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Burn,... burn,…. old Prussian heritage….(part two)

Now the Hindenburg age has been definitively destroyed:


So why Hitler didn’t use the Hindenburg’s disaster as a means of propaganda? At the opposite: could it be that the same Nazi regime had to be framed with that disaster?
In the same year, just about at the same time when Faulhaber and other four German bishops met Pacelli in Rome receiving officially the instructions to write the core of the “Mit brennender Sorge” encyclical, in America Roosvelt officially took the power in the White House for the second term of his presidency. Take note that 33rd degree Masonic Roosevelt is the 32nd President – an allusion to the Romanist Canon 32 which is cursing the Lutheran doctrine on Salvation through faith. Roosvelt is the man who refused, five years later, to support the Canaris attempt to Hitler – the ‘charismatic dictator’ who introduced the Canon 32 motto on the doors of his concentration camps in a German translation: Arbeit macht frei. Roosvelt helped Ledochowsky in keeping Hitler safe and isolated (4). In the same year Stalin starts to clean Soviet Russland from the German citizen with the order N° 00439 (Operativer Befehl N°. 00439 des Volkskommissars für innere Angelegenheiten der Union der Sozialistischen Sowjet-Republiken). In Spain the “Spanish Revolution” is drowned by Franco, thanks the dirty job executed by the Stalin’s killers, the infamous Stalinists among them Vittorio Vidali, the alleged (really false) allies of the Republicans and Anarchists in the Spanish civil war. And 1937 is the year of Guernica’s bombing and of the consequent exposition in all the world of the ‘German crimes’. Then it arrives another important year, the 1938: the “Anschluss” – annexion of Austria to the Third Reich, and the later Munich Agreement with the occupation of the Sudetenland . The ‘charismatic dictator’ was very busy in all the sequent years and had to deepen the fall of Germany in the purportedly engineered trap for its destruction, carefully implementing that with apparently ‘mad’, ‘contradictory’ orders.
The National Socialist party has been created by the same Vatican and by the Jesuits, who gave to their Nazi minions great autonomy to realize their dictatorship over Germany. But a master always takes good insurance against his servants. The short, theatrical war of Hitler against the ‘poor’ church of Rome caused by that encyclical, has to be seen also in this light – not only a “100 Flowers Campaign” and a disguise to deceive on the fact that the Vatican was the true creator of National Socialism. So the Hindenburg: it was logic the disaster had to occur after the “short war among Hilter and Rome”. After having being exposed by an encyclical, after the same Mussolini asked to the Vatican through the theological Jesuit “server” (to whom Mussolini was slave), the Jesuit monsignor Pietro Tacchi Venturi, to excommunicate the same Hitler, Wladimir Ledochowsky finally could say to be able to easily hold his the same Nazi-puppets by their balls. At the opposite of the Shelley’s novel, now the Nazi monster is a peaceful, quite creature, obeying also to the most suicidal order coming from his creator:

On the 10th April 1938, father Pietro Tacchi Venturi, the Jesuit who kept the relations between the Holy See and Mussolini as regards the essential problems, has been received in audience by the pope.
In the report on the encounter it is possible to read: “father Tacchi Venturi, admitted at the presence of the Holy Father, communicated as follows, in order to illustrate his letter of the previous 8th April.
The head of the government (Mussolini) said to Pietro Tacchi Venturi in a private talk (Thursday 7th April 1938) that, in front of Hitler, it would be convenient to be more forcible, without ambiguity; not now, immediately, but waiting the most opportune moment, in order to adopt these more strong measures, for example the excommunication, and that is convenient to avoid to think that the Hitler’s phenomena could be transient, as this man obtained for Germany great successes.
It would be necessary to adopt no other means than the war to obstacle him, and the war is not wanted. This more powerful step of the Holy See would have the consensus of people,( people) who couldn’t also be liked, he knows that well, by the Holy See, but all that doesn’t avoid the necessity (Posizione/position 720, fascicolo/file 329) ”.

Those “not liked by the Holy See people” were the “Mason and Jewish” circles joining the Catholic ones in their opposition to the “Great Germany” policy of Hitler (as clarified by the Mussolini’s minister Ciano in his diary on the previous 3rd April page, where he was thinking about a world-wide coalition against Germany in order to kneel Germany for the next two centuries in the case Hitler would have tried to move the Third Reich border annexing the South Tyrol. The South Tyrol was conquered by the Savoy kingdom exactly twenty years before with the end of the First World War).
Those encyclical and the consequent short ‘religious’ one-month-lasting war, didn’t squeeze the “Roman toad” but, at the opposite, they squeezed any remaining rest of autonomy of foreign policy choice for the drunkard Nazi plebeians the Jesuits putted at the power in Germany (putted just to scorn the Prussian heritage as Hindenburg was born in the Prussian community of the today’s Polish city of Poznan). In every moment the Black goyms of the Jesuits had the Romanist gun of the “persecution of the church of Rome” aimed to their temples.
Hermann Goring know well that, when he ordered to close the inquiry on the Hindenburg disaster dismissing brutally any hypothesis regarding a sabotage. Were the Jesuits the ones who suggested him to close the case? Were the Jesuits to instigate their Nazi minions to burn down the Hindenburg in order then to throw the responsibility on the Jews and at the same time to drag the sympathy of the Americans for the cause of an every day more isolated Nazi Germany? In order to influence the just elected Roosvelt? Were the same Jesuits to suggest to Hitler’s gang to exit from the blind alley of the short-(fake)-war against the church with a “Jewish-apparently engineered disaster”? Did the Jesuits play the usual double role, of the ones who are inside the church of Rome but with an ‘open mind’ ready to hear and accept also the reasons of the others, as the ones of the Nazi regime, and so did they play the role of the (fake) occult supporters of the Hitler’s regime and opponents to the ‘traditional’ Vatican hierarchies during the ‘religious’ short-war of April ‘37? And did they so convince the ‘charismatic dictator’, to accept a secret plan to avoid a very dangerous and destructive clash against the ‘old, traditionalist, reactionary’ Holy See, diverting the attention with a false flag attempt in America? Did the Jesuits offer their strong net existing in the states – see for example the sinister presence of S.J. E. J. Walsh - in order to support the false flag attack which could have been presented at the eyes of the ignorant Nazi elite as involving “many American citizens on ground” too?

The sequent year you had the annexion of Austria to the Third Reich and the Munich agreement with which Hitler could realize the occupation of the Sudetenland – the regions of “..Czechoslovakia where ethnic Germans formed a majority of the population” (Wikipedia).
Can you smell the stench of the Hindenburg fire in the interstices of the Hitler’s foreing policy? Read what writes the usual Wikipedia on the “Munich Agreement of ‘38” – I would have putted all the excerpt with bold characters because all the words are filled with the smokes of both disasters of the year before, the one in New Jersey and the other of the months before in Germany, during the Sunday of the Palms:

“….None of the powers in western Europe wanted war. They severely overestimated the military ability of the German dictator Adolf Hitler at the time. While the armed forces of Britain and France were superior to the German armed forces (Wehrmacht), both nations felt that they had fallen behind, and were undergoing massive military rearmament to catch up. Hitler, on the other hand, was in just the opposite position. He greatly exaggerated German military power at the time and was hoping for a war with the western powers which he thought he could easily win. However, he was persuaded into holding the conference by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Mussolini and Italy were unprepared for a Europe-wide conflict. Mussolini was also concerned about the growth of German power. German military leadership also knew the real state of the German armed forces and were doing all they could to avoid war…”.
And the sequent happiness of Hitler in avoiding a possible war:
….A deal was reached on 29 September, and at about 1:30am on 30 September, Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain, Benito Mussolini and Édouard Daladier signed the Munich Agreement. The agreement was officially introduced by Mussolini although in fact the so-called Italian plan had been prepared in the German Foreign Office. It was nearly identical to the Godesberg proposal: the German army was to complete the occupation of the Sudetenland by 10 October, and an international commission would decide the future of other disputed areas.
Czechoslovakia was informed by Britain and France that it could either resist Germany alone or submit to the prescribed annexations. The Czechoslovak government, realizing the hopelessness of fighting Germany alone, reluctantly capitulated (30 September) and agreed to abide by the agreement. The settlement gave Germany the Sudetenland starting 10 October, and de facto control over the rest of Czechoslovakia as long as Hitler promised to go no further. On September 30th after some rest, Chamberlain went to Hitler and asked him to sign a peace treaty between the United Kingdom and Germany. After Hitler's interpreter translated it for him, he happily agreed….”.

Why he was so happy?

I can imagine how the Jesuits could have presented themselves, after the Hindenburg fire and before the Munich agreement, to the court of their minions in Berlin. They probably presented themselves to him after they let to their ‘charismatic dictator’ to eat the candy of the Anschluss/Annexing of Austria. The right moment to present to their puppets the Jesuit bill. After having presented him their further orders, they also presented him the ‘solid reasons’ for which he should have followed the desires of his master, count Wladimir Ledochowsky. Could they have presented him the Nazi traces left in the Hindenburg disaster as a warning? Usually this is called: a blackmail. Goering, Adolph, and friends, could have done very little against it. A Nazi attempt occurred after the church of Rome went (even if for a month) ‘persecuted’ in Germany is a too much hot potato to manage also for the die-hard Nazis. To have tried a possible defence blaming the same Rome as involved in whatever possible disguise in the Hindenburg’s fire, it would have meant: the definitive suicide for the National Socialism in the entire Solar system. With the happiness of Ciano. Especially when an Jesuits’ Italian minion like Mussolini, was warmly asking to his master S.J. Pietro Tacchi Venturi to promote in the Vatican court the cause of the excommunication or other similar energy steps against the ‘charismatic dictator’ of Germany. I don’t know if the sudden decision of Hitler in May 1937 with which to cease the hot phase of the ‘religious’ fake war with Rome occurred before or after the Hindenburg’s disaster of the 6th May. This is not of critical importance. What matters is the nearly contemporary happening. Read again the previously quoted sentence from the study on the “Mit brennender Sorge” encyclical:
“….But similarly in order to constrain the church to pay the bill, without to let himself to be dragged in a war among powers, on the 6th April Hitler ordered the re-opening of the “Sittlichkeitsprozesse” and of their propaganda use. But he wasn’t satisfied with that. In May 1937 the same Hitler developed the dispositions about the way on how to put an end to the annihilation war against the church…” (5).
In the previous post I made a not precise translation, because I used the term “to stop” instead the more pertinent to the text “to put an end”. The ‘charismatic son’ of Germany was forced by something to put an end to the clash with the church of Rome. The just occurred or near to occur flames of the Hindenburg were a good occult reason to “put an end” to that short, ‘annihilation’ war. But then who really went, well before the 1945, annihilated from that short war?

Finally we can now enlist three purposes for which the Vatican and the Jesuits started their “Mit brennender Sorge” special operation (6):

1) to disguise under a (purportedly) war “church of Rome vs Hitler” the true black soul of the Nazism: the same Vatican;

2) to instigate in the Catholic herd of Germany, the exposition of the inner and secret sentiments towards the ‘charismatic dictator’ in order to detect & neutralize possible future opponents and saboteur of Hitler’s regime among the same Catholics of Germany;

3) to blackmail the National Socialist regime exposing it as an ‘anti-christian’ regime which is persecuting the ‘christians’ of Germany, and all that at the eyes of all the world, and in front of potential allies like Mussolini too, and to force in that way the Nazi elite to take the most suicidal decisions regarding the destiny of the ‘deviated’ and ‘bad’ Catholics of Germany and especially for the never-enough cursed Protestants (to not mention the Jews etc.).

“Burn, burn,…. old Prussian heritage….” … it seemed to me to hear also on the 11th October 2008 when another defender of the Vertriebenen of the German Sudeten – Joerg Haider - was surely killed in a theatrical attempt. His party won the electoral race just a week before, in the 70th anniversary of the Munich Agreement – The Agreement in consequence of which Nazi ruled Germany occupied the Sudetenland. And his last lunch before to die has been consumed with the higly symbolical presence of the Italian Vertriebenen, the Vertriebenen of the Italian once majority expellees of the coastal Istria and Dalamatia, the “Lega degli Istriani”. As all that had to be not enough in order to symbolically celebrate the Romanist re-conquer of Europe, through their totalitarian Red and Black ‘secular’ puppets, in the same months, for two times, in the third channel of the public broadcasted Italian television and in the “La 7” channel of Telecom Italia corporation, it went broadcasted an exhaustive documentary on the Hindenburg tragedy. In other words: the flames of the Hindenburg burning the Europe who refuses to submit to the divine, pagan, evil emperor of Rome and his puppetmen, the Jesuits:

(Nazi) Rebel Without a Cause

May 1937, the "brennende Hindenburg"



(4) October 5 - Roosevelt gives his famous Quarantine Speech in Chicago (Wikipedia). With that speech he intended to put under quarantine the states with an aggressive foreign policy. After the war with Germany started, in Spring ’43, the 32nd president Roosevelt practically helped the Canon 32 charismatic dictator Hitler to survive a plot, causing the failure of it as a consequence of his refuse to support the Canaris plan to overthrow Hitler’s dictatorship and to end immediately the war. Soon after it started the long and bloody Italian campaign:
For Canon 32 of Council of Trent, you can well search it on the web or to find it in the book: “Creeds of the Churches” by John H. Leith (also on Google book). Interesting also the previous Canon 31. And please, give a look also to the interesting Canon 33, I imagine the one the 33rd degree Jesuit-Masonic toolS of Rome, like Roosevel, have to respect….

(5) „….Um aber die Kirche ebenfalls zur Rechenschaft zu ziehen, ohne sich auf einen Machtkampf einlassen zu müssen, befahl Hitler am 06. April 1937 die Wieder-aufnahme der Sittlichkeitsprozesse und deren propagandistische Vermarktung. Damit jedoch begnügte er sich nicht. Im Mai 1937 entwarf Hitler selbst ein Konzept, wie der Vernichtungsfeldzug gegen die Kirche zu Ende geführt werden müsse. In fünf Schritten sollte die Kirche gebeugt und dem nationalsozialistischen Staat zum Diener gemacht werden….“.

(6) (Correction - 11th December 2008: obviously the correct name of the (project) of encyclical found near the corpse of Pius XI was not the "Divini redemptoris" encyclical - formally issued and publicized, but the never issued "Humani generis unitas". I putted a sign (*) near the falsely named encyclical, in order to not change the text, you are only warned to not read "Divini redemptoris" but "Humani generis unitas").
You can see better the strategical deceptions of global Jesuit and Vatican religious crusade in Eurasia considering that in the same month of March also the encyclical Divini redemptoris, with which the Vatican ‘raged’ against his crypto Georgian Jesuit father in the Kremlin, went issued, in a sort of a planned, synchronized staged attack towards both creatures of the Order of Loyola. Put attention on the fact that just in the 1937 Roman Catholic Stalin pushed on the throttle of the physical extermination of the true Orthodox church (the today’s Orthodox church of Russia is only a ‘plastic’ church built with Jesuit priests and KGB/FSB agent). Divini redemptoris encyclical as a Jesuit/Hegelian collaborative and deceptiveAntithesis of their crusade in Russia against the last Byzantines. Isn’t telling you the name Gregory Agagianian nothing?
“25 Most Evil People of the 20th century:, Fr. Josef Stalin SJ”
Anyway, as it is possible read in the article from where the above excerpt has been taken (article on Pius XI – not Stalin), the Divini redemptoris encyclica, even if condemning the Bolshevism with a greater severity than the comndennation of the Nazism in the “Mit brennender etc.”, was keeping the language and the feelings in a very cold level respect the German encyclical. It is obvious. Rome couldn’t at the same time blackmail her Nazi creature and at the same time to offer to them the strong support and the vital alibi for the existence consisting in the ‘Bolshevik threat’ strongly underlined in another encyclical. It is evident how Pius XI was a puppet of the Jesuits, and a puppet without ‘good faith’. Good faith is the fuel to propel the Romanist bulldozer in the building of the Novo Ordo Seclorum. And all that could be confirmed by the words, in the quoted article, of Ernst von Weizsäcker, the German ambassador by the Holy See at those times: “….If Pius XI, so impulsive and energetic, would have had just a little more long life, it would be occurred, probably, a break between the Reich and the Curia”. Now you can understand why, after surely having being poisoned by the Jesuits, Pius XI was found dead in his bed with a copy of the never-issued hard encyclical against National Socialism and anti-Semitism. Usual macabre Jesuitical symbology. Did S. J. La Fargue know something about? Title of the article:
“Revelations. The clamorous news is emerging from the Vatican archives. But just little more later the visit of the Nazi boss in Rome re-built definitively the Axis.”
“Mussolini suggests: that the pope could excommunicate Hitler”.
But the devil’s detail is laying in that sentence of text:
“…But Pius XI would have gone forward, with a specific pronoucement against the anti-Semitism. «It is impossibile for the Christians to take side with the anti-Semitism. The anti-Semitism is inadmissible…..Spiritually we are all Semites…» told the pope, defyinig the swastika as «cross which is enemy of the Christ’s cross». For this purpose he entrusted the draft of another encyclical to the American Jesuit John La Farge….”
Yes, usual macabre Jesuitical symbology, but not in the way the same Jesuits are pushing you to think. No, Pius XI was not in good faith. As his previous colleague, Pius “Surrat” IX, he had in mind the destruction of the Protestant Freedom of conscience. He only exploited the persecution of the Jews in order to put entirely the blame for it on the Protestant shoulders. Remember the strong support given to the antisemite policy of Hitler by the alleged antisemite booklets of Martin Luther – a well publicly advertised support, to not mean the many (traitor and secretly loyalist to the pope) Protestant pastors who joined the Nazi Kampf. This was a golden opportunity, to publicly excommunicate the Protestantism with an encyclical without naming it, using the term “anti-Semitism” and the ‘secular’ forces supporting the persecution of Jews in Germany as nicknames to allude to the Martin Luthers anti-Roman world. When you were saying “It is impossibile for the Christians to take side with the anti-Semitism” you really meant “As Protestantism is anti-semitism it is impossible that Protestantism is Christian”. And saying “Spiritually we are all Semites” you really meant “Materially we are enemies of the Protestants and of the generally intended Germans who are anti-Semite”. But the most keen part of the plan came with the sudden death of Pius XI. Jesuits poisoned him. And that diligent idiot really deserved it. The p(o)ppet followed diligently the order of his Jesuits masters, who ordered him to publish a strong anti-Protestant (allusive) damnation. After the childish encyclicals cursing the National Socialism and the Bolshevism, he was drooling over by the desire to finally issue a true, strong, Romanist encyclical against the enemy N° 1 of Rome, the Protestant world. But he didn’t know the secret part of the plan involving his murder the same. Poor idiot. His mind was too banal to follow the Jesuits’ intrigues. An encyclical condemning the Protestantism (under disguised terms) as “anti-christian”, would have meant the suppression of their Nazi creature well before she had to be completed and on her feet. Jesuits needs terribly to exploit the energies of the cursed Protestants and they had to keep them ‘safe’ just in the moment when they were joining together with the Catholics of Germany the crusade of the ‘charismatic dictator’ dragging all them in the Hell of the Vatican. Only the higher hierarchies of the church and the priests should have be aware of the cursing of the Protestantism – not the ‘christian’ cattle that had to be butchered in the battlefields without buts and ifs - in order then, when the hour X would be arrived during the last years of wars, they would have joined the anti-German forces fulfilling the content of the never issued Divini redemptoris (* see above note) encyclical and so supporting the raging hell on Germany as planned by the Loyola Order. For this reason the Jesuits staged the production of one of their best miserable theatrical pieces. Do you imagine what did it mean the discovery of next to be issued (allusively) anti-Protestant encyclical near the chariot of the pope who affirmed that “we all are Semites”? I can imagine it: “Our church is filled with assassin priests who are taking the side of the German, Protestant National Socialist cursed policy!!!” would have been the noisy whispers passing from mouth to mouth of many priests, bishops, cardinals, friars, etc. Poisoning that idiot and putting near his body the never issued Divini redemptoris (* see above note) encyclical helped the Jesuits to neutralize inside their church of Rome any soldier suspected to be not enough hard with the German and the Protestant world. And, after the war would have ended with the discovery of the millions of Jews slaughtered and wiped away from Eurasia and especially from the Roman Catholic countries, Rome would have exhibited his ‘true’ attitude towards the anti-Semitism with that never issued encyclical: “But don’t you see that we were sincerely on the Jewish side??! Don’t you see that we were only blackmailed by the Nazism and by the inner pro-German and pro-Protestant enemy?!!”. How has it been called in the Tarantino’s movies? A sort of ‘insurance’. Exactly like the 5,000 Jews of Rome and surroundings saved in the monasteries of Lazio region. 5,000 insurance policies in order, after the war would be ended, to shut the mouth of the ones indicting the Vatican as the true mastermind of the Holocaust. Pardon, 5,002 insurances, counting also the Divini redemptoris (* see above note) and the Mit brennender Sorge encyclicals. So I can now say only one thing: Congratulation, Jesuits! You have here a true sincere admirer of your intelligence! Please, how I could get an autograph from your star, Adolph “the Fuehrer” Nicolas?
Pius XI simply was not so keen as the Jesuits, whose plans were not so banal as the ones in mind of their p(o)ppet in the Vatican.

Burn,... burn,…. old Prussian heritage….(part one)

The burning Hindenburg - on the front side it is clearly still visible the name, in a pair of seconds it will be reduced in ashes:

In the part one of the “…’Mit brennender Sorge’: the words of Satan under a ‘christian’ disguise?…” I wrote: “…In fact the pastoral letter / report to the Bishop Conference in Fulda was quickly sent to Pacelli and became the foundation of the famous “Mit Brennender Sorge” encyclical, issued on the 14th March 1937….”.
The fact is Faulhaber, officially, sent to Pacelli his “Entwurf” aka project of the encyclical– not the Pastoral Christama letter. I said:‘Officially’. Because when I wrote those words I had in minds these ones:
“…Herbert Immenkötter told that “…for this task (the writing of the papal letter), the best man was him (Faulhaber): after a personal meeting of archbishop Faulhaber with Adolph Hitler occurred eight weeks before he (Faulhaber) carefully and without embellishment analysed in the Christmas pastoral letter and in a report for the Bishop Conference in Fulda the evolution of the church during the early age. Three days after er developed the project, which after has been elaborated and finished by Pacelli as encyclical “Mit brennender Sorge”.…”.
I wrote about the project of the encyclical, but I had in mind the “Pastoral letter/report to the bishops conference”. So why I did this mistake? Because the very strict association among the Pastoral letter of Faulhaber and his project of the encyclical. Herbert Immenkötter the same is suggesting a strong link among both writings, and also the today’s author of the study/seminar on the encyclical. The pastoral letter/report to conference is part of the timing of the deceptive Jesuit operation. For this reason it would of interest to see a copy of that Christmas writing. In any case the first ones seeing it were not the bishops of the conference – it was the Nazi apparatus, and I wrote:
“…The Gestapo, the Sicherheit Dienst, Heydrich, Himmler, Hitler, the Nazi elite knew well the content of the encyclical well before it went spread and read on the 27th March Sunday of the Palms. They knew the content of the future encyclical precisely in the same moment when the encyclical went previously issued under the public, open and accessible to everyone shape of a “pastoral Christmas letter” and of a “report for the Fulda’s bishops conference” which was not read in a secret meeting but in a legally authorized by the concordat meeting…..” (“Mit brennender Sorge” etc. part two).
I should have added that obviously, the Pastoral letter which remains to us a mystery, surely was not attacking in any open form the National Socialist party. At the opposite, the Gestapo should have seized it and blocked any diffusion during the Christmas time. But sometimes I entrust too much the eventual readers. I hope they did a necessary intellectual step without to aim to it. So the very important question is: did Herbert Immenkötter purportedly underlined the argument of that Pastoral Christmas letter because it contained, encrypted in religious statements, the future open, esplicit attack to the National Socialist regime? (1)
I didn’t deepen in my second message the content of the project of Faulhaber and the final version of Pacelli. But – having time at disposition! – it will be of a great interest to analyse not simply the difference among the Faulhaber’s “Entwurf” and the Pacelli’s encyclical (as just did by the author of the study), but also the difference of both versions compared with the Pastoral letter/Report for the conference, and the comparison with the contemporary political, ideological and religious context.

Herbert Immenkötter and the author of the study are pushing strongly on the throttle of the false ingenuity. Faulhaber is presented in the entire whole story like an “ingénue rural priest of a little village”, who is complaining something with his generals of Rome in the total ignorance and lack of interest about the great games developing over his head. Like a priest “interested only about the destiny of the souls of his herd”. A deceptive psychological spin. The fact that Faulhaber was a man strictly associated with the Beer Hall Putsch, and so with the early financial backer and supporter of Hitler’s Kampf against the Juden, the Bavarian nuncio Pacelli, and a man who at the same time was heading a “Catholic Against Anti-Semitism League” in the previous years (see the note 1 in the “Mit brennender Sorge part one” post), are the decisive elements underlining the great occult importance of that “Christmas pastoral letter”: a man who encounters in a private meeting the ‘greatest son’ of Germany, a ‘charismatic dictator’ financed 18 years before by Faulhaber’s brother Pacelli, is not the normal priest in the street who encounters simply the administrator of the parish’s wealth. And a pastoral letter, wrote after such an encounter, is not the usual letter with the usual Christmas wishes written to the village’s Christian herd. And a man chosen by the same financial backer of early Hitler’s campaign (to ‘wipe away the Juden from Germany’), a man chosen to write, soon after that “Pastoral letter”, a project of an encyclical attacking the same Hitler’s campaing, is not a common bishop of the street.

Timing of the “Mit brennender Sorge” campaign in Germany:

1) Beginning of October: Private meeting Faulhaber-Hitler;

2) Beginning of December: Pastoral Christmas letter and report to the bishops conference in Fulda;

3) December: Pastoral Christmas letter and the report is putted on the desk of Hitler, Heidrich, Himmler, etc.; the ‘Pastoral letter’ is translated from the religious encrypted code in the message of the Jesuits to their National Socialist minions;

4) January: Faulhaber is chosen for the task to write the initial core of the incoming encyclical just because he previously wrote the contents and the spirit of it religiously encrypted in the Pastoral letter message;

5) March, Sunday of the Palms: the Faulhaber’s project finally, after having being completed by Pacelli (read: by the Jesuits), is spread all around Germany. The high level Nazi apparatus has just been warned about it. They know what they have to do.

6) May – the final conclusive step: after a month of a (secretly) agreed “Macthkampf” between the church of Rome and the National Socialist regime, Hitler decides to stop the war with a sequence of measures which will apparently persecute the church of Rome. Contemporarily, to turn the attention of the public from the sudden ceasefire among Rome and the Third Reich and so from the sudden change in his politic toward the “toad that has be squeezed”, the “flying Reichstag’s fire”, the destruction of the Hindenburg, helps to divert the collective attention from the clash among the church of Rome and Hitler.

Paul von Hindenburg was not only a fierce enemy of the ‘charismatic corporal from Austria’, his origins belongs to the German Prussian community of the today Polish city of Poznan. In the disaster of the 6th May 1937 there is also present the allusive destruction of the old Prussian heritage, symbolically expressed by the writing “Hindenburg” burning in the destruction of the airship – as the film on the disaster clearly shows.
Did the Jesuits-Masonic net in America, purportedly, put its best efforts in order to record the event?
But why the German airships used the dangerous Hydrogen? The only alternative was the Elium,…”…. available only from one or two mines in the United States under military control. Hydrogen by comparison could be cheaply produced by anyone and had considerably more lift….” (Wikpedia). A very foreseeable military embargo to Germany hindered the export of Elium to that country. So the German engineers were forced to develop a strong and very safe technology using the very dangerous Hydrogen. With a great success, as it seems: “….The Germans' long history of flying hydrogen-filled passenger airships without a single injury or fatality engendered a widely-held belief that they had mastered the safe use of hydrogen. While the decision to fly with hydrogen may appear incredibly dangerous today it can be seen as quite reasonable at the time. The Hindenburg's stunning first season performance appeared to demonstrate this conclusively…..” (Wikipedia).
The Hindenburg construction, started in 1931, was ended by the Nazi regime in 1936. The soon-to-be-burned Hindenburg, together with its twin “Graf Zeppelin”, saw its first official role in the Nazi propaganda:
“…The airship's first "official" function was not to be in the commercial transatlantic passenger service for which it was designed and built, but instead as a vehicle for Nazi propaganda. Three days after its first flight on 4 March, German troops occupied the Rheinland region abutting the borders with the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France, an area which the Treaty of Versailles had specified in 1920 to be de-militarized in order to provide a buffer between Germany and the four neighboring countries to the west of the Rhein River. In order to then "justify" this action, a plebiscite was quickly called by Hitler for 29 March for the purpose of "asking the German people" to reaffirm him as Reich Chancellor (Reichskanzler) and Führer, and to "ratify" the Rheinland occupation which had been taken in violation of the Locarno Pact. The Hindenburg and the Graf Zeppelin were designated to be a key part of the process.
For the four days prior to the balloting, German Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels demanded that the two airships fly "in tandem" over Germany on a so called "Hitler Re-election and Rheinland Referendum Flight" ("Deutschlandfahrt") taking off together from Friedrichshafen on the morning of 26 March. It was on this day the name Hindenburg finally appeared on the airship although it had been known more than a year in advance that this is what it was to be called….” (Wikipedia). See (2).
So that 6th May 1937, just little more than a month after the staged Vatican earthquake of the “Mit brennender Sorge” encyclical, an important, planned and engineered event had to occur in New Jersey at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. The presence of the radio reporter Herbert Morrison realizing for the occasion of the arrival of the Hindenburg a never-before experimented broadcast transmission is suggesting an occult knoweledge about the incoming disaster, an intelligence which moved all the unaware chesses like Morrison, in order they would be not taken by the surprise when the important event should have occured:
Morrison and engineer Charlie Nielsen had been assigned by station WLS in Chicago to cover the arrival of the airship in New Jersey as an experiment in recording news for delayed broadcast.
Network policy in those days forbade the use of recorded material except for sound effects on dramas, and Morrison and Nielsen had no facilities for live broadcast. Still the results became the prototype for news broadcasting in the war years to follow. The fame of this recording had no effect on network policies, however, and it was not until after the end of World War II that recordings were regularly used…”.
Was the coincidence of the broadcast policy experiment with the disaster a result of a previous occult engineering of the crash? Chicago is an Jesuit centre in America. That’s aiming the finger on a purpotedly synchrony not only between the fake war among the church and Hitler in Germany and the disaster in New Jersey, also future events in Europe could be strongly linked with that accident. But on this later. The recording of the Hindenburg’s disaster became a milestone in the history of the broadcasted information:
“…The sixteen-inch lacquer disk recordings were rushed back to Chicago and broadcast in full later that night. Portions were rebroadcast nationally by the NBC network the next day. It was the first time recordings of a news event were ever broadcast, and also the first coast-to-coast radio broadcast. Morrison's quick professional response and accurate description combined with his own emotional reaction have made the recordings a classic of audio history…”.
The recording of Morrison and Nielsen contains important elements regarding the explosion. All that elements were hidden by a technical reason:
“….The digs and the bouncing off of the cutting head were caused by the shock wave of the explosion which reached the machine just after Morrison said "It burst into flame…"
I and several others believe that the originals were recorded slightly slow, and that all replays have been at too fast a speed. Comparison with the now two other known contemporary recordings of Morrison demonstrate this conclusion….”.
The faster speed at which the recording were usually reproduced occulted the sound of the explosion. Not for some years, but for well 62 years:
“…During the 1999 75th Anniversary broadcast of the History of WLS, producer and narrator Jeff Davis played the corrected speed version of Morrison's Hindenburg recording. This was the first time that the corrected speed version of the broadcast was heard by a national radio audience. The corrected speed version is quite astounding as the shock wave from the blast is now clearly audible, whereas in the previous higher speed version the shock wave was somewhat muffled….”.
Why for 62 years the recording went played at false speed? Did they realize that the sound of the explosion would have disturbed the official version of the accident? It would be of interest to analyse again the original disk, in order to detect eventual further explosions. If the first explosion, was triggered by a not well identified natural cause (usually attributed to a violent discharge of electrostatic heavy charges stored by the air actrition), the other fires, occurred on the other tanks of gas (they too ignited by the natural cause of the near fire), would have consequently produced further explosions too. A sequence of explosions. But an explosion is possible only with a mix of Hidrogen and Oxigen in a closed environment, and as the pressure of the first gas in the tanks is higher than the one of the surrounding atmosphere, an eventual dispersion of the gas would have caused its immediate vanishing in the atmosphere. As stated above, surely the German technicians developed the Hindenburg in order also to manage eventual dispersions of Hidrogen in the atmosphere, and in presence of strong electrostatic charges which means the possibility of dangerous sparkle, something very common with aerial means of transport. Only an heavy dispersion probably could have caused an explosion, but an heavy dispersion would have been also immediately detected by the instruments. And then noticed by the crew. Or an heavy dispersion of gas occurred conveniently just when the Hindenburg was approaching the tower? Remember, the Jesuit-Masonic net is not only expert in theology or Zen phylosophy, they are also expert in physics. The former Italin Provincial frequented the faculty of physic.
Today, with the Vatican led world informative system – be it the official one or the ‘unofficial’ one, and its Jesuitical propaganda dialectical technology, it is very easy to manage eventual dispersions of dangerous hypothesis and facts that could make to explode the global wide Truman Show of the Novo Ordo Seclorum. For example, newly arisen doubts about the Hindenburg disaster, could be diverted on more ingénue and unoffensive dead zone for the mind, consisting in “new elements aiming to the suspects for a Nazi-Intelligence behind the Hindenburg disaster”. If I was in the General Superior, I would in this case blow on the fire of the “Nazi convenience to cause a disaster on the American soil in order not only to blame the usual Jews, but also to drag the sympathy of the Americans on the Nazi-German side”. Well, to the Jesuit-Masonic controlled historians don’t lack the elements to build another documentary to ‘reveal’ the ‘secrets’ about the disaster. And they would build it not entirely on the lies. Because a convenience for the Nazi to present the disaster as a “Jewish-Communist sabotage” was perfectly fitted for those years (3). A Germany more and more boycotted, needed of foreign support in his ‘cause’. But at the same time we know that the true goal of the Nazi masters was to keep Germany isolated, before to behead her in the WWII. So why Hitler didn’t use the Hindenburg’s disaster as a means of propaganda? At the opposite: could it be that the same Nazi regime had to be framed with that disaster?


May 1937, the "brennende Hindenburg"


(1) Some thoughts about the “Early age church” rhetoric of the Vatican priests, a rethoric present in that pastoral letter of Faulhaber. Every time Rome prepares to slaughter the ‘heretics’, she starts to talk about the “early age of the church”, when abundantly were present persecutions and Christian martyrs. Rome always cleans herself by the least reliable sheep and by her untrustworthy soldiers making them (but it would be more righteous to say: to ‘recycle’ them as - ) ‘martyrs’ of the (Romanist) ‘evangelisation’. Anyway the others are martyrs. Not the generals of the Vatican who pushed the same herd to the martyrdom. The ones who, later, will depict the victims as martyrs. Not Faulhaber or Pacelli, who dared to attack the ‘greatest son’, no, they peacefully died in their beds. Did they for real sign a pact with Lucifer, using just the blood of their Romanist herd the same? The persecution of the early age Christians as a sort of bloody collective ritual? What I am saying is that the same executioners of the early Christians founded their evil church in honour to those massacre/ritual sacrifices calling it: church or Rome. The founding of their Roman Catholic church with its recalling to the Christian blood is nothing else than a pagan, satanic magic ritual of those ancient pagan priest-executioners: if they are naming themselves ‘christians’, this is not due to their true beliefs, but as a recall to the blood of their victims. Doesn’t some shamans hold the skulls and other anatomic part of their enemies like a powerful amulet? So the stuff is the same for the blood of Jesus and the one of the persecuted founders for the Romanist church. Christening themselves as: Roman Catholic ‘Christians’. This is how the pagan divine emperor of Rome became pope, like the one of today, Bendict the XVI. A bloody maquillage with the cosmetique blood of the ones who denied in radical way, without compromises, the transient, ephemeral and void essence of the pagan divine emperor – and so the essence of his occult priest puppet-men. Kill your enemy and then disguise yourself under his skin. Celebrate with a pagan ritual every Sunday morning the propitiatory sacrificial massacre you did on him. Make it appear as you was celebrating his name. People are stupid, very stupid, no one will realize about the truth. So, sorry, if you have been deceived till today it is not my guilty, but this goes for their pride: a 2,000 and more very well done job. But at the same time, meanwhile they were fighting the Christendom under its the same disguise obeying the orders of Lucifer, they were spreading it more and more all through the world – constrained by the willing of the Lord. Precisely, the Jesuits are convinced they are ‘authorized’ by the Lord to use the Evil. They don’t know that the Lord purportedly let you to think so, in order to see in your soul what you really hide in it. The obsession with which they defend their ‘good works’ dogma is due to the terror to discover that the Hell waiting for them is the only reality under they feet.
(In this matter the same David Icke could enlighten you. The problem is that David Icke says that also the early true Christians were ‘idiot’ cause their beliefs were void. But for David Icke also the former president of U.S.A. George Bush was idiot. Error. He is a very intelligent man, a very intelligent actor staging the “idiot role”. David Icke likes very much to throw away the baby together with the dirty water, because if Jesus didn’t exist also the early Christians were deceivers. So thanks to Icke we are coming to the knowledge that also the mathematicians are idiot deceivers as mathematic dealt with the abstract world. And they are evil people too as this abstract deception is used to build the technological evil New World Order. But all that is not a novelty, as David Icke is only the greatest Marxist existing on earth, he is a true priest of the scientific materialism and this is the reason for which the Jesuits are very happy about him).

(2) The first anniversary of the 29th March 1936 plebiscite to reaffirm Hitler at the power and to legitimize the occupation of Rheinland region fell strictly near the day of the “Mit brennender Sorge” encyclical spreading, the 21st March 1937. And in the same month of March of the next 1938 year, the National Socialist power did another coupe annexing Austria, imposing the abolition of an Austrian referendum planned for the sequent Sunday 13th March, annexing the bordering country on the 12th March and legitimizing the occupation with a plebiscite on the sequent 10th April. Clear, Spring is the best season under every point of view in order to perform such actions. But you have to plan them before, in your country and abroad, something that the National Socialist power alone wasn’t able to do. You can imagine who could be the misteriuous helpers just by looking at the Austrian annexing. This was a grotesque, banalized realization of the once Kleindeutsche program, obviously heavily corrected purging it by any true Bismarckian content except for the superficial appearance. And filled with the Counter Reformation poison of the Society of Loyola. The poison started to work immediately after the Anschluss: 72,000 Austrian opponents to the Hitler’s regime went quickly jailed and many were sent then in KZ Dachau and the the cardinal of Wien, Theodor Innitzer, in a letter to the bishops were he clarified the annexion question, blessed the policy of the ‘charismatic anti-Bismarck dictator’ of Germany with an esplicit “Heil Hitler”. And together with him, another Austrian collaborationist with the Vatican, the president of the Austrian evangelical churches top council – the traitor of Luther’s heritage:Österreich)
„...Hitler ließ sich die Vereinigung Österreichs mit dem Deutschen Reich nachträglich durch eine Volksabstimmung am 10. April absegnen. Im Vorfeld waren prominente Persönlichkeiten wie der Wiener Kardinal Theodor Innitzer, der eine Erklärung der Bischöfe dazu mit „Heil Hitler“ unterzeichnete, und der Präsident des evangelischen Oberkirchenrates Robert Kauer...“.

(3) To tell the truth a novel of 1962 and a movie of 1975 involved the Nazi sabotage theory as regard the Hindenburg disaster. But they didn’t go outside the mere area of the fictional industry – Hollywood amusement:
After I wrote the previous lines, (the ones of the principal text regarding the 1938 recording of the disaster), I discovered the existence of another, recent fictional novel about the Hindenburg disaster. There it is suggested that the origin of the accident was due to the willing of Hitler “to produce Nazi heroes”. A deceptive novel? An attempt to suppress the truth transforming it in a sort of ‘fictional game’? It seems a perfect psychological spin under the disguise of a “fiction”. The author is Henning Boëtius and his father, aged 90 years when the novel has been mentioned in a 4th May 2001 article of the daily “Il Corriere della Sera” (and with an impressive timing respect the then super-filled with poisoned and purportedly deviated conspiracy theories 9-11 attack – and also the G8 Genoa summit of July 2001 with its police brutalities), was - look at the coincidence! - a member of the crew of the destroyed Hindenburg. Eduard Boëtius, the father, was present in the gondola from where the airship was controlled. Eduard gave many information to his son who could have supported the “sabotage theory”, but for unknown reasons (read: Romish New World Order reasons) they went not used for more than 60 year, except to increase the selling of a novel. I’ll not fix my and your attention on the novel, published obviously in Germany by a Munich based publishing house. The Jesuit city of the infamous “Munich agreement” signed the year after the disaster. Could it be different? But I’ll fix my attention on the core of this kind of fine psychological operations. They are aimed directly to the core of the concept of “Freedom of conscience”. Pius IX, in his Syllabus of the Errors, cursed the “Freedom of Conscience” as a Protestant product, and with the first Vatican council of 1870 the damnation went definitively absorbed in the legal canonical order of the Romanist church. So, if the Jesuits cannot use the blade and the fire to destroy the cursed Freedom of Conscience, cause it would expose them too much, how can they destroy it? But directly transforming it from the highest expression of the human willing and individuality and freedom, in a sort of ‘game’ that has to be well confined in well defined zones of the human social activity. From the “Freedom of Conscience” to the “Freedom of Game”. This is the reason for which busy producers of intellectual deception like Henning Boëtius are strongly searched by their Jesuits master in order to submerge the society with tons of fictions, movies, comics, novels, etc. where the Freedom of Conscience became Freedom of Game, and all that thanks the total destruction of the borders among Reality and Fiction. Today you are forced to eat every hour you are awake the existential intellectual crap the Vatican and Jesuit controlled cultural net is supplying us with love. Love for our ignorance, it’s not much but sure.
The article on the “Il Corriere della Sera”:
The novel “The Phoenix”:
“…Henning Boëtius is the son of one of the ship's officers, and based his book on accounts his father gave of the disaster. He also did extensive research into the crash, as well as the workings of the Zeppelin….”.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Simply to destroy the innocence (part two)

The stench of the 'virgin' Mary pagan cult, of the bloody Vatican assassin Dragons and of the Duke of Savoy, over the Massacre of Erba.


Further notes and observations related to the matter of previous message.

In the Unhived “13” Mind thread about the coupe d’etat of Carabineers’ army in Italy I spoke about an at least 50 years long coupe d’etat to restore the Pontificial reign in the peninsula. I recall to you the most important points. Using the deceptive Sun Tzu strategies, the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence started a civil war whose initial point was the “Tension Strategy” with many attempts, murders, assaults performed by Fascists and Nazis led by an allegedly ‘subversive’ faction of the intelligence. The “mother of all”: Fontanta square massacre on 12th December 1969, where the Jesuit ruled Anarchists went used in all the possible manners. All that had the task to fill the heads of the Italians with a wrong idea about the way a coupe d’etat has to be performed. So meanwhile all the people (both the opponents and both the supporter of an authoritarian government) had in mind the classical Pinochet-styled “tank assault to the parliament with many opponents murdered in the streets by soldiers and Carabineers who are sympathizers of Mussolini”, the true coupe d’etat occurred with a slow not conventional process starting with the murder of Aldo Moro, passing through the deceptive ‘discovery’ of the P2/Licio Gelli “Democratic Rebirth” plot (the ‘discovery’ of the plot was part of the plot. And Leo Zagami with his astounding revelations about Gelli etc. is he too a part of this deceptive Sun Tzu plot, the ‘truthsayer section’ of the plot?), passing through the judicial sub coupe d’etat of “Clean Hands/Mani Pulite”, and ending or reaching its most important step with the consecration of Carabineers army as the first army of the nation with 5th October 2000 law. A consecration occurred under the patronage of the same ideological forces which have been baptized - thanks to the subversive Fascist “Tension Strategy” - as “the only guarantee against subversion and for the defence of the democracy”: the leftist forces. Congratulation, Jesuits! A very well planned theological coupe d’etat!

So today Italy is controlled by the Carabineers army, which is the other face of a medal whose N° 1 side is called: military services. Carabineers, for example, could take onboard an aircraft of theirs an Islamic sniper in Afghanistan where they are present not only as military police but as a pure and mere military fighting force. Then they could make him to land in one of the Italian NATO military airports by them controlled, to put him in one of their police Alfa Romeo car that no other police forces in Italy can stop, and to bring him in a service area in a Central Italy highway, I could say the highway near the city of Perugia (which is only one road among the rest of the entire Italian road net they control everyday with road blocks) inside a truck or a barrack from where he can do his ‘job’. At the end of the ‘job’ they can take him back, and using the exact reversed and totally safe path, they can send him back in Afghanistan just only seven hour after the ‘job’. Oh yeah! Just an hypothetical example!….

Today the commander of the Carabineers army is a soldier obeying not to the Italian Republic but to the divine emperor of Rome, the pope. Surely he would be not delighted by what I am writing about his army, because the General commander of Carabineers army, Giandomenico Siazzu, is a Roman Catholic Constantine order knight . Like a diligent servant of the pope and of his Romanist church, he has to obey to the order of his master the pope and of his puppetmen the Jesuits, and, consequently, he must to take care about the execution of the Vatican damnation on the Freedom of Conscience as ‘heretic’ product of the Protestant ‘heresy’, as stated by Pius IX in his “Syllabus of the Errors” then integrated in the First Vatican council of 1870. As probably there aren’t other people like me in the same European subcontinent that are exposing in such a manner the Carabineers-Masonic-Vatican net controlling the Italian state, I have to conclude that my expression of conscience is under the target of the mentioned criminal net, a net built to fulfil the Pius IX’ s “Syllabus of the Errors”. It is very helpful to know that if an opponent to the Novo Ordo Seclorum aka New World Order (as I consider myself) enters in one of the thousands of Carabineers stations all around the peninsula, passing through a door with a civic number lying in an Italian street, he would not know in what else country the exit door could bring him – maybe with a travel similar to the one of our hypothetical sniper. World wide tourism kindly offered by the military intelligence and its Carabineers section! Is this the reason for which 26 (twenty six) C.I.A. agents went indicted for the kidnapping of Abu Omar? The usual idiot agents of CIA (and Mossad) to cover the Carabineers’plots? Remember, a Carabineers marshal, asking the documents to Abu Omar, helped the CIA agents to kidnap him… And even if you enter in a (‘civil’) State Police station, also there you would have the uncertainty about the Italian region, or the nation or the corner of this planet where it could be sited the possible exit for you…. The civil State Police has been definitively killed and became only a (disguised) appendix of the military Carabineers army. The great part of new (‘civil’) policemen are coming from the Ground army and are veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. There they have been scanned, monitored and tested by the military intelligence and by the Carabineers military police which then uses those men to build their ‘civil’ State Police. So Italy today – except for some aspects the Financial police/Guardia di Finanza (the Admiralty Law papal controllers in the country), has not a civil police force, but only a giant army which is doing every kind of (universal aka totalitarian aka catholic) control on the life of the nation. At the order of the divine, pagan, Luciferian emperor of Rome, of course.

1) THE DATE OF THE MASSACRE OF ERBA – an analysis on some numerological Saturnalia connections.

The year of the murder is the 2006. Subtract from it the number of the year 1854 (year of the establishment of the Immaculate Conception dogma). You obtain 152 and 152 gives: 1 + 5 + 2 = 8. The number eight is the sum of the number 3 (massacre of Erba realized 3 days after Immaculate Conception holyday) and of the number 5 (number of planned victims, but also of the day 5th October, date of Carabineers autonomous army foundation).

All that could appear without sense and a pure exercise of fictional arithmetic. But remember that in the previous 8th December you just had the Immaculate Conception holiday.

The civic number of the building where the massacre occurred is the 25 which could represent, through factorisation, the couple (5, 5) so the number 55 which is a product of 11 X 5, another allusion to the very important Saturnalia couple: 11 and 5. The address of the massacre is so “Diaz street” civic number 25. This number is also the sum of: 12 + 13. Where else have you seen those numbers? I’ll help you: the 12th is the day of the sequent Holocaust Conference in Teheran with its consequent great echo in Italy, (and the day of the exact half descending Moon phase); and the 13th is the day of Olmert’s visit to the pope, event occurred two days after the massacre (a visit linked with the Holocaust threatens to the Jews in Rome as exposed by Chamish).

The Massacre of Erba clearly shows a deep allusive and symbolic link with the pagan ‘VIRGIN’ MARY worshipping.

The Jesuits logo: a summa of all the Saturnalia, exotheric scum of the Hell they adhore:


La patrona dell'Arma dei Carabinieri è la Virgo Fidelis.

"Virgo Fidelis" è il titolo di onore e di lode con cui la Madonna viene invocata nelle Litanie Lauretane: l'8 dicembre 1949 papa Pio XII proclamava ufficialmente Maria "Virgo Fidelis Patrona dei Carabinieri" fissando la celebrazione della festa il 21 novembre, giorno della presentazione di Maria Vergine al Tempio e della ricorrenza della battaglia di Culqualber.


“….The patron of the Carabineers Army is the Virgo Fidelis.

“Virgo Fidelis” is the title of honour and praising with which the Madonna is invoked during the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary: on the 8th December 1949 pope Pious XII proclaimed officially Mary “Virgo Fidelis Patron of Carabineers” establishing the celebration of the holyday on the 21st November, day of the presentation of Mary at the Temple and of the recurrence of Culqualber battle….”.

Virgo Fidelis

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Virgo Fidelis è l'appellativo cattolico di Maria, madre di Gesù, scelta quale patrona dell'Arma dei Carabinieri l'11 novembre 1949, data della promulgazione di un apposito Breve apostolico da parte di papa Pio XII.

Il titolo di Virgo Fidelis, proposto con voto unanime dai cappellani militari dell'Arma e dall'Ordinariato Militare per l'Italia, era stato sollecitato in relazione al motto araldico dell'Arma (Nei secoli fedele) dall'arcivescovo Carlo Alberto Ferrero di Cavallerleone che nel 1949 era ordinario militare. L'arcivescovo compose anche il testo della Preghiera del Carabiniere alla Virgo Fidelis.La ricorrenza della Patrona è stata fissata dallo stesso papa Pio XII per il 21 novembre, giorno in cui cade la Presentazione della Beata Vergine Maria e la ricorrenza della battaglia di Culqualber.


“….Virgo Fidelis is the Catholic appellation of Mary mother of Jesus, as patron of the Carabineers army on 11th November 1949, which is the date of the promulgation of a Short (= “Breve” in the Italian text) by pope Pius XII.

The title Virgo Fidelis, proposed with the unanimous vote of the military chaplains of the Army and by the Military Ordinaries for Italy, has been pressed in relation with the heraldic motto of the Army (= “Trustful all along the centuries”) by archbishop Carlo Alberto Ferrero di Cavallerleone who in 1949 was military ordinary. The archbishop composed also the text of the Preach of the Carabineer to Virgo Fidelis. The recurrence of the Patron has been fixed by the same pope Pius XII on the 21st November, the day when there’s the Presentation of the Holy Virgin Mary and the recurrence of the battle of Culqualber ….”.

Culqualber battle (from Axis History Forum, WWII in general > WWII in Africa & in Mediterranean), was fought in Abyssinia from 6th August to 21st November:

“….East Africa (AOI). Culqualber was the name of an area (a mountain pass) on the road that the British had to necessarily pass through in order to reach Gondar, where Gen. Guglielmo Nasi and his rmaining troops intended to make the last resistance. That place was consequently oraginzed in a stronghold and a very violent battle followed. As reinforcement to the Culqualber stronghold was sent the Primo Gruppo Carabinieri Mobilitato (1st Mobilized Carabinieri Group) that was made up of two nationals companies and one of colonial (Zaptiè) men. This was on Aug. 6, 1941.

They managed to defend the pass untill the last days of November (and during these months of day by day fightings the British really threw at them everything and anything they got, from MGs and mortars, to Arty, to bomber planes). Being without food and water from a certain point onward (the British managed to cut them out) they had to steal them from the British camps during ad-hoc sorties, very dangerous as you can imagine. At the end, without ammo and only a bunch of Carabinieri remaining alive (more or less half a dozen, IIRC), they refused the last of a very long series of surrender offers from the British and bayonet charged them. As you may understand, a part from some wounded recovered in the caves of the area, nobody survived. But one of those last bayonet chargers indeed surived the last fight: he was Carabiniere Penzo Polluto (awarded the Gold Medal for this and preceiding actions, also those of food, water and ammo procurment), who was found still alive a couple of days after the action (he was firstly believed to be dead) and taken good care of by the British who were able to save his life. He died years after the war, blind because of his wounds, and a hero for the Carabinieri and his Country.

Culqualber battle is more or less a legend here, and more so for the Carabinieri whose
Battle Flag was awarded the Gold Medal for this action.

Best regards…”.

This is the true hidden core of Carabineers army, the military police which “helps aged dames to pass across the roads” in the metropolitan territory of the Italian state and performs “peace military actions” abroad. A very special military police created in the same year of the restoration of the Luciferian Society of Jesus, and carrying on its front head the 13 signs of the Beast. Keep in mind that old obsessive Fascist slogan during WWII, it was the anti-British slogan “Dio stramaledica l'inglesi”, i.e. “that God should punish, whatever, the British”. The Fascist journalist Mario Appelius officially created that slogan after Churchill refused the peace proposal of Hitler. It was the July 1941, little before the start of the Culquaber battle. Isn’t the timing revealing the true Counter Reformation core of the war? And what happened the previous 10th May 1941? The greatest cretin of Germany, who praised the greatest traitor of the homeland of Martin Luther, obeying to an order of his true master the General Superior Wladimir Ledochowsky, flew in England. I am talking about the Nazi-village’s idiot, Rudolph Hess. Likewise the pure expression of the Romanist hate against the Martin Luther’s doctrine of Salvation-by-Faith-in-Jesus went materialized in the slogan “Arbeit macht frei” (= “Good Works bring salvation”), so the hate for the spirit of independence and freedom (also religious, see John Wycliffe) of the British islands coalesced in the Italian Fascist motto pretending the eternal damnation for the cursed Albion. In fact wasn’t a Jesuit - monsignor Pietro Tacchi Ventura - the true sponsor and general manager of the uproarious race for the power of Benito Mussolini? But at those times they weren’t able to apply the Mussolini’s slogan directly in the home of the heretics – as they did in their Germany and East Europe’s camps.

So for another time we have here a link among important events of the occult Eurasian-wide Counter Reformation campaign (WWII) with the army of Carabineers and then with the Saturnalia symbology of the Romanist priests.

In the Culquaber battle the Carabineers did a suicide attack which represented an extreme religious allusion: the Jesuitical perinde ac cadaver - fighting till the proper death the heretics, the extreme oath of the Jesuits. There, in East Africa, the ‘heretics’ were represented by the same country – the ‘perfidious’ Albion - for which Mussolini (read: the Black pope) asked to his gods the eternal damnation, just a pair of weeks before, through the mouth of the trustful journalist Mario Appelius. Read again an excerpt of the quote in the “Simply to destroy the innocence (part one)” message:

“….By manipulating the rescinding of the protective Edict of Nantes in 1685 by the Jesuit confessor to King Louis XIV (using religious blackmail), another HALF MILLION FRENCH HUGUENOTS were butchered by the vile French Catholic Dragonades. In 1655 again, British Protestant hero Oliver Cromwell threatened to invade France and crush the French Crown for a new massacre being waged upon the French Vadois Protestants of valley of Piedmont by six Catholic Regiments by the Duke of Savoy…”.

“…Dragonades (3 syl.). A series of religious persecutions by Louis XIV., which drove many thousand Protestants out of France. Their object was to root out "heresy;" and a bishop, with certain ecclesiastics, was sent to see if the heretics would recant; if not, they were left to the tender mercies of the dragoons who followed these "ministers of peace and goodwill to man."
France was drifting toward the fatal atrocities of the dragonade." - F. Parkman: The Old Regime, chap. ix. p.167. Source: Brewer's Dictionary….”.


A policy, commonly called in French "Dragonades", was instituted by Louis XIV in order to intimidate Huguenot families to reconvert to Roman Catholicism. It involved billeting particularly obnoxious and difficult soldiers within the Protestant households where they were encouraged to wreak havoc. The policy caused great numbers of Protestants to flee France even before the religious rights granted them by the Edict of Nantes were removed in 1685…”.

“…Mazarin prized Cromwell's alliance; he was aware of the jealous care with which the mighty Protector guarded the interests of menaced Protestantism. The duke of Savoy had ventured to persecute the feeble remnant of the primitive Waldenses, who lived obscurely in the Lombard valleys, and all Europe saw Cromwell's powerful arm stretch across the Channel and across the Alps to snatch the Vaudois from the greedy maw of the Savoyard, while England's statesman-poet chanted pæans, and the fast-anchored island shouted glad Amen.

Mazarin had no disposition to provoke Cromwell's intervention in French affairs; he knew the chord of sympathy which united the Puritans and the Huguenots; this made him cautious of overtly assailing the privileges of the reformed church in France….”

Charles Emmanuel II (Italian: Carlo Emanuele II di Savoia) (20 June 163412 June 1675) was the Duke of Savoy from 1638 to 1675 and under regency of his mother Christine Marie of France until 1663….

…… He became notorious for his persecution of the Vaudois (Waldensians) culminating in the massacre of 1655. The massacre was so brutal that it prompted the English poet John Milton to write the sonnet On the Late Massacre in Piedmont. Protector Oliver Cromwell called for a general fast in England and proposed to send the British Navy if the massacre was not stopped while gathering funds for helping the Waldensians. Sir Samuel Morland was commissioned with that task. He later wrote The History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piemont (1658).

(Practically in the Italian page about the same human walking shit, the Savoy assassin Emmanuel II, there’s no trace of his bloody crimes. Date of the last modification of the Italian page: 19:54, 12 ago 2008. Of the English, correct and not Jesuitically censored page: 28 October 2008, at 05:18 – I saved and took pics of both pages)

And let's see now the creation of the Carabineers army:

“…The corps was created by King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy, with the aim of providing Piedmont with a police corps similar to the French Gendarmerie. Previously, police duties were managed by the Dragoni di Sardegna corps, created in 1726 and composed of volunteers….”

And who was King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy, the man who created the Carabineers army?

“….Aosta took the throne on June 4, 1802 as Victor Emmanuel I. He ruled Sardinia from Cagliari for the next twelve years, during which time he constituted the Carabinieri élite corps, still existing as one of the main branches of Italian Army.

Victor Emmanuel could return to Turin only in 1814, his realm reconstituted by the Congress of Vienna with the addition of the territories of the former Republic of Genoa. The latter became the seat of the Sardinian Navy. Victor Emmanuel abolished all the freedoms granted by the Napoleonic Codices and restored a fiercely oppressive rule: he refused any concession of a constitution, entrusted the instruction to the Church and reintroduced the persecutions against Jews and Waldensians….”.


The true reason of existence of the army with 13 flames on the front head, the Carabineers Army, is the destruction of anyone refusing to submit to the divine emperor of Rome! Oh, stay sure, they of course “are protecting the ‘freedom’ of cult”!! You can stay sure that they never will admit their true goal!! But they can’t deny it to themselves, from the highest ‘general’ to the lowest ‘brigadeer’. They know their origin and for what they have been created! So there are no doubts as they celebrate this Inquisitorial goal with the explicit date of the 21st November, the sacrifice of the proper life the same – in coherence with the Jesuits’ oath! - to extirpate and annihilate the heretics, as the disturbed and psychopath theological essence of the Trent’s Council impose to them as well to every other living being on earth via Canon 32:

From the "COUNCIL OF TRENT on Justification":

"...Canon 32. If anyone says that the good works of the one justified are in such manner the gifts of God that they are not also the good merits of him justified; or that the one justified by the good works that he performs by the grace of God and the merit of Jesus Christ (of whom one is a living member), the justified does not truly merit an increase of grace, and eternal life, provided that one dies in the state of grace, the attainment of this eternal life, as well as an increase in glory, let him be anathema...."

The thirteen flames of Baal, on the fore-front of the Carabineers hat. A 'sign' on the fore-front, the mark of the Beast:

But there’s another link between the 11th December 2006 Massacre of Erba” and the Saturnalia worship of the virgin Mary/virgin Lucifer demon.

3) RADIO MARIA – another voice of the global wide Vatican crusade.

“..There’s a radio network in Italy, a Roman Catholic radio network whose name is Radio Maria. It should be named obviously Radio Venus or Radio Moon or Radio Isis, as the female goddess Venus/Isis/Moon/virgin Mary/ etc. symbolize the fluids, the waters, the female element of which the radio waves, immaterial and easily widespread, impossible to round up and invisible like a subtle fog (as the propaganda they are carrying), are a perfect metaphor. The phenomena Radio Maria: among the 10 biggest Italian radio networks, in 2004 Radio Maria was at the 8th place (2004 as allusion to 2 X 4 so to the 8: Jesuitical kitsch!). Every day at least 2 millions Italian are listening to this station. The network is based on the voluntary subscriptions of the listeners who give their money for the divine emperor’s radio (see Canon 32). It broadcasts for 24 hours every day of which 18 of live programs. Not only in Italy, of course. In 2004 Radio Maria had about 40 branches abroad. Its vocation: to be a Marian radio. The goal: to evangelise…” (Résumé from an article appeared on the “La Provincia” newspaper, page: )

You’ll not believe me, but please, give me your attention: Radio Maria has been founded in 1983 in Erba. Yes, the same town of the Massacre of Erba.

Radio Maria is an international Catholic radio broadcasting service founded in Erba (Como), Italy in the diocese of Milan in 1983.

Its first broadcast facility was originally parish operated, but was later re-formed as a separate entity outside its home parish as an association of lay people and priests in 1987 as Radio Maria Italia. In less than five years, it grew into a national Catholic radio network throughout Italy. Though not directly connected with the Roman Catholic Church, it was founded as an instrument of the Church, and as a tool for evangelization, implementing and adhering to the teachings of the Church. It was inspired by the Marian apparitions at Fatima, Portugal (and in more recent years in Medjugorje), pleading for worldwide conversion. As such, Radio Maria is not subsidized or funded by the Roman Catholic Church; instead it is underwritten by listener contributions.

It is interesting to note how Radio Maria is financed also by the secular, lay cursed enemy, the Italian Republic. In the Italian page on Wikipedia about Radio Maria, we are allowed to know that Radio Maria…..

“….. is funded by the offers of the listeners, without financial incomings from advertising. The incoming of the offers, beyond to supply the request of the enormous technical system, is utilized by the World Family of Radio Maria to create new networks of Radio Maria in the world.

With the financial law of 2005 (The government national budget enforced in law) it was allocated 1 (one) million Euro to boost and to upgrade the technical equipment of the general radio broadcast area. The subjects/recipients of the sum are the one stated in the comma 190 of the financial law of 2004, i.e.: the “national broadcast stations with communitarian character”.

The only two radio stations which are responding to the request of the law are Radio Padania Libera, the radio of North League party, and Radio Maria. Starting from 2006 Radio Maria receives the offers also through the channel of the 5 per thousand….”.

Five per thousand is referred to the percentage of the amount of the tax you are ‘free’ to assign to an no-profit association. In other word to the legalized theological Mafia which controls society through the voluntary service associations (voluntary works = Good Romanist Works aka Canon 32. Thirty-two is not only the double of 16, but represents the couple of addends of 5 = 3 + 2). The Vatican plan for Italy (and not only) is to destroy any kind of not theological institution, any kind of not theological social natural network, for example hospitals, schools etc., and after have had put a nation in the decadence and disgrace, to substitute all the previous cursed social assistant and cultural secular network with its theological, inquisitorial, ‘charitable’, (discriminating as regard religious and ideological creed) and ‘good Romish works’ based Vatican network.

So we discover another link, among Radio Maria and the radio of the North League party.- the party created by the Romanist priest to occult support the Islamic invasion of the Peninsula. North League party: an occult Nazi-Islamic party self nicknamed the “Green Shirts” party. So both entities quoted in the law are creatures of the Vatican, trained to realize the Trent’s Council religious war, and this is really not a surprise. Just give a look where’s sited the little town of Erba: see the near city of Como, in the same Catholand region where’s the sanctuary of the North League party – Ponte di Legno. – where the Italian papal Zouaves in the XIII century swore their allegiance to the ‘free’ league of the Italian (= guelph) communes (= of the pope) against the cursed Barbarossa. (The place, Pontida - not shown, is at the border with the region of Trent, approx. near Bormio in the map):

The International Radio Maria network (WIkipedia eng.):

The World Family of Radio Maria was formed in 1998 out of its subsequent international growth in the 1990s, and following the 1987 speech by Pope John Paul II in St Peter's Square addressing the need for a new evangelization. Emanuele Ferrario (inspired by the Pope's words to form that new evangelization) is the founder and president of Radio Maria Inc., which has since grown into an association of 40 multilingual broadcast operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Overall, Radio Maria operates approximately 1,500 terrestrial radio transmitters worldwide.

It's mission includes Liturgy, Catechesis, Spirituality, Spiritual assistance with everyday issues, Information, Music, and Culture.

The Venus fluids of the electromagnetic waves are at the service of the Vatican crusaders in their global wide psychological warfare for the “Triumph des 32. Kanons”. And for the triumph of its divine emperor of Rome on every living being on earth.

The Radio Maria network, national or global wide spread, is the concretization of the encyclical Redemptoris Missio:

Redemptoris Missio (Latin for Mission of the Redeemer), subtitled On the permanent validity of the Church's missionary mandate, is a Papal encyclical by Pope John Paul II published on December 7, 1990 devoted to the subject of "the urgency of missionary activity" and in which he wished "to invite the Church to renew her missionary commitment."

The encyclical was issued 16 years and 4 days before the Massacre of Erba. And, of course, the day before the Immaculate Conception dogma holyday.

So let’s return to the Saturnalia Butchery of Erba. Two days after the Massacre occurred, precisely the 13th December, Jesuit trained (>error: see note 1) (and Talmudic Shabtai Zhivi fake Jew) Olmert rendered homage to his divine emperor, the pope. Are you thinking to the ancient human sacrifices to Baal occurred 3000 years before in the same zones, where, in the summer of 2006 there was the short (propitiatory) Lebanoon war “Israel vs Hezbollah”? With the Hofjuden Olmert, of course, as president of the KZ Israel? Ancient human sacrifices to Baal, where children went burned into the flames. Flames like the ones on the front-head of the Carabineers’ hat? Which, look at the coincidence, are in number of 13… So again we have here a link with the Carabineers:

The official saint patron of Carabineers is the 'virgin' Mary = "Virgo Fidelis Patrona dei Carabinieri", by a papal decree of PIO XII on the 8th December 1949. The Carabineers were created on the 13th July 1814. And definitively became ‘universal’ army on the 5th October 2000:

8th + 5th = 13th

The 13 flames on the front head of Carabineers, which is a N.A.T.O. army. Then you have also the flames of Ramstein U.S. Air Force headquarter and N.A.T.O. base, a massacre allusively linked with the flames of the 1349 Anno Domini holocaust of Jews in the near Mainz, (1349: I can see also 4 + 9 = 13, so a double 13 or a 26). And then six hundred years after, the flames of the sequent serial ritual Canaanite sacrifice in the German “Arbeit macht frei” / “Good works render you free” camps. And then the flames of the 1945 ritual Canaanite sacrifice of Protestant heretics in Dresden.

The visit of Olmer in Italy two days after a Massacre closed a symbolic circle at the centre of which the Massacre of Erba smells as a ritual propitiatory sacrifice.

"Virgo Fidelis", the patron saintess of Carabineers to whom they dedicate a pray - "Be trustful till the death (Apocalypse 2, 10)" is reading Virgo Fidel-Isis on the book:

(error: see note 1): Olmert is not a Jesuit trained guy, of course. (When I think to him I always am thinking also to Peres, the true Jesuit trained guy)