple evidence coming also from her maximum formal official degree, the 32° alluding to the Canon 32 of the Council of Trent, being the sequent 33° an honorary appointment. But the life of Gramsci is signed also by the presence of the Carabineers. The Army was founded by the anti-semite and anti-Protestant king Victor Emanuel I of Savoy on the 13th July 1814, the same year of Metternich and of the restoriation of Jesuit order. They were strongly present in the Savoy feud of the Sardinia Island where Berlusconi and many other political vips must frequent if they want to reach the spotlight of the media. Carabineers did a cruel war against the ‘bandits’ of the Islands whose rebellion was not so beloved like the one of the brigands in the Apenine peninsula when they were fighting aginst the ‘secular’ Savoy army. The father (**), Francesco Gramsci, was a colonel of Carabineers and the mother Giuseppina Marcias Gramsci came from an “Italo-Spanish” family. Again the presence of the Spanish nobility of Berlinguer?


“……Antonio Gramsci nacque ad Ales, presso Oristano, da Francesco (1860 - 1937) e Giuseppina Marcias (1861 - 1932).[1] Francesco, originario di Gaeta, di famiglia medio-borghese, era studente in legge quando morì suo padre, colonnello dei carabinieri;……..”

“……e per parte materna, la nonna «discendeva da qualche famiglia italo-spagnola dell'Italia meridionale». ……”

It is of some interest to see the Carabineers linked also with a Berlinguer. Gerolamo Berlinguer, “descending from a Catalane family” (like the Berlinguer family of the Partito Comunista Italiano) was a captain of Carabineers:


“……..E' il contesto in cui si inserisce la storia di Gerolamo Berlinguer, discendente di una nobile famiglia catalana, che come tutti i maschi cadetti della nobiltà locale aveva dovuto abbracciare la carriera militare per lasciare il grosso del patrimonio indiviso al primogenito.

Ad appena ventun anni diventa sottotenente nel reggimento della milizia provinciale di Sassari ed alcuni anni dopo comanda come capitano un battaglione di baracellari, una milizia locale istituita da re Carlo Felice che godeva dell'esenzione dal servizio militare vero e proprio. Ancora oggi i baracelli esistono con la funzione di guardie giurate……….”

But is the brother of Enrico Berlinguer, the boss of Partito Comunista Italiano in the seventies, to admit that that Gerolamo Berlinguer was his grand grandfather:


“…«Il probisnonno carabiniere, Gerolamo Berlinguer, fu la seconda medaglia d'oro dell'Arma. Venne decorato nel 1835, per aver arrestato alcuni pericolosi banditi, tra i quali Battista Canu. La caserma dei carabinieri di Sassari è ancora intitolata a Gerolamo Berlinguer».……”

This time I’ll traslate entirely:

“…The grand grand father was a Carabineer, Gerolamo Berlinguer, he was the second golden medal of the Carabineer Army. He was awarded in 1835, for having arrested some dangerous bandits, among whom Battista Canu. The Carabineers barrack of Sassari is still dedicated to Gerolamo Berlinguer….”…

….congratualtions, Communists! So in the blood of the Communists of Italy, there’s the “fight to the bandits”. And the Masonry, of course. Very strange, as the Vatican was supporting the bandits in the peninsula, because they were fighting ‘against the secular state which dared to enter in the Vatican through Porta Pia breach’! But all that didn’t value for Sardinia. There, the Vatican gave free licence to kill the ‘bandits’, exactly like a century after the Mussolini squads will do killing the Slovenian ‘bandits’ on the Karst Highland of North Adriatic regions.

There’s a passage that is very interesting in the Carabineers page on Gerolamo Berlinguer:

“…il luogotenente Berlinguer aveva cominciato a conoscere a fondo tutti gli anfratti della provincia di Sassari. Fu un apprendistato duro, ma prezioso per muoversi alla pari con i latitanti.…..”

They tell you that the young liutenenant (before to become captain I imagine) started to know in a deep manner the environment of the ‘bandits’, in order to defeat them. An “enter in symbiosis with the enemy’s mind” the strategy and the philosophy performed by the Carabineers Army and by the Carabineer captain ancestor of the Partito Communista Italiano boss Enrico. Because the same founding of the “worker’s parties” was anything else than the old fight against the ‘bandits’. With a keen Carabineers strategy. Not only the frontal clash with the Fascists, but also the not conventional ‘inner war’ of the false friends, that army of ‘noble’, ‘lawyer men’, ‘generous’ academics always ready to ‘help’ the ‘poor’. Those men – the pillar of the various atheist ideological Marxist and anti-Christian parties, were only the many Gerolamo Berlinguer Carabineers, performing the keen tactic to approach the enemy (= the secular society) in order to know better it to then destroy better any kind of theological dissidence – especially the unaware dissidence. Exactly like it happened later, and as it continues to happen today.

Today the Vatican and its Jesuits, with their Farnese, Aldobrandini, Orsini, etc families, continue to fight the ‘bandits’ in the society. I am a ‘bandit’ and I am proud to be one in front of all this oppressors. The ‘bandits’ are the ones who doesn’t kneel in front of the Harlot on the 7 Hills. The bandits are the ones who are an obstacle to the Long Vatican March to Enslave the World (Novo Ordo Seclorum). Carabineers and Masonry are two among the feet on which that evil march is squeezing its (theological) enemies. A war that doesn’t know borders as the strict contacts between the Italian and Slovenian Masonry fully testifies. Gustavo Raffi, the Gauleiter of Grande Oriente d’Italia, is proud to have links “over the borders”, even with lodges of Sarajevo. Is the Grande Oriente d’Italia behind those special operations built with ambiguous corpses magically discovered after 70 years in the Slovenian abonadoned mines? Just after choreographed clashes among the Unioni degli Istriani ruled by Grande Oriente d’Italia and the ‘raging’ Communists of Slovenia? The target is common with the one of the Carabineers army, always the ‘bandits’, i.e. the ‘heretics’. And they wrote it also on the stone. In fact, the Fascist, offensive words, on the Slovenian monuments dedicated to the anti-Fascist executed by Mussolini, was reciting: “Pigs – Bandits”. Yes, “Bandits”, as the ones fought by the proud Carabineer ancestor of the Masonic bosses of the Italian Communist party, the party of the false friends of the ‘bandits’.

The true founding act of the Fascism, the stake of the Narodni Dom (Balkan hotel) in Trieste (and Pula/Pola), on the 106th anniversary of the creation of the Carabineers Army, the 13th July 1920:

Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute

Notes, corrections and.... confirmations!--------------------------------------

(*) .... Botteghe Oscure as allusion to the seat of Partito Comunista Italiano, is not sited at n. 32. In any case this number was the one of.....Palace Caetani, owned by duchess Caetani of the 'noble' papal bloodline Caetani claiming to descend from Theodoric the king of Gothes... His husband was the Russian-Jewish Igor Markevitch, symphonic director, "...tied wih KGB, the English crown, the Mossad..." maybe also with the Greys of Zeta Reticuli (Zeta with 'Z' as they are the "Zionist Aliens from Outer Space"...). The wife Duchess Topazia Caetani belonging to a papal bloodline, so was owning a very imoprtant building just near the place where the corpse of More was discovered in a red Renault 4....

The n. 32 is the one of the treshold able to let the passage of a car similar to that Renault of Moro, and is THE treshold of CAETANI PALACE of the aboe mentioned duchessa and wife of the Red Communist and former partisan Igor. During the WWII our friend Igor was fighting the Nazi-Fascist front with the partisan team "GAP" (Gruppi d'Azione Patriottica). I recall to you that the GAP partisans were responsible for the Rasella attempt where 33 SS from Bozen died.... Hey, you!!!, I said: "33"! Ok, to not write another 'instant-book' just go and read my "Low Intensity Carabineer etc." in the old Unhived Mind where i expose interesting links and background of the Rasella attempt. (With the new information I can do a resumee: Papal Bloodines ---> Caetani ---> Igor ----> Communist Party ---> GAP partisans ---> Rasella street massacre ---> Priebke comndennation after 60 years with the support of the 'anti-Nazi' mob of the (by the Vatcan owned) Jewish community of Rome ---> Here and there the Carabineers connection ---> I said enough). The order of the attempt came 'officially' from the top managers of the clandestine Communist Party of Gramsci....
But lets return to our poor sad contemporary days. The ROS team of Carabineers inquired - at the order of general prosecutor of Brescia (and we just encountered this city near Milan) on the possible use of Palace Caetani as nest of Red Brigades holding Moro in captivity:

All the city was militarized, and they with a very "proletarian", typical car used by Autonomia Operaia mob, by Lotta COntinua militants, by the die-hard Red fighters, these bunch of amateurish guerrilleros could escape the control... But pleaaase!!!!!!
Or maybe they have been always hosted in ...... Palace Caetani, at some pairs of metres from Communist natioanl seat and some hundreds of metres (I didn't take the exact meseaure!) from PIAZZA DEL JESUS!!! Yes, the place of Jesuit world Top Church and of the Democrazia Cristiana party seat!
The poor communist guy Igor was suspected to have hosted the chief of staff of Red Brigades in his personal villa (yes, more communist they are bigger are their villas) in Florence.... But the true role of servant Igor was the one to offer to his master doctor Vatikanenstein an astronomical quantity of disguising information. In fact the poor Igor was everything and more: Jew, Communist, partisan guerillero, Russian, tied with KGB, with the English crown,.... "...direttore dorchestra di origine russa, intimo della Corona inglese, decorato dal governo francese, in contatto con la sede parigina del Kgb, amico di Israele, ben accolto a Praga e nella Germania comunista, ..." (http://www.lastorianascosta.com/news.php?item.105.3), hence the perfect Vatican informative cartoon to feed feed and feed decades of years of disinformation based on the Mossad, on the KGB, on the French intelligence, on the British intelligence, and ...why not?...today maybe also on the Communist Reptilians of Nibiru (Except the Jesuits, the usual communist are many steps forward than the usual Reptilians, as regard shapeshifting). But I am glad to leave the very serious duty to the 'alternative' propaganda and their idols, the Priore & Imposimato Inc. facility, the best producers of diverting traces and theorems based on the STASI, KGB, Zionists, Mossad, CIA, Grey Wolves of Turkey (and maybe the Greys of Zeta Reticuli).

(**) Francesco was not the father but the grand father of Antony Gramsci.


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)