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"Its the Jews, stupid!"

From the thread opened by CommanderKeen on The Unhived Mind:

Jesuits hold 51% of BoA DER SPIEGEL reveals in '58


Der Einfluß der Gesellschaft Jesu in der amerikanischen Finanzwelt wurde zum erstenmal vor etwa fünfzig Jahren sichtbar, als der italienische Finanzmann A. P. Giannini die Bank of California gründete, die heute unter dem geänderten Namen "Bank of America" eine der größten Banken der Erde ist. Giannini war ein äußerst geschickter Finanzmann, der sein Startkapital den Jesuiten verdankte und als ihr Vertrauens- oder Strohmann figurierte. Heute befindet sich die Bank of America zu 51 Prozent im Besitz des Ordens.

"The influence of the Society of Jesus on the American financial sector became visible first 50 years ago, when the italian Finacier A.P. Gianni (note: SMOM) founded the Bank of California, which is today, under the changed name 'Bank of America, one of the biggest banks on the planet.
Gianni was a very clever financier who owns his seed capital to the Jesuits and worked as their delegate or stooge. Today the Bank of America belongs to 51% to the Order [of the Jeusits]'"

from DER SPIEGEL, #33, 13.08.1958

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"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever."
George Orwell, 1984

Monday, February 23, 2009

...........and again confirmations.

Dario Franceschini, Walter Veltroni, another illustrious Goym of the pope and the symbol of the final goal of the Vatican and its Jesuits, the nailing of the humanity to the symbol of their power, the cross symbolizing the path of the Luciferian Sun they adore in the sky, which keeps the man eternally slave, eternally a "Jesus Christ nailed on the cross":



Sunday, July 20, 2008



“…Central banks must take the lead in restoring order…”.


And in fact, look at the global financial disaster, is it or not the perfect alibi for the dream of the Jesuit trained (Jesuit Institute Massimiliano Massimo of Rome) Mario Draghi? So another confirmation, Vatican International (= catholic) Admiralty law uber alles:

"......G7 central banks eye tools beyond rates
Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:55pm GMT

Fellow ECB policymakers Mario Draghi, Christian Noyer and Axel Weber said the ECB was already taking non-standard steps by flooding markets with liquidity and gave no indication that they were ready to move to the next step of direct asset purchases.



Post of Oct 14 2007, 07:43 AM



"...3 Ottobre
Nella sede romana della rivista dei gesuiti "Civiltà Cattolica", nasce "Carta '93". Si tratta di un gruppo di intellettuali cattolici di punta che si incontrano per la costituzione di "un progetto di rifondazione della politica sul quale sperimentare la capacità di rinnovamento della Dc, anche attuando momenti di raccordo con persone che hanno responsabilità istituzionali e politiche". Primi firmatari: Enzo Balboni, Enrico Berti, Giampaolo D'Andrea, Rosy Bindi, Raffaele Cananzi, Leopoldo Elia, Maria Eletta Martini, Alberto Monticone...."

I.e. some members of Catholic centre party subscribed a document (Carta 93) in the seat of Jesuit's magazine "Civiltà Cattolica" to renew the Democratic 'Chiristian' party of Italy in '93, just after the revolution by magistrates ('Clean Hands' inquiries) in 1992 that destroyed the same party, and the year before the founding of Forza Italia party of Opus Dei / P2 guy Berlusconi. Rosy Bindi remained on the surface and was many times in the governments as minister. TOday is a supporter of New Party of the left coalition, with Walter Veltroni major of Rome as probable president of it.....Who is the grandfather of Veltroni? Ok, he was a Slovenia attachè of Yugoslav embassy before first WWII, i.e. a strong, trustful 'domobranec' i.e. Catholic servant that worked strictly linked with Ledochowsky and PIus XII..... This is the reason for which Walter Veltroni has been chose by Jesuits & Vatikan to head the future left DP of Italy......(yes, for real you can call also it "Operation: Give Ledochowsky a Change!".)
NOte that this 3rd October, there will be passed exactly 14 years from the first date of '93 reunion, and remember the cycles of 14 years and the importance of this number. And in fact after 14 years Rosy Bindi and others are helping the new left Democratic party to rise....in the VatiKommunist regime of Italy. See my posts about the Italian Golpe realized through Carabineers Army Force.)

So what I wrote was only an easy forecast. After 16 (sixteen, like the number of their master, the pope) months after the birth of the Democratic party, another step in the building of the true party of the pope, the newly born 'Christian' democratic party has been signed in the black book of the Jesuits. So now, the joyfully Veltroni, like his secret papal comrade the Mafioso Constantine order Silvio Berlusconi (who will remain at power just for the 140th anniversary of the Porta Pia breach, when the Vatican will have its revenge on the corpse of the Italian Republic), can well go to the Vatican counter window to take the check for his mercenary killer job. The Freedom and Democracy have been totally destroyed in Italy, and only the brainwashed or well-payed puppets of the pope are ruling the Apennine peninsula.

Today the new head of the newly born 'Christian' (= Romanist) 'Democratic' (= Feudal) party of the Vatican is a former 'Christian democratic' party member, Dario Franceschini:


"....Italian left elects Franceschini to succeed Veltroni

ROME (AFP) — Italy's struggling left-wing opposition elected Dario Franceschini as its new leader on Saturday to replace Walter Veltroni, who quit after a humiliating defeat in a regional poll.

The Democratic Party (PD) voted overwhelmingly in favour of the 50-year-old lawyer, by 1,047 votes to 92 for the second candidate Arturo Parisi, a party spokeswoman said.

"I understand this role as secretary as a service to the party. I am not here to prepare my personal future," Franceschini, who had served as the party's number two under Veltroni, said earlier in the day......"

And you can stay sure of the sincerity of Dario. He will not serve his interests, but, as a brave Roman Catholic submitted to his emperor of Rome, the pope, he will only serve the papacy and the 'vicarious' of Christ on earth - another puppet of the Antichrist. So you can understand the true nature of the Italian parliament, after the disappearing of the old papal political system. After the dismissing also of the 'noble' Italian Communist party (headed by an aristocratic dinasty, the Berlinguer family), the biggest Communist party in Europe, it remained only the giant papal 'Christian' (anti) Democratic party. The judicial coupe d'etat of 1992 (the year before the meeting at the Civiltà Cattolica seat!!!) only changed the apparent exterior surface of the Roman Catholic system of deception in the peninsula. The giant papal party was only kept divided in many streams and factions, one of them headed by Mafioso Constantine order knight Opus Dei and Jesuit controlled Silvio Berlusconi. Now, with Silvio and Walter, all these factions, cleaned by the most radical parlamientary Red and Black clowns (who will recycle themselves in the 'outside' the parliament movements/political mafias), could join finally in the unified papal party, the newly born (Anti-) Christian (Anti-) Democratic party.

Francesco Tata, the Italian Jesuit provincial till September 2008 - true controller and master of Walter Veltroni and Rosy Bindi - whose political destinies - as well the one of the nation - have been programmed in the far 3rd October 1993 in the Jesuits' Civiltà Catolica magazine headquarter:

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What i Said? - III

........And for another time Avles is right.

What I said this summer for example, when the tide of Gipsy violence (on children, kidnapping) was only a Romish-Masonic intelligence operation to push the soldiers (not the Carabineers who are military police just on the streets, I mean the true Ground Army) in the streets of Italian cities?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pontifical reign's High Chamberlain Berlusconi Sending Troops in the Streets of the Italian Cities

After the initial 3,000 soldiers, Constantine order Berlusconi , after the recent war in Gaza, together with the Carabineers at Rafah, decided to send other 30,000 soldiers in the Italian streets. What is the result of the sum of 3,000 + 30,000?
After the recent violence of Romanians the Constantine order Berlusconi government decided to create "civilian patrols" to control the streets: first step for paramilitary army:


".....Italy's government has rushed through a decree to crack down on sexual violence and illegal immigration after a spate of rapes blamed on foreigners.

The decree sets a mandatory life sentence for the rape of minors or attacks where the victim is killed.

It also establishes rules for citizen street patrols to be conducted by unarmed and unpaid volunteers.

The number of sexual assaults fell last year, but three high-profile rapes last weekend sparked national outrage. ....".

The minister Maroni, a Nazi-Islamic member of the apparent anti-Islamic party North League (headquarter: the Milan where Muslims pray in front of one of the biggest cathedral of Europe) said that the "patrols of civilians are the application of the State of the Right". But the ministerMaroni, the Masonic Roman Catholic servant of his master the pope, knows well the Orwellian use of the words, so he said "State of the Right", but he meant (masonically): "State of Canonical Law".

And the same value for the patrols. He said "street patrols to be conducted by unarmed and unpaid volunteers" but he was thinking to the:


Is it clear why on the 6th June 2007, just after the grip on power of the P2 member, Mafioso member, Jesuit controlled (through the Opus Dei Jesuit trained Mafioso Marcello dell'Utri) and Constantinian order 'prime minister' (= papal chamberlain) Silvio Berlusconi, the same Berlusconi visited his master the pope and kissed his hand?

Also Berlusconi, after Veltroni, can say: "(papal) mission accomplished!".

Veltroni helped to dismiss the old wreckage of the radical left parties, as the Rifondazione Comunista party, and other similar political formations. No more 'radical' (even if staged, ok) opposition in the parliament (and outside, as those radical left parties were working in synthony with the Red dummies in the streets). At the same time, the secret brother of Veltroni, Berlusconi, is pushing (in appearance, ok, a staged coreographed theatre) for the hard fist against the immigrates. But thanks to Veltroni, the only opposition to the "racist laws" of Berlusconi is a monopoly of the Roman Catholic Famiglia Cristiana magazine and of the Jesuit spokesman of the Vatican, Federico Lombardi. Because Rifondazione Comunista has been defeated in the elections thanks the 'ally' Veltroni. So using her Veltroni and Berlusconi the church of Rome legitimize herself as the only true 'opposition' to the 'racist' laws of the Berlusconi government. A well keen trick, isn't it? The criminal state known as "Vatican theocratic reign", famous to have cursed the 'Freedom of Conscience' and the same product of it, the State of the Right, is now playing in the same costumes of the 'saviour of the State of the Right'!!!!:


"......Italy's conservative government approved tougher measures to crack down on sexual violence and illegal immigration Friday after a spate of rapes blamed mostly on foreigners...
....At a news conference Friday, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni defended the measures, saying that setting up organized groups of volunteers would avoid the creation of "do-it-yourself" patrols seeking to take matters into their own hands........

But the volunteer patrols have drawn criticism, including from the Vatican.

The No. 2 official in the Pontifical Council for Migrants, Monsignor Agostino Marchetto, said the creation of such patrols represented "an abdication of the state" and said it wasn't the right way to deal with the issue, the ANSA news agency reported.

The decree also allows authorities to detain immigrants for six months — up from two months — while they work to identify them, process asylum requests and expel those not entitled to stay.


But you know well the truth. The Vatican is building again its evil volunteer corps. The Vatican only need to apper like an apponent to what he the same is realizing.

This is the reason for which, meanwhile the Vatican is re-building its papal Zouaves, he is playing the staged role of the opponent of its the same newly born creature.


I tolked about that in my strangely disappeared first English posts (I hope to be the responsible of a un-willing erasing - I don't need of Jesuits' hackers using my passwords!!!) so I put here one of my posts of the "VATICAN PLOT TO DESTROY ITALIAN GOVERNMENT!!" thread - date Jun 6 2008, 07:54 PM :



(…Because there are only two years to the 140th anniversary of the Breach of Porta Pia. Then the Italian State/Vatican Jesuit Troy Horse will open its doors, and the ‘Roman Catholic wealth’ contained will reveal itself as: the cancer of the Antichrist.)


.......» 2008-06-06 05:48
Berlusconi today with the pope. The premier: the Church is a wealth for the State.
ROME - "The Church represents a wealth for the State. And the State, if it wants to remain lay, has to avoid the danger to become ideological, sectarian and at the end totalitarian. The dialogue is absolutely positive because it lays in the nature of the society". This has been affirmed by the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi during the interview with Radio Vaticana, at the eve of the encounter with Benedict XVI......

TRANSLATION. “The church represents the only rescue for the hypocrites, robbers, double tongues, for the infamous servants of the Antichrist as Silvio Berlusconi, an aristochratic monkey of the Opus Dei zoo, is. The wealth represented (and owned) by the church is the material wealth the Universal Monarch, through the Opus Dei organization, entrusted to Silvio, who, in exchange, sold his rotten soul to the Lord of the Saint Peter pagan camp, the Lord of the Lies, of whom this lower barracks-seller coming from Milan is a true expert. And the state has to remain the tool of the Roman Catholic church and of its Jesuits, the secular institutions only the carpet where the Romanists can clean their shoes from the mould, the lay spirit only a towel they use to clean their hands after they have submerged with the Antichristal feces everything doesn’t smell of the theocratic Romanist stench, and the Republic the slips with whom they hide their pagan, Satanist, Sumerian Osirian arrogance. Because ending once for all the criminal and evil activity of the Vatican on the national territory, this could mean the definitive end for all the thieves, prostitutes, assassins, liars who daily are drafted by the Generals of Rome.”

user posted image

.....In the long interview with Radio Vaticana and at the Osservatore Romano, the prime minister underline the theme of the collaboration to manage the great emergencies. As regards particularly the rapports with the church, he clarify that the Constitutional Law is very clear when it underlines that it doesn’t exist preclusions as regards the manifestations of opinions and principles by anyone.....

TRANSLATION. And the Roman Apostolic Catholic church have the rights to exploit all the tragedies, devastations, starvations it causes through its ‘secular’ servants and soldiers who, in a Catholic country like the Italian one, are millions infiltrated in every corner of the state, of the secular institutions, of the society, from where they, fulfilling their Catholic submission to their Only Master, the ‘vicarious’ of Christ on earth, they daily operate to demolish every particle of modern civilization wherever it could lay. From the hospitals which are more and more equal to the ones of Zimbabwe and where death penalties are realized with the alibi of ‘errors’, from the schools and universities which are only containers for the ignorance spread through the media system like the one of the papal butler Berlusconi and a training zone to build ignorant cretinoid young savages, to the security forces, not to speak the Intelligence, but the police forces, so saturated by psychopaths, assassins, Nazi-lovers, because they have to serve anything but the feudal papal triumph of the ignorance on the modern secular society. And that the creation of mass ignorance and mass cretinism is the better way to render an entire population literally encephalophatic so in order to be not able to use his brain which remains a pure Vatican property administrated by the soldiers of the pope as Silvio Berlusconi in the media system, or the Walter Veltroni and other infamous papal Bolsheviks in the political area, or the millions and millions of intellectual swineherds which administrate the collective brain of a goymized population for the sake of the Vatican. Because the prevention is better than the repression, and to render a subject unable to be free and a soul- and mind-handicapped is better than to suppress then his freedom of expression.

user posted image

......This is the reason for which the church and its organizations "have all the rights to express their valutations and the lay state its judgement". "This is the fundament which legitimizes, in fact, the laycity of the state: that doesn't exclude that all the forces which opereate in the society have the rights to expresss following their convinctions, beeing those political ones but also religious, cultural or regarding economical and social themes"......

TRANSLATION. As the only and unique power on earth recognized by the Black Lord of the Lies is the Roman Apostolic Catholic church, and as this criminal organization has been created with the exclusive goal to realize the evil reign of his master on earth, it is obvious that every other not Roman Catholic theocratic institution, organization, ideology has to be submitted to this evil plan transforming itself in a spokesman spreading the essence of the criminal gang of Saint Peter’s square: the LIES. And this is the only role, goal, aim, object, purpose, end the ‘vicarious’ of Christ, really speaking the Vicarious/Rabbi of Satan headquartered on the Tiber’s river, can grant to a secular, not-Vatican theocracy, not-Roman Catholic body – whatever it could be – on earth (and now if possible also on other planets), if this not-Roman Catholic body desires to survive from the assassination realized by the ‘secular’ killers of Rome – could they be the Roman Catholic John Wilkees Booth the murder of Abraham Lincoln in the XIX century or the N.A.T.O. papal mass murder organization which realizes today the Vatican crusade in the Balkans to exterminate the heretic Serbs. And this infamous evil satanic blackmail is called by the same Roman Catholic church and by its occult true rulers the Jesuits and his degenerated servants as Silvio Berlusconi, as an ‘exercise of freedom’, being the concept of ‘freedom’ for the Vatican only the freedom the slave has to choice between absolute submission and slavery or the death.

user posted image

.....From that the conviction that it would be " an important loss about the freedom of the state to exclude or to suffocate the manifestation about that convictions". "I am convinced that just for his millennium long experience, for its contacts with all the social layers, to begin with the most weak ones, the church represents a wealth for the state. And that the state, who wants to be and remain lay has to escape the danger to become ideological, sectarian and at the end even totalitarian"......

TRANSLATION. So if the Only and True our Lord would a day decide to ruin the Vatican and its Jesuits in the sewers of the Hell, the Lord of the Demons would suffer a important loss of ‘freedom to spread’ global wide his purulent sewage which is the vital nourishing lymph assuring the existence of the church or Rome in every corner of this planet. And so for all the degenerated millions of criminals, prostitutes, deceivers, carriers of anti-morality and of degradation if not of assassination, it will be a hard hit the loss of a multi-millennium long experience the Sumerian/Babylonian/Egyptian/Roman Catholic sect have in to maintain diplomatic and spiritual strict ties with the demons and their master, its satanic suppliers. And so, every ingénue, fool, ignorant, self-hypocrite, has to hide to himself this reality and has only to continue to supply the Romanist sect and his millions of soldiers with his blindness, with his ‘good faith’ and ‘good intentions’, as they are the other vital component that assure the existence of the Vatican. As the purulent lymph of the hell couldn’t be effective and useful if not hidden and carried by the millions of aqueducts built with the bricks and stones of hypocrisy, of the implicit compliance, of the conspiracy of silence of the ‘ingénue’ who don’t want to know about anything, with the cement of the good intentions of the ones who falsely think that a simply ‘good action’ could gain their salvation meanwhile they are doing only a spiritual financial transaction with the deities of the Hell. So the secular organizations had to escape the temptation to become autonomous from the solely organization on earth authorized by the Lord of the Lies, the Roman church, and they have to renounce every autonomous, free, independent role as the only source and gainer of the worldly life of the masses is the Catholic church, being all the rest of the ‘secular’ bodies of the earth, only void containers exploited by the Vatican to be filled with its red, black, multicoloured ideologies.

user posted image

......For this reason, following Berlusconi, the dialogue preceding the rapport between state and church as juridical organizations is absolutely positive, and is laying in the same essence of the society, and demonstrate its freedom and pluralism........

TRANSLATION. So, to resume all the evil willing, it is vital for the existence of the Roman church that the secular state could recognize the same killer that is killing him day by day as ‘an essential element for the same his survival’. Because if the same victim, before to die, praises, flatters, adulates the same assassin who is continuously stabbing him, then, when the victim will die, no one will suspect about who is the real murder. And the real murder, the Vatican Assassin, will then be praised as ‘the true friend of the poor dead victim’. And just in these days, just only remaining in the Apennine peninsula, when the millions of occult soldiers of Rome are destroying the secular state, transforming the civil not Roman Catholic and secular Republican administrations in garbages to fire at the stake of the Catholic ignorance and hypocrisy, at the same time they – with an high symbolic action – are transferring millions of tons of material garbage from the Roman Catholic Naples in the Protestant Hamburg of the North Germany as they have to underline also with this material fact, how much the Roman Catholic church coming from the South despises, hates and with symbols tramples the and on the heretic Protestant Lutheran North Europe as teached in the Council of Trento and by the criminal Jesuits’ extreme oath.

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Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist

VOTE DAILY FOR THE UNHIVED MIND (see push-button above) and visit this great blog:
“We don’t teach to honour and venerate the virgin Mary and the saints…Or to make out of them images of idols and gods, to pray them for clemency and mercy for the sins in every disgrace, to build them churches, donation offer, all that God, angels and saints severely forbid.
But demons, which assume the image of angels, goddess virgin Mary and saints and appear to ignorant popes, bishops, parishes and monks, to old witches and to the prostitute of the parishes and of the monks, impose them to be bigot, to torment themselves, to fall to the ground,… and to all these people the demons announce that now on this, now on a different mountain, on the field, or in the forest, churches have to be built, in order to bring there donations and to celebrate masses, in order to bring there wealth from everywhere, and every kind of cattle; and if they don’t do that, the goddess Mary and the saints will destroy with lightning all the corn-fields and the vineyards and will kill them with the plague.”

Brother Primoz Trubar (father of the modern Slovenia definitively transformed in a Vatican prostitute on 17th February 2008 and founder of the Slovenian Protestant Church, 1508 - 1586).



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The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum

New post in the NOVO ORDO SECLORUM blog:

"The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - 1" or: "UNDER THE DARK STAR OF THE VIRGIN".

Very interesting considerations about the Luciferian geometry of the Jesuitical city of Trieste and the occult Saturnalia, masonic celebration of the last Counter Reformation war (1914 - 1945) in the urban architecture of the city.

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Walter Veltroni: Mission Accomplished!


It is not a casual coincidence the appearing of this documentary, it will help Veltroni to start to fly in the polls and to win elections. Or at least to avoid a great difference among the winner and the defeated one. An unstable political landscape, today, is useful to destroy the credibility of the secular democratic politic. Look at the keen Jesuit strategy. They created their idiot plane called Democratic party. But they need a ballast to control the pilots and the passengers. The ballast is called: Radical party. This Freemasonic party whose symbol is a rose in a fist, exhibited, as every good prostitute exercising her profession knows, his legs to both left coalition and right coalition. “Who offers more?”........
So Walter knows that the Radicals are a ballast, but without this ballast on board, (a ballast that in the future would allow the Jesuits to make explode or fall down their idiot new left party plane, as new opportunities will appear – we can say: 2010?), he will never get the Jesuit JP4 fuel to take off. I think a good exchange, what do you think? But the new ballast is something that recall the fable “the Wolf, the Sheep and the Cabbage”. Yes, my friends. If Walter want to take on board the Sheep and the Cabbage, then the Sheep will eat the Cabbage. If he accept the Radical ballast of the Wolf, it will eat the Catholic Sheep (or the opposite, as every good Catholic Sheep hides a good Fascist Billy Goat inside…), in other words the passengers and the load are a serious problem, because their connivance generate troubles inside the Democratic airplane, not expected movements that could render it unstable and to make it crash down…. ...."

I was wrong when I forecasted the victory of the Veltroni's party. But I was prophet in saying that. Now you can understand why they decided the other week to let die a young woman for 17 (seventeen) years in come. Well, that dying woman was the trigger to ignite that 'ballast', and to put the Democratic party of Walter in a very dangerous nosedive. Just for the time required for the Silvio's political plane to win the last electoral race in the Sardinia island. The population of Sardinia is a traditional, rural and culturally not accustomed with the most modern topic of the euthanasia and of the "sweet death" given to persons (bodies) from years in a deep and irrevocable coma. Bravo Veltroni, mission accomplished! The case of Eluana (the woman in coma, whose body ceased to live just in my region, the Friuli Venezia Giulia region where lives also the daughter of an by-Hitler (by-Jesuits) executed member of Kreiseau circle, an old dame friend of Italian President.... so the Nazi-Eutanasia is echoing also in this case), the case of Eluana divided brutally the nation. It seemed to live the old age of the cold war, the cold war of the fifties, not the more soft one of the sixties. This was an higly refined Vatican programmation of the event of a nation. Together the many act of violence on women performed by the sons and nephews of the Ceausescu-Gelli dictatorship, the defeat of the Veltroni's party was assured. And, clear, not without his occult job to wreckship the artificial Jesuitical leftist party in the last electoral race for the government of Sardinia. And guess what was the face hosted by the political program yesterday, the 17th February, on the Telecom-Aisi (Aisi= new name for the 'civil' intelligence of Italy) channel "La 7" = "The 7 One"?

More than a keen politician, Rosy Bindi, the woman of the pic, an old former Christian Democratic party / Democrazia Cristiana partito member belonging to the left inner wing, a party destroyed in 1992 by judicial coupe d'etat, is a Jesuitical icon. She is the Jesuits' Venus, or, if you prefer (as the age of the dame deny to them the physic-de-role), the Jesuits' Lucifer (cfr. Craig Oxley: Lucifer is a female entity/symbol, not male as erroneously till now presented).

For two times she was present in important events, even if not to much publicized, important events for the country.

First event (in the same page of the above URL, "VATICAN PLOT etc." thread):

"....The picture below: the green Walter Veltroni with the former member of Christian Democrat party Rosy Bindi, now with Veltroni's DP-666 party.

Bindi partecipated at the meeting of 3rd October 1993 (= 780th anniversary of the selling of England crown to the pope) in the seat of the infamous Jesuit magazine "La Civiltà Cattolica" which is the intellectual support for the Jesuit Roman Catholic Counter Reformation war. In that meeting it was stated that the Christian Democratic party would arise again in the future. When? 14 years and 11 days after that meeting...
= 14 years and 11 days after the Democratic party of Veltroni was born.

Second event:

Rosy Bindi, after 16 (sixteen) months of existence of the Democratic party, (and she opened the provincial electoral campaign of Democratic party on the 16th February 2008) and in the same day when Veltroni resigned from the presidency cause the electoral defeat, she was interviewed as I explained above. She was interviewed exactly on the 17th February 2009, in the first anniversary of the national opening campaing of Veltroni, the 17th February 2008.
= 14 years and 11 days and 16 months after, the Democratic party of Veltroni squeezed and crushed any kind of opposition to the Pontifical reign government in the country and brotherly helped the Constantinian order Silvio Berlusconi to gain more power and to realize the dreams of the Vatican, of the Jesuits and of the papal Black nobility families controlling the peninsula.

So goes the long lasting planning of Novo Ordo Seclorum in the Apennine Pontifical reign. But don't worry if no one realizes it: the chickens never realize of the fences around them.

And now, as we are dealing with a fatal date for the Islam-Jesuit creature, the 17th February, a good site discovered by a member of the Unhived Mind forum, Ken Ardel, a site about the connection Islam-National Socialism:

The Nazi Grand Mufti, the muslim- vatican connection

.....or directly:

Handschar Muslim Waffen SS Divisions



One of Islam's Patriarchs of Terror, and the father of the Hanjar (Handschar, Khanjar, Scimitar or Sword) Muslim Waffen SS Divisions, the Mufti Mujahideen, and the Supreme Muslim Council, Mohammad (Muhammad) Hajj Amin al-Husayni (alternatively spelt al-Husseini), the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem died on July 4th, 1974. Over the course of his 80-year life, the Palestinian Islamic religious and political leader conspired to slaughter over six-million Jews. He was among the most evil men whoever lived..........


Al-Husayni's next order of business was the 1929 Hebron massacre in which the Islamic Grand Mufti inspired mobs of angry Muslims to murder 67 Jews, a third of whom were teenagers, in celebratory riots. To instigate the riots, the President of the Supreme Muslim Council lied, falsely claiming that Jews had defiled and endangered local Islamic mosques, including al-Aqsa, built into the southern side of Yahweh's Temple Mount. This form of deceitful treachery had become standard Islamic fare. Muslims, starting with Muhammad, told their stooges the opposite of what was true, in effect, destroying their ability to be moral. It is why Muhammad said: "War is deceit" and "I have been made victorious with terror.".

The Grand Mufti Muhammad Hajj Amin al-Husayni, President of the Supreme Muslim Council, shouted "Izbah al-Yahud!" He said: "Slaughter the Jews!" So crazed jihadists murdered another 133 Jewish men and children in the Promised Land while plundering their homes and raping their wives and mothers. At the time, Muslim Arab policemen under the control of the Mufti, deserted the Jewish areas of Jerusalem, Motza, Safed, Hebron, and Jaffa and let the slaughter commence. The onslaught would continue for seven days. More than 300 Jews were wounded in the Islamic assault.............."

See also:

Driven from Kosovo


SUN-day 2-17-2008 (=allusion to 2017), Day Of, Kosovo In(Vatikan)dependence Declaration


........... and all the post in this blog related to the Roman Catho-Islamic Steel pact.

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Yes, they deserve it, a worthy celebration for an entire year of efforts to destroy Christendom all around the world.

17th February 2008 - 17th February 2009:

After centuries, finally the Harlot of the Harlots, the church of Rome, gave a present to her mercenary exoteric army, the Jesuit-Masonic Islamic army of UCK - the 'Hamas' of the Balkans. 17th February 2008 - another Islamic enclave in the Balkans is born. And a Christian nation destroyed. The event couldn't be celebrated in a better way in the Pontifical reign of the Apenine peninsula than with the beating of a Romanian (= Orthodox Christian) couple, an assault occured just on the evening of the Saturday, 14th February. What do you bet that the Luciferian Carabineers Army kept all that under silence, giving instead echo only and exlusively to the assault realized by two criminal Romanians who raped a young girl of 15 years? An assault that not only covered in the media - with its Roman Catholic hysterical noise - the news of the rape performed by a Muslim on another young girl in the same night, but was used by the usual Jesuit-Masonic intelligence net to realize a 'punishment' expedition against Romanians - a clear theological message, written with sticks on the Orthodox Christian flesh and putted on the 'white' page of the Islamic stage (see the previous post for details). What else better way to celebrate also the freshly signed Romna Catho-Islamic Steel pact, at the beginning of November in Rome?

So the destruction of the Western world, with its rights, is celebrated by the sequent friends of the Novo Ordo Seclorum:

- the first is the Constantinian order Carabineers Army, a military Vatican super-Mafia implementing with secular tools the goals of the Council of Trent;

- then they come the today's Black shirts, the moderate or radical right wing political movements, always more or less secret friends of the Muslims;

- then you have the Brown shirts of today, the Marxist, revolutionary, leftist, anarchyst, squatter, no-global clown army of the Jesuits, who are only the collaborationists of their Black shirt comrade in the work to praise everything smelling like Islam and hating everything appearing Jewish;

- and then and then.... Happy Birthday, Vatican crusade! Here the present:


Sassari: aggressione razzista contro i rumeni

"......Tre rumeni sono stati aggrediti in casa ad Alà dei Sardi, in provincia di Sassari. L'episodio è avvenuto sabato sera, ma i Carabinieri - che stanno indagando - l'hanno reso noto solo oggi. Un gruppo di persone ha fatto irruzione nell'appartamento dove i tre rumeni vivevano, hanno minacciato la donna con un coltello e picchiato uno degli uomini.
Due fatti fanno capire molte cose, su come ormai l'atmosfera sia difficile, per gli stranieri. Innanzitutto, il fatto che nessuno abbia ritenuto di chiamare Polizia o Carabinieri durante l'aggressione, che di sicuro non è stata silenziosa. E secondariamente il fatto che li abbiano chiamati solo dopo, perchè i rumeni non l'avevano fatto, perchè avevano paura di ritorsioni. Evidentemente non si sentono adeguatamente protetti dalle forze dell'ordine locali....".

Which is:

Sassari (Sardinia): racist aggression against Romanians
by Antonio Rispoli

".....Three Romanians were assaulted in an house in Alà dei Sardi, in the province of Sassari. The event occured Saturday evening, but the Carabineers - who are doing inquiries - revealed the news only today. A group of people did a raid in the apartment where the three Romanians were living, they threatened the woman with a knife and beaten one of the men.

Two events make esplicit many things, about the very difficult situation for the immigrates. First, the fact that no one called the Police or the Carabineers during the assault, which surely has not been silent. And second, the fact that the Carabineers were called only after the fact, the Romanian immigrates didn't call the police forces fearing reprisals. Evidently they don't feel protected by the local security forces....".

All is clear now. The destroyed country of Romania, with its hundred of thousands of Ceausescu-Gelli prisoners, have to supply the Vatican of a threat for the Italians. Like it happened this summer, with the finger prints taken to gypsy children, the purpose of the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence net is to make appear, for the dialetctical law of the opposition, the Islamic immigrates as "clever, diligent, respectful". Pogrom-climate against the Orthodox Christians of Romania not only for a theological question. Not only to support theologically the trial against Radovan Karadzic in the Roman Catholic military court of Le Hague. Because when they will order to suppress the violence against the Romanians, for a misunderstood sense of Roman Catholic 'christianity', if the common citizen will accept with clenched teeth the 'barbarian' Romanians, he then will kneel in front of the 'diligent, clever and respectful' Islamic invasion. Vaticaners and Jesuits know well their dirty job, and they know well the poor minds of their goyms. To fool the sheople is easy like to drink a glass of water.
Clear, with the brotherly help of Olmert and Tzipi Livni and of more, future, innocent blood of the Arab children.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Once they called it: "Strategy of the Tension"....

Ah! Dear good old times! Once, yes, you had all clear, and without confusion! Once in Italy the Jesuit-Masonic net was doing many attempts, bloody murders, bombings and assaults. But they were not hidden in their intentions. People had to be moved in the emotions and manipulated in the inner psychic life, but without hypocrisies. The Vatican intelligence moved its Neo-Fascist chess. Often they were only psycho fanatics, pumped in the head and then launched with their packet of T4 to perform an attempt. Often they were only totally ignorant fools, pushed to walk around places where the ‘professional elite’ of the Jesuit Masonic intelligence had just hidden some pounds of dynamite. Then the journalists would have taken pictures of those “radical right wing” extremists little before the explosion and published on the press (well, not immediately after, only twenty, thirty years after….). Then, the radical or moderate left area did its good diligent demonstrations, sometimes with clashes with police and the destruction of some goods. The leaders in the parliament were doing their diligent speaking against the “rising of the Fascism and the dangers of the coupes”. Then they were denouncing the “perversion and deviations” inside the intelligence, and, yes (once there were true men, with true bollocks, and even if they were staging a role for the Novo Ordo Seclorum, they putted in it all their professional true love of actors), they denounced also the Carabineers’ army. Do you remember the Carabineers division “Pastrengo”? Yes, those were completely different times, not the actual times. The black and red puppets of the Vatican were not completely dead creatures, in their playing they were for real putting a bit of true soul. And so they had the courage to point the finger against those attempts, and to warn the society that “something of occult was going on”. Then they deceived about the true goals of those “occult forces”. This was their dirty job as ‘mercenary of the priests’. But at least they were warning about the conspiracy. So they called all that blood and violence “The Strategy of the Tension”:

But not today. Today the goymification of a nation had reached its goal. Today in the country are going on many and many of covert, occult operations aimed to manipulate the deep psyche of the society and of the individuals. But the Italian goyms have been so perfectly shaped by the occult Vatican hands with the mould of the idelogical clashes, that no one is realizing the Strategy of the Tension that is working in these years in the nation. At the opposite of thirty years ago, the ‘alternative’, ‘radical’ area, lost also that least bit or sparkle of sincerity, and has been transformed in the most rotten and servile tool of the today Strategy of the Tension. Instead to denounce it, the ‘alternative’ opposition, in the parliament and outside of it, is helping the Jesuit Masonic net to manipulate the emotions of sixty millions people, diverting the attentions on other foreign events. Never the blood of the innocent children of the Middle East was so efficient to hide, with its vapours and smell, the slow, bloody rebuilding of the Pontifical reign in the peninsula. Never, with such a perfection, the events of the foreign land of America have been used to saturate and to short-circuit the mind sphere of the individuals, hindering to them the least acknowledgement of the coupe-d’etat going on in Italy in those years and months through the New Strategy of the Tension. Yes, my friends, Italy is really a disgusting country. Not so much for the Jesuits and Masons. They are only doing their ‘duty’. But for the rest of the anonymous millions of people. They deserve what the Vatican is assigning to them. Because the slave who is doing nothing to help himself and to free himself is the best supporter of his executioner.

In the night of 15th February – about the 4:00 a.m. - a Muslim coming from North Africa raped a young woman from Bolivia. Do you think that the media are raging against him? Of course not. The news soon disappeared. But not the news of the rape of a 15 years old girl – a rape performed by people coming “from the East Europe”. Do you think that it is only a casual coincidence, the raping of a 15 (fifteen) years old girl, on the day 14 (fourteen)? The same day when in Germany the Jesuit intelligence pushed its Black and Red chimps to clash for the Roman Catholic stake of Dresden, on the same night 13th and 14th February - in 1945?

Today, the day Moon-day the sixteen, sixteen like Benedict XVI, people disguised with masque assaulted Romanian people, just in front of a Pakistan stand selling Arab food…. Beating with sticks Orthodox Christians in front of the Muslims: this is the level of Roman Catholic pogrom against Christians, a pogrom engineered by the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence net in the Apennine peninsula, once ‘Italian Republic’. And what else better means to celebrate the date of tomorrow, the 17th February, when in the 2008 the Roman Catholic power gave to his occult (submitted) ally the Islamic world, the first victory on the European, Christian soil, with the Kosovo Independence Declaration day? Do you remember my posts?

SUN-day 2-17-2008 (=allusion to 2017), Day Of, Kosovo In(Vatikan)dependence Declaration


I am proud because I am the only ‘Italian’ citizen who is denouncing the today’s “Strategy of the Tension”. This is only the rebuilding of the Pontifical reign, or the destruction of the State of Rights. In a NOT conventional way. Not a-la-Pinochet. Not with tanks and opponents jailed in the stadiums. Maybe this will occur after the taken of the power – when the industrial incinerator facilities for garbage will annihilate also the ‘heretics’. But not before. To make you believe that the coupe-d’etat are realized only like Pinochet, they engineered the Old Strategy of the Tension. With the brotherly support of the Reds. Then the taken of the power, the definitive victory of the Feudal, Medieval Vatican and Jesuit hate against the State of the Rights, will (is!) occur(ing!) with the same consent of the victims. And this is the reason for which they are no more victims – they lost any right to call themselves ‘victims’.






The Four Wonderful Jesuit Equations of Depopulation


Towards the Jesuitical-Masonic Multiracial Terrorist State


Friday, February 13, 2009

Novo Ordo Seclorum

Two new messages in the new blog - two quotation of articles: 1) about David Ovason' work on occult Washington and, 2), an excerpt about the real hand - Jesuit hand - behind the s.c. 'American' revolution (to which, in any case goes my respect, after I have wiped away from its sane political and theological contents the Vatican poison) :

"Masonry doesn't exist":


"The 'American' Masonic cup - filled with Jesuitical and Vatican sap":


(This post will be cancelled in the future)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Posted: Jul 14 2007, 07:04 PM

(Related also to the strange facts to me occured in the The Unhived Mind site - I hope it was only a misunderstanding).

Do really people think I am linked with the intelligence??!!?!?!!

Sorry, this is a great error!
The only important link is the one with my 'madness' (if you let to me to use this metaphore).

I am sorry if I can't give you more personal data on me. I bet that you will then immediately turn the head from the other side, to go away without salute. Not because a my alleged 'pervertion' or 'corruption' etc. But because I would reveal myself a true, full, complete nothingness - a true Mr. Smityh/Herr Mueller living in the near door. My dream is to transform all the Mr Smith/Herr Mueller-living-in-the-near-door in dangerous bombs filled with doubts (about the Jesuitical reality surrounding them).

I don't give my personal data for a true reason: the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence obviously knows well who I am. But spreading around my address, etc., it will render easier their 'job'. A psychopat, reading my address could stab me in the back, without the the formal involvement of the Jesuit-Masonic net: "it was your guilty, you spread you address around, not us - we can't control all our zombies in every moment". I have many cases of homicides, intimidations, etc. occured in the Jesuitical city of Trieste. With the brotherly solidarity of the judicial system (the one that has the seat linked with underground tunnels with the Jesuits' International Youth centre!! - and this is not a 'reserved' info, its a public info!!!).

I live in a total mafia country. Not only the South Italy, but as well the North too. Also with my old parents I have polemics about these topics! I am surrounded by: indifference, aggressivity, derision.

And I am not perfect - also my 'ties' with the 'intelligence' (my 'madness') sometimes doesn't work well. Today I would have posted here a message about the final realization of P2 plan in Italy. But sometimes doesn't fit with my idea - its a lucky I didn't post anything for now!

Practically Constantine order Berlusconi, expoliting the case of a woman from 17 (=seventeen....) years coma, wanted to apply a decree to forbide the euthanasia. The President, the Giorgio Napolitano who is friend of the daughter of an executed member of Kreiseau circle (not a reserved news, just last year the radio, during the visit in my region of the president, said that!), didn't want to sign the Silvio's decree. From this arose - actually in these days - a very strong istitutional clash Government/Presidency, which is dividing the country like in the most dark days of Cold War. They want to destroy the Presidency, and to transform the Government in a Presidential government (= p2 plan). The interesting thing is that the woman in coma, has just been transferred in a private hospital where she will be 'terminated', an hospital sited in the same region where the daughter of executed member of Kreiseau circle lives, and where the president Napolitano came to visit last year. This the region where I live, the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy (where . It is clear that the Jesuits probably are using the daughter to influence an old man (Napolitano). Also Berlusconi is old, but he has to act another role.

Giorgio Napolitano, actual President of Italian Republic (ok, let we assume its a republic), when he was a boss of the Partito Comunista Italiano. And now a quiz: which was the most strong and big Comunist party of the Western Europe during cold war? In what country? Why?

Another fact linked with the above events. Guess who is buried in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region where lives a particular friend of the Italian President Napolitano:


And now the friend of Napolitano - the President visiting Kreiseau heritage company:


".....Il Presidente giunge a Moruzzo, alla residenza della Signora Fey con Hussell, ex internata del regime nazista, autrice del libro "Figli strappati", presso il Castello di Brazzà. Breve incontro con la Signora von Hassell. ..."


"....The president reaches the town Moruzzo, at the residence of Dame Fey with Hussell, former prisoner of the Nazi regime, author of the book "Pulled away sons", at the Brazzà castel. Then followed a short encounter with the dame von Hassell....".
Further news:

Mar 28 2008, 08:52 PM


From an expired page of the Gazzettino online journal:


....The friendship among Fey and Giorgio Napolitano is born when, in June 2004 in the Italian embassy in Berlin there occured a meeting/conference on the relations between Germany and Italy since 1944 to our days.....

During the event Napolitano closed the conference inviting the researchers present at the meeting to deepen the relations between the Italian and German resistance against the regimes, reading the Fey memories which he well knew.....

The visit of these days is so a striclty private visit, as it occure among old friends; It will be present only, except the family, the major of the little town Carlo Dreosso and few others.......

It lacks the presence of Detalmo Pirzio Biroli, the husband of Fey, who is expired in March 2006. With the name "Charles" he worked in the clandestinity in Switzerland for the benefit of the Resistance. He warned the English lord Halifax about the incoming attempt to Hitler which caused the execution of the father-in-law von Hassel. But the thread which join both families (= Napolitano and von Hassel families - note of avles) continues today: Napolitano in fact was the only national political personality to write to Pirzio Biroli in occasion of the transfer of the mortal remains of the ancestor explorer Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà from Algeri to Brazzaville, transfer that Detalmo Pirzio strongly asked..... From an article by Maria Paola Colucci

Savorgnan di Brazzà (like the castle of Napolitano's visit) is linked with Jesuits - see the original post.

Returning to the chronicle, what surprised me (respect a my wrong previous interpretation) is the strong condemn of the leader of the opposition to the attempt of Berlusconi, an attempt depicted as "authoritarian". The leader of the left opposition to the government pointed out that Berlusconi is using the case of the woman in coma only to change the constitution for his interests. But what is really interesting here, is that you never hear anyone talking about "P2" and the "Piano di Rinascita Democratica"/"Democratic Rebirth plan", which was built just on the same goals Berlusconi is openly claiming to pursue every day. This means that the left opposition is only the support to P2 Berlusconi. In this case what I wrote in June 2007 is confirmed: the leftist (moderate and radical) area, was blessed in the sixties and seventies as the "sentinel of the democracy"against the attempts, golpes etc. But this was a divertion, because people had to think that a coupe d'etat is possible only with tanks, civil war, thousands of death people, the jails and stadium filled with political prisoners etc. :


Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).

First post:
Posted: Jun 15 2007, 06:34 PM

Excerpt from a post of :
Posted: Jul 14 2007, 07:04 PM


"....... but their work was to ‘act’ a fake-subversion, filled with much real blood exactly like the much blood of 3.000 Americans of the 9-11, a blood and violence and threats that had the duty to divert the attention on the nostalgic of Mussolini and Hitler and their way to operate. Because the REAL way of operate of the REAL golpe, is far, but far away, and is based on the LOW INTENSITY GOLPE, that sees as first pillar the Carabineers as ONLY totalitarian force that rule an every day more medieval Italian society in collaboration with the papal police forces, Mafia, Camorra, ‘Ndrangheta and various other criminal organizations. And the political forces that have the task to let the full realization of the Golpe in the society without anything appearing in the conscience of the people, are properly the same forces that in the pasts were continuously exposing the “threat of the Fascist Golpe”, are the most ‘above suspicion’ forces, these forces are the former Italian Communist party and its ideological allies, that started to prepare the field for the Carabineers Golpe, after the judiciary Italian power wiped away, in 1992 with a strong judiciary cleansing of the political class (= “Mani Pulite” operation), the old trustful political parties which were always publicly exposed in front of the public as the “church’s tools”, and these ones were the Christian Democratic party and its ally the Socialist party. To surprise the enemy is the first rule. So, meanwhile the enemy (=the Italian society) was awaiting a bloody golpe, with tanks in the streets, with Nazifascists militants killing leaders of the Italian Communist party and of the left and similar theatrical scenes taken from typical butcher events of WWII (scenes continuously refreshed in the minds of the people with ceremonies and movies about the last war), meanwhile the minds of the Italians have been shaped in this way for more than thirty years with a full “Pavlov mass therapy”, the golpe is just happened, on the 5th October 2000, in silence, without violence, without no one realizing it, except the agents that realized it and the undersigned. ............

................. In fact the classic strategy provides an hot clash between the two fronts involved in the war, with a copious loss of lives, with pain, destruction and all what is involved in a war, civil war episodes too. ............

........... In the ‘new’ philosophy of war and so of Golpe, the real grip on power is silent, quite, peaceful. This is due because in the last case is not the power in itself that interests (they JUST have the real power on society), which is only a tool. It is the blood and the mass murdering that is the goal and that will FOLLOW the LOW INTENSITY GOLPE. The revenge is a tasty dish and it is the last to be served by the Jesus Order.

I assure you that this was and is only a product of my (probably) insane (= unhived?) mind. To deal with so delicate matter is not an easy job. For example I have made a reason for myself about the erasing of the threads that sometimes brighten up the The Unhived Mind forum. I hope that Craig knows well what he is doing, and I hope that the true reason for some actions of him are absolutely not dictated by the "quirks of the little prince of the forum", but by other, more serious reasons, and that the delicacy and importance of the matter is preventing him from the immediate and public exposition of it. Alberto Rivera surely didn't die - at the opposite like the Roman Catholic SS commandant Globocnik in Los Angeles - of old age.... So I can shape for myself a picture where sometimes more important 'reason of state' are ruling over the 'netiquette'. In any case a behaviour to which not only Craig is submitted, but also the undernicknamed avles, as the first thing I thought when I read that message was "I am under attack!".

Best regards etc.

(Only an observation - I forgot: in order to divert the attention of the people on the Sun Tzu realization of Vatican-Jesuit P2 plan in these days, the leftist - moderate and radical area - have been 'fired' with the blood of the innocent children of Gaza and with the immigration emergency question. The occult Nazi-Islamic party The League, at the power with Berlusconi, excited the masses with a law that obliges the doctors to denounce the clandestines when they ask for medical care. The right wing anti-Communist party The League is helping the left wing pro-Communist Democratic party of useful arguments to support the invasion of the Islamic papal mercenary army in the peninsula. A true team work. This is the true pro-Islamic invasion work of the North League party. Then the leftist trade unions are doing their best efforts to 'protect & save' the Islamic immigrates. They are doing a giant campaign to help the 'immigrates', forgetting that 40 years ago they were in first line with political strikes against the "fascist attempts to overturn the legal democratic powers" as the one occurring in these days, the one they are letting to live. But so goes the world, the servants, the butlers remains the same. Yesterdy the fake strikes to stage the role of the "sentinels of democracy", today the real struggle to support the Islamic, pro Nazi immigration tide - always under the order of the Supreme Mother, the Roman Apostolic Catholic church.)