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From a comment of mine to the Willinger's message

Romish Masonic Criminal Syndication

taken by an Unhived Mind's thread:
Calvi, Murder, Mafia, Masonic and Vatican cover-ups

"......Please, as we are dealing with P2-Gelli lodge too, don't forget the presence of P2 in Comunist Rumania of Ceausescu. I wrote something about the fate of the Orthodox country of East Europe, destroyed by the Jesuits through the 'communism' (do you remember the tortured children discovered after the fall of agent Ceausescu?...), it was the thread "The coucil of Rovereto etc." in the old Unhived Mind.

".....La loggia P2 risulterà attiva in Uruguay, Brasile, Venezuela, negli Stati Uniti, in diversi paesi europei e non ultima in Romania, dove Gelli avrà importanti rapporti con il regime “socialista” di Ceausescu, nonostante l’anticomunismo viscerale di tutti gli aderenti alla P2. Evidentemente a Ceausescu non era rimasto niente di comunista e Gelli lo sapeva..."

THis is ".... the P2 lodge was active in USA, Uruguay, Brazil etc. , in many European countries and last but not least in Rumania, the Rumania of bloody communist dictator Ceausescu - despite the warm anti-communism of the same P2 organization (my note: P2 created to fight the rising of communist governments in Italy)."............."

(Its not a literal translation, I conserved the sense of the original Italian text, this is only a quick comment to a post)

And now, please, see the quote i sent (and what I wrote) in the thread "Eu Inter-Religious Encounter 2008 held in Rovereto, - A Celebration of the Trento's Council", The Unhived Mind site, especially the post of May 27 2008, 03:04 PM:

Cighid is probably the most infamous children's home in Romania. It won notoriety in March 1990 shortly after the Fall of the Ceauşescu-Regime.
In 1966, the regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu decreed a ban on contraception and abortion with the aim of increasing Romanias population. At the age of three years the children were medically examined. Disabled and orphaned children were in huge numbers brought into homes like Cighid or psychiatric hospitals, where they lived under inhumane conditions. Many children died within a few weeks because of hunger, frostbite or diseases.
The children's home Cighid, near the Hungarian border, was discovered in spring 1990 by western reporters. The pictures of sick and malnourished children were published in many newspapers and were shown on many TV stations around the world. Observers described the sight of Cighid with terms like "Child Gulags" or "the Romanian Euthanasia Program".
Charities from America and Western Europe contributed massively to an aid programme which saw Cighid improved. Many of the children being held at Cighid were adopted by Western European families.

--------------------------END OF THE QUOTE--------------------------

So from where do the many rapers of woman in Italy came from?? From what kind of society are they coming from???!!

From "La Repubblica on line":

".....Guidonia, "romeni picchiati in cella"
Scarcerati i due del favoreggiamento............"


ROMA - "Ci hanno picchiati, sì. Prima i carabinieri, nella camera di sicurezza della caserma di Guidonia; poi le guardie, entrando a Rebibbia. Hanno picchiato me e hanno picchiato anche gli altri: sentivo le loro urla". Uno dei romeni accusati dello stupro di Guidonia lo ha detto ieri a Rita Bernardini, la parlamentare radicale che ha visitato i detenuti insieme al segretario dell'associazione "Nessuno tocchi Caino", Sergio D'Elia, e che sta preparando un'interrogazione parlamentare sulla vicenda.

In other words:

Guidonia, "Romanian beaten in the cell" Released the two ones indicted for aiding and abbetting

".....ROME - "Yes, they have beaten us, yes. First the Carabineers, in the security cell of the Guidonia military police station; then the guards, as they entered in Rebibbia (the prison). They have beaten me and also the others: I heard their scream". One of both Romanian indicted for the rape of Guidonia (sexual violence on woman) told that to Rita Bernardini, the Radical parliamentary member of the association who visited the prisoner together with the secretary of the association "Nessuno tocchi Caino"/"No one has to dare to touch Caino", Sergio d'Elia, and who now is preparing a parlamentary interrogation about the event...."

Meanwhile the Carabineers military police agent were beating the Romanian citizen in their military police station in Guidonia, outside the mob was raging asking to lyinch the alleged criminals. Roman Catholic Missisipi Burning Pogrom. Directed and Produced by the Constantinian order Carabineers Army. Here an image:


Five Romanian citizens have been arrested for the rape on the woman. Other two foreing citizens indicted for the rape have been then released. One of the arrested Romanian confessed the crime, he is the youngest of the group. The group has been betrayed by a cell-phone. They have stolen it to the raped woman, then putted in it their card, so they went identified.

It is very easy to engineer a Roman Catholic Inquisitorial pogrom. There don't exist all the difficulties the Jesuits and Dominincas had in the past. Technolocy helps. I don't know the details of the last Carabineer performed pogrom of 'heretic' Orthodoxies. In any case who were the two men released, indicted for aiding and abetting? I would brought in Italy a bunch of the former "Ceausescu's Children", then using my men, I would push then to commit what I want. You don't need that they materially partecipate to the violence. They probably could have been only the witnesses. It is very easy, after having then trashed and beaten inside the Carabineers military police station, to take some saliva and blood from their wounds and to put it in the test proof objects of the legal medicine judicial functionary, in order to frame them materially. Everyone of us, drinking something in a pub could be framed by his saliva on the glass and indicted by only God knows what. Or by every kind of blood manipulation occured during the life for medical neccessity. But they were beaten not only to get saliva and blood. They were beaten mostly to make them understand that the confession is the best thing to do, especially when outside you have the 'good' 'old' Middle Age raging mob ready to not perform a lynch (they always use this word to calumniate America), but a 'good, old' European-style pogrom.

In any case they could have well really raped the woman, instigated and pushed to do this by 'our men'. The violence of the P2 Vaticommunist regime of Ceausescu had the precise goal to create also an army of pshychopathics and mind controlled zombies ready to be used for the most dirty Jesuit-Masonic operations in (and to destroy) the Western world. I talked once with a Rumanian immigrate, he told me that Rumania had (has?) the highest peak of criminality in Europe. Probably 'had' only, as the Jesuit controlled Rumania 'exported' the great part of Ceausescu-Gelli psychopatics and criminal all through Italy and Europe, to let them be used for the Counter Reformation war. Licio Gelli, and its P2 Vatican brotherhood with the Ceausescu regime, was working for the eternal Vatican crusade to exterminate the Orthodox Christians from the Balkan and Eurasia, and to use their last psychopathic rests for the crusade in Europe, and in Italy, to restore the Pontificial reign. And, as you can see, with a great success.

And yesterday, the same day when the news of the tortured Romanians allegedly considered the first responsible of the crime was publicized, for a mysterious reason a policeman, an agent belonging to the 'civil' State Police, the police which is under the target of a twenty year long lasting operation to destroy its reputation, killed a black immigrate from Senegal (= MUSLIM). The newspapers are giving large echo to the 'honesty' and 'peaceful attitude' of the Muslims. What a surprise, eh?!,.. isn't it??!
This is a planned coincidence, see the four Counter Reformation Jesuit equations:

1) (civil) State Police agents = 'assassins' of the 'honest' Muslims.

2) (military) Carabineers police = heroes who save the raped Roman Catholic women.

3) Muslims = victims and martyrs of the cursed 'secular', 'civil' State Police 'assassin agents'.

4) Orthodox Christians = 'heretics', 'assassins', 'rapers of the Roman Catholic women', who are stopped only by the 'virgin Mary - virgo Fidelis blessed', (Constantinian order and Jesuit order ruled) military Carabineers Army.

So it is not strange this recent stream of 'heretic' Orthodox violence. Just near the Holocaust remembramce day, it is useful for the Vatican, meanwhile with his false and hypocrite mouth of the Antichrist he is "praying for the victims of the Holocaust", to push people to hate the same victims of the Nazi-Vatican mega-massacre, victims among which there were also the 'heretic' Orthodoxies of the Balkans, butchered by the Roman Catholic Ustasha in the Jasenovac camp.

People should study with careful the Vatican Jesuit psychological strategy. At the same time they are 'praising' their victims, they are 'celebrating' their martyrdom, and all that is the official, public hand. Under the official surface the Jesuits and the Vatican are using their occult hand, the Constantinian order and/or SMOM order intelligence agencies, Masonry and Free(?)masonry, security forces, their Carabineers Army, the 'movements' and political parties of the society, and the special departments of their military apparatus to instigate the population to hate the 'praised and celebrated' victims. As teaches the Jesuits' oath: "Keep always separated the right hand from the left hand, and make it appear like they don't belong to the same body/person/brain".

Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At
, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).

SUN-day 2-17-2008 (=allusion to 2017), Day Of, Kosovo In(Vatikan)dependence Declaration

Eu Inter-Religious Encounter 2008 held in Rovereto, - A Celebration of the Trento's Council

General Gianfrancesco Siazzu Commander General of the Carabinieri Corps, Constantinian Knight of Grand Cross of Merit

Continuing Roman Catholic Confirmations

From a comment of Douglas Willinger to my previous message "....and they even dare to call her: 'virgin'.":

Some of my ruminations:
Messages of October 30 and November 26, 2007



A very important observation of Douglas Willinger about the figure of father Maximlian Kolbe:

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Father Saint Maximilian Kolbe's Depiction of WW2: “God is cleansing Poland”

"........From “A Man For Others: Maximilian Kolbe Saint of Auschwitz In the Words of Those Who Knew Him” by Patricia Treece, published by Harper & Row Publishers, 1982 hardcover 1st edition, at page 107

In March 1938, before most people thought of a war, he had said to the Brothers: During the first centuries, the Church was persecuted. The blood of martyrs watered the seeds of Christianity. Later, when the persecutions ceased, one of the Fathers of the Church deplored the lukewarm ness of Christians. He rejoiced when persecutions returned. In the same way, we must rejoice in what will happen, for in the midst of trials our zeal will become more ardent. Besides, are we not in the hands of the Blessed Virgin? Is it not our most ardently desired ideal to give our lives for her? We live only once. We die only once. Therefore, let it be according to her good pleasure. [!!!]

Once war came, he did not change his tune:
“God is cleansing Poland,” he said. “After this her [spiritual] light will shine on the world.”............"
Maximilian Kolbe A Liar According to Eric Jon Phelps
Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Goals Via Goals



"Jesuit General Wlodimir Ledochowski
" on THE UNHIVED MIND old site:


Posted: Sep 27 2007, 12:45 AM

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski Married in 1913, Divorced 1922?!

To daughter of former U.S. State Maryland Governor WARFIELD (1904-1908)

I thought I saw this a few months ago, but then could only find a wedding announcement for ANOTHER Wlodimir Ledochowski, dated about 1946, so it almost was like a visit to the Twilight Zone- I saw something that later vanished. And now it reappears.

Check out these articles from 1913 and 1922:

MISS 'WARFIELD IS NOW COUNTESS; Daughter of Former Maryland Governor Weds Count Vladimir Ledochowski



Posted: Oct 30 2007, 06:32 PM

Good point!

There ought to be a book "Wlodimir Ledochowski's War"

That reminds me, what is the deal with that 1913 Leodchowski-Warfield marriage!

Same name.

Same famous uncle.

This reported in multiple newspapers, but with inconsistencies in the age and the existence of a younger brother..

I have not found if the uncle and the 191-1942 Black Pope's dad had any additional brothers that could possibly provide a namesake 1st cousin.

Internet geneology sources for Louise Warfield that I have seen exclude any spouse or offspring info.

Should not some Jesuit source provide the information to show whether this involved a namesake 1st cousin or the Black Pope to be himself? (esp if the former)

Sort of ironic that the bride's surname is WAR FIELD.


Posted: Nov 26 2007, 12:37 AM

Sort of ironic that the bride's surname is WAR FIELD."

It even gets better!

The girl's name Louise \lo(ui)-se\ is pronounced loo-EEZ. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "renowned fighter".

Apparantly, the woman that Maximillian Kolbe refers to must have a name variant of "Mary-Lou"





Simply to destroy the innocence (part two)

The stench of the 'virgin' Mary pagan cult, of the bloody Vatican assassin Dragons and of the Duke of Savoy, over the Massacre of Erba.

“….The patron of the Carabineers Army is the Virgo Fidelis.
“Virgo Fidelis” is the title of honour and praising with which the Madonna is invoked during the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary: on the 8th December 1949 pope Pious XII proclaimed officially Mary “Virgo Fidelis Patron of Carabineers” establishing the celebration of the holyday on the 21st November, day of the presentation of Mary at the Temple and of the recurrence of Culqualber battle….”.


And let's see now the creation of the Carabineers army:

“…The corps was created by King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy, with the aim of providing Piedmont with a police corps similar to the French Gendarmerie. Previously, police duties were managed by the Dragoni di Sardegna corps, created in 1726 and composed of volunteers….”

And who was King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy, the man who created the Carabineers army?

“….Aosta took the throne on June 4, 1802 as Victor Emmanuel I. He ruled Sardinia from Cagliari for the next twelve years, during which time he constituted the Carabinieri élite corps, still existing as one of the main branches of Italian Army.
Victor Emmanuel could return to Turin only in 1814, his realm reconstituted by the Congress of Vienna with the addition of the territories of the former Republic of Genoa. The latter became the seat of the Sardinian Navy. Victor Emmanuel abolished all the freedoms granted by the Napoleonic Codices and restored a fiercely oppressive rule: he refused any concession of a constitution, entrusted the instruction to the Church and reintroduced the persecutions against Jews and Waldensians….”.

".......The true reason of existence of the army with 13 flames on the front head, the Carabineers Army, is the destruction of anyone refusing to submit to the divine emperor of Rome! ........"



Wlodimir Ledochowski Luciferian Death Camps

From Frank O'Collins with Eric Jon Phelps:

".......At the end of the war, the first thing that the Allies did under Eisenhower was pull down all the statues of Mother Mary (to whom the camps were dedicated) outside the hundreds of death camps. Many of the oven blocks---ahead of any other buildings---were quickly dismantled and destroyed in many camps. Some camps, such as the only human sacrifice camp dedicated to burning children (Lodz) was virtually wiped from history......".


well today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

......and they even dare to call her: 'virgin'.

This is the 'virgin' Mary the Jesuits putted in 2006 at the entrance of the armoured shelter in the former seat of SS Commandant of the North Adriatic coast regions, the Roman Catholic Odilio Lotario Globocnik.

An excerpt from the book "Trieste Nascosta"/"Hidden Trieste", LINT publishing house, page 315:

".....For the occasion of the Jubilee, the Jesuits who are occupying the villa, like a sentinel of the entrance of the ancient armoured shelter, putted the beauty statue of the Madonna which appears in the picture."

("......In occasione del Giubileo, i Gesuiti che occupano la villa, quasi a sentinella all'entrata dell'antico ricovero blindato, hanno posto la bella statua della Madonna che compare nella foto.")

" a sentinel of the entrance of the ancient armoured shelter........"
See also:

(This is the second last post accessible in a chronologic sequence - The previous English posts, the ones I conserved, are mysteriously vanished. I erased only the old Italian section and the first post of "new - AvlesBel.exp. English version", date Tuesday, June 24, 2008, was entitled: "


I don't exclude a wrong action by myself (in any case when I cancelled I was very careful), but also the eventuality of a tampering by Jesuits hackers)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...and they even dare to call her:

From Continuing Counter Reformation blog:

Wlodimir Ledochowski Luciferian Death Camps

".......At the end of the war, the first thing that the Allies did under Eisenhower was pull down all the statues of Mother Mary (to whom the camps were dedicated) outside the hundreds of death camps. Many of the oven blocks---ahead of any other buildings---were quickly dismantled and destroyed in many camps. Some camps, such as the only human sacrifice camp dedicated to burning children (Lodz) was virtually wiped from history............."

(by a work of Frank Collins - With additional phrases from EJP)

This is the 'virgin' Mary the Jesuits putted in 2006 at the entrance of the armoured shelter in the former seat of SS Commandant of the North Adriatic coast regions, the Roman Catholic Odilio Lotario Globocnik.

An excerpt from the book "Trieste Nascosta"/"Hidden Trieste", LINT publishing house, page 315:

".....For the occasion of the Jubilee, the Jesuits who are occupying the villa, like a sentinel of the entrance of the ancient armoured shelter, putted the beauty statue of the Madonna which appears in the picture."

("......In occasione del Giubileo, i Gesuiti che occupano la villa, quasi a sentinella all'entrata dell'antico ricovero blindato, hanno posto la bella statua della Madonna che compare nella foto.")

"...Dipl.-Ing. Odilo Lotario Globocnik (April 21, 1904 – May 31, 1945) was a prominent Austrian Nazi and later an SS leader. He was one of the persons most responsible for the murder of millions of people during The Holocaust.
He was a key player in the usurpation of the Austrian government by the National Socialists. He was rewarded for his diligence, being appointed Gauleiter of Vienna on May 24, 1938 by Adolf Hitler.
Globocnik was responsible for:
  • 1) Liquidating the Warsaw Ghetto, which contained about 500,000 Jews, the largest Jewish community in Europe and the second largest in the world after New York
  • 2) Liquidating the Bialystok Ghetto, which stood out for its strong resistance to German occupation
  • 3) Resettling a large quantity of Poles under the premise of ethnic cleansing.
  • 4) The network of Arbeitslager labour camps, both small and large in the Lublin district. He was also in charge of over 45,000 Jewish labourers.
On October 13, 1941, Globocnik received a verbal order from Himmler to start immediate construction work on Belzec, the first extermination camp in the General Government. The construction of three more extermination camps, Sobibór and Maidanek in the Lublin district, and Treblinka at Małkinia Górna, followed in 1942. All in all, Globocnik was responsible for killing more than 1.5 million Polish, Czech, Dutch, French, Russian, Slovak, German, and Austrian Jews and non-Jews in the death camps which he organized and supervised.
According to some accounts, he was tracked down and captured by British troops at the Möslacher Alm, overlooking the Weissensee Lake on 31 May 1945, and may have committed suicide the same day in Paternion by biting on his capsule of cyanide.
In reality Globocnik was arrested in Carinthia at the end of the war by Sgt John 'Jack' Sowler of the 4th Queens Own Hussars
Shortly after capture Globocnik committed suicide by means of a cyanide capsule hidden in his mouth. His body was taken to be buried in a local churchyard, but the priest refused to have 'the body of such a man' resting in consecrated ground. A grave was dug outside the churchyard, next to an outer wall, and the body was laid to rest without ceremony.

From a quote appeared in The Unhived Mind, "The Auschwitz 'Gas Chamber' Illusion", (By Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD), I discovered a text that you can encounter in David Icke's forum, in Rense, in many of the so called "anti-Zionist" and "anti-Holocaust lies" polemists. The text is so widespread that is possible to meet it practically in every not-conventional site dealing with the problem of the Holocaust:

I chose the "anti-Zionist" and UFO-supporter site Rense:

".....'Starting in May 1945 with the alleged suicides of SS-General Hans-Adolf Prützmann, SS head Heinrich Himmler and SS-General Odilo Globocnik while in British captivity, there followed a bizarre string of murders of individuals associated with the Auschwitz concentration camp. (These were perpetrated by a Jewish hit squad known as the DIN.) As Joseph Bellinger, author of a new book on Himmler's murder, points out, within six months or so of the war's end practically any one who could have shed light on the Jewish policy of the Third Reich was murdered!' This, it must be said, was extremely convenient for the prosecution at Nuremberg.[56]...."

Clear, here the author writes "alleged" not because he think that there's a good possibility that the mentioned high Nazi officials survived, but because there should be existed the very high possibility that they were killed purportedly. But not all agree with this explanation. One person could 'die' committing 'suicide' also in order to have the possibility to disappear from the eyes of the profane world. Let’s read again the words of Wikipedia:

“…..Shortly after capture Globocnik committed suicide by means of a cyanide capsule hidden in his mouth. His body was taken to be buried in a local churchyard, but the priest refused to have 'the body of such a man' resting in consecrated ground. A grave was dug outside the churchyard, next to an outer wall, and the body was laid to rest without ceremony….”.

The same book which seems to be very informed on Jesuit-linked important events of the city and of the world history, gives us a different version about the death of the guy Globus. This version – you’ll see – will immediately and in a wonderful way explain why “the body was laid to rest without ceremony”. His spiritual masters, the priests, buried the corpse of Globocnik without ceremony and outside the consecrated ground because the S.S. Roman Catholic theological comrade of Himmler didn’t die in Carinthia but in Los Angeles, and the priest of Rome helped him, together with the S.M.O.M. and Jesuit controlled ‘allied’ intelligence of SIS (MI6) , to escape as many Nazi rats did. In fact the authors of the book are well informed because in the paragraph “Il ‘Globus’ di Himmler” (Paragraph n. 369 - “The ‘Globus’ of Himmler”, Globus was the nickname Himmler assigned to his friend), at the page 427 of the same book, they say:

“…..but recent discoveries would indicate that he died of old age in the far-off Los Angeles”.

So it is clear that Globocnik, and neither Himmler and Hans-Adolf Prützmann were killed by any 'Jewish' DIN squad. Instead the ability to use the brain has been destroyed by the murder squad of the Jesuit Vatican Holocaust deniers. The same Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD, authors of the 'study' on the alleged 'murder' of the Holocaust managers, seems to be linked with the Jesuits - let's hear his words:

"....The UCL is not the first to let itself down as London's cowardly academic establishment. One reports from personal experience of academic anti-source critical treatment when a student, from 1999-2001 reading for a post-graduate degree in the Psychology of Religion at the University of London. My college, Heythrop, the Jesuit college specialising in theology and philosophy, smeared my politely factual correction of a tutor during a seminar as “unwelcome anti-Semitism”. My offence was in clarifying that it had been established by steadfast historical revisionists and now accepted by all sides in a libel action at London’s High Court that Jewish prisoners under the Third Reich were neither reduced into “human soap” nor were their skins made into lampshades........"

The game is always the same: a team-work, where the apparently enemies are secretly brothers, as the Jesuit’s infamous oath teaches.

The publishing house LINT of the city of Trieste has been founded in the sixties to brainwash the people of the town and of the surrounding areas with the lies about the true backstage which supported the tragedies of the North Adriatic regions. LINT always deal with the Hapsburg past of Trieste, keeping it in a very banal and naive cage, where the Vatican plots to first exploit and then destroy the power of the Hapsburg servant family practically doesn’t exist. In exchange every effort is done to cultivate a poisoned nostalgia for the ‘good old age’ of Franz Joseph and especially of the “Mexican emperor Maximilian” for which the inhabitants are trained to demonstrate a romantic admiration – despite the warm Italian nationalism, which ‘strangely’ respect the local widespread cult for Maximillian. A Vatican and Jesuit crusade to eradicate the secular government of Mexico and to support the Confederation of the South to destroy the North is not a deal for such books – and is buried by novels and comedies. So this is a publishing house very near to the Jesuit-Masonic net of the city, and the soft admission of the truth about our ‘poor’ Globus, indicates that under the obliged official statements ‘against’ the Holocaust and National Socialism, there’s another encrypted symbolic language, which is read and understood by every nostalgic of the SS, every admirer of the Hapsburg servants of the Vatican crusades living in the North Adriatic regions.

Villa Ara, once the villa of a very rich Jew, Camillo Ara, then seized by the Italian Fascist government enforcing the “Racial laws” (a Fascism financed also by many rich Hofjuden of Trieste), then seat of the SS commandant of North East Adriatic region (annexed to the Reich and not considered foreign occupied land), today seat of the Jesuit Youth centre:

The building in the background is the former Hapsburg military hospital, which after the war hosted the Italian army hospital. The Villa Ara is linked with the hospital undergrounds with the same underground net of tunnels linking it with the regional seat of the judicial power, the Tribunale/Court of Trieste, some hundreds of metres down to the left of the picture/hospital. There the S.S. Commandant of the “Operational Zone Adriatic Coast” Globocnik had the office where he (= his Jesuit masters) decided about the life and death of many people. And still going down left to the picture, starting from the front of Villa Ara, you reach, after less a pair of hundreds of metres, the official Jesuit church of the province, the Sacred Heart of Jesus church in Ronco street.
The villa was belonging to Camillo Ara, a rich Jew, director of Generali insurance corp. of Trieste. He was belonging to the group of the Hofjuden who financed the Fascism of Mussolini. Then the puppet of mons. Pietro Tacchi Venturi returned to them their money with high rate of 'interests', seizing their villas and persecuting all the Jews with infamous “Racial laws” of ’38 (blessed - visit of Hitler in Italy - by the first no stop live radio program directed in Italy by the father of the today ‘anti-fascist’ left wing coalition at the opposition, Vittorio Veltroni). After the Nazi arrived the villa became the residence of the very important SS commandant of North Adriatic regions, the guy Globocnik. Keep in mind that not only Himmler was dealing directly with his ‘Globus’, also Hitler had a special direct line with him: North Adriatic regions were fully considered “German Reich territories”. Then arrived the post war age, and the Black masters of deception took full power on the building from where their servant puppets diligently built the Novo Ordo Seclorum.
Just in a radius of more or less than half a kilometre far from the villa you have:

>>> The most important university centre of the region: Università degli Studi di Trieste

>>> The seat of the judicial power of the region, the Tribunale/Court di Trieste linked with underground tunnels to the former Hapsburg military hospital and to the Villa Ara of Jesuits/S.S. Globocnik/Hofjudens

>>> The biggest – or among the biggest ones – synagogue of Europe

>>> The political and cultural nerve centre of the by-Fascism persecuted Slovenian ethnic community of Trieste

>>> The political and ‘cultural’ nerve centre of the Fascist movement and the once post war Fascist party, the MSI

>>> The most important seat of Goethe Institute for the German language in North East regions – allegedly linked with the underground net of tunnels

>>> The headquarter of Friuli Venezia Giulia region section of the Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana aka Italian public service broadcaster, the biggest television company in Italy

>>> A soon to be inaugurated international university centre for medicine in the former Hapsburg military centre - see Rockefeller and his temple in North Italy

>>> The most important People’s House of the former Partito Communista Italiano near the border of the urban area, linked with the most dark times of the Cold War and of the ethnic clashes in the province

............The whole in less or more an half of kilometre of radius: what do you want more from the life?

To have further details about the Jesuit-Masonic occult urban architecture of the city:

"Jesuit, The Masters Of Masonry And Of Himmler's SS, New Evidencies From Trieste"

The Jesuits control both opponents in any war, and the Second Thirty Years war (1914 – 1945) was not an exception but a bloody confirmation. Pursuing their COUNTER REFORMATION WAR under ‘secular’ disguise, they engineered the Holocaust, they ordered to the ‘saviours’ to dismantle great part of the ovens of the camps, they ordered to keep only the marginal buildings, then they started a naïve and banal propaganda campaign about the Holocaust, they filled the mass of the survivors with fake witnesses, and then, they the same launched against those fake witnesses a choreographed “truth”campaing summonized in the words: Holocaust denial. Because they are the Order of Loy-Holocaust and, as a diligent phoenix, they always resuscitate from the bloody massacres they engineer to realize their Novo Ordo Seclorum, always cleaning their hands and their cloaks from the blood and presenting themselves to the world with another spotless secular dress, eternally …

….like a 'virgin':

“…..Our picture of Marian veneration in Catholic Germany, on the other hand, has been coloured by studies of the Counter-Reformation cults promulgated by the ruling dynasties of Bavaria and Austria, the Wittelsbachs and Habsburgs. Under Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria, devotion to Mary became a state programme. Maximilian promoted Marian pilgrimages, introduced new Marian feast days and required that all his subjects must own a rosary. During the Thirty Years War he invoked Mary as the champion of the Catholic cause. His army fought under banners depicting the Virgin, and the great Catholic victory at the Battle of the White Mountain (1620) was attributed to her intercession. For the Habsburgs too, Mary served as a symbol of Catholic renewal and reconquest…….”.