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Re-Building (With Ethnical Genocides) A Virginity For Rome In The North Adriatic Regions

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From Continuing Counter Reformation blog:


Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski: BDV To Target?

".........Military History Research Office sees origins of expulsion long predating WW2
To the increased reclamation of the expulsion of the Germans by today's historians says the President of the Confederation of displaced persons, Erika Steinbach MP:

In the final band of professionals nationally and internationally acclaimed series "The German Reich and the Second World War" Militärgeschichtlichen Research Office of the history of displacement and their classification in the historical context condition. The causes and course of displacement in all its complexity and illuminates the historical context. The displacement is not only a direct consequence of the Second World War, but also in connection with the events in Europe before the Second World War must be seen.....


And then see:


A slice of Europe

Illustration: Religious Situation in Central Europe
about a century after the start of Martin Luther’s Reformation
(Calvinists RED; Lutherans PINK; Roman Catholics BLUE)
Target certain groups of people, such as people who are educated, Jewish, Orthodox or Protestant, particularly Lutherans from eastern Germany.

Set up a chain of events culminating in bloody wars targeting all of these groups, with 10s if not 100s of millions of deaths. In other words, figure out an evil gigantic game of pinball if you will.

Set this into motion by setting up evil governments, government entities and government leaders, particularly the 3rd Reich, the SS and Adolph Hitler, and the USSR and the KGB and Joseph Stalin.

Make sure that key events, along with all of the major players, are manipulated for the desired outcome, including perhaps even your fellow Jesuits, who may not necessarily know your objective[s].

In this case of geo political religious chessboard, that meant a Germany starting a brutal war against civilians, which it would lose.




Foibe massacres

"........The Foibe massacres were killings attributed to Yugoslav Partisans during and shortly after World War II in Istria. The name derives from a local geological feature, a type of deep karst sinkhole called a foiba [1]. This term includes by extension killings in other subterranean formations, such as the Basovizza "foiba", which is not a true foibe but a man-made mining pit. Estimates of the numbers of dead range from several hundred to several thousand [2].

In Istria and other areas, there was a forced policy of Italianization of the Slavic population in the 1920s and 1930s [3], "exacerbated by a blatant policy of erasure of Slavic identity" [4] and "fascist terrorism not hampered by the authorities" [5].
In 1927, Italian fascist minister for public works Giuseppe Cobolli Gigli wrote in Gerarchia magazine, a fascist publication, that "The Istrian muse named as foibas those places suitable for burial of enemies of the national [Italian] characteristics of Istria". The minister also added stanzas of a poem, written in dialect: "A Pola xe l'Arena / la Foiba xe a Pisin / che i buta zo in quel fondo / chi ga certo morbin" ("In Pula there is the Coliseum, in Pazin the Foiba, into that abyss is thrown, whoever has some itching" [in the sense of 'bad thoughts'].........."

Differences with the North East Europe Counter Reformation war: there the targets were explicitly religious categories, in the North East Adriatic regions were the ethnic communities.

The ethnic war in these regions was aimed to destroy the Austrian empire, as it was shaping – together with the German Prussia - a German speaking continuum were the Protestant ‘fishes’ were swimming from the Baltic sea to the doors of Rome, the North Adriatic sea. So Rome putted the Italian ethnic group against the Slavic ethnic group as part of the ethnic guerrilla to start the destruction of the German Central Empires. At this point Rome (= Jesuits) dragged till the extreme consequences the ethnic clashes, till the point that the horrors would have for ever obstacle any sort of link among both communities, any link which was NOT EXCLUSIVELY a Roman Catholic link.

Rome, after having destroyed any Lutheran movement in the North Adriatic regions, could, thanks to the horror of the WWII, wipe definitively away any possibility of insurgency of the ‘religious’ question in the area. Rome rebuilt his (fake) virginity as ‘the only guarantee’ for a dialogue among historically fighting ethnic groups.


".........In these areas, there was a forced policy of Italianization of the population in the 1920s and 1930s [1]. Even during the brief preliminary period of occupation (1918-1920) Italy had begun a policy of assimilation of Croats and Slovenes. This resulted in the closure of the classical lyceum in Pazin, of the high school in Voloska (1918), the closure of the Slovenian and Croatian primary schools and the exile of some distinguished Croats and Slovenians to Sardinia and to other places in Italy. In addition, there were acts of fascist violence not hampered by the authorities, such as the torching of the Narodni dom (National House) in Pula and Trieste carried out at night by Fascists with the connivance of the police (July 13, 1920). The situation deteriorated further after the annexation of the Julian March, especially after Mussolini came to power (1922). The official policy of cleansing other nationalities was under no international restraint, as Italy had not given any undertaking about the rights of minorities in either the peace treaties or the Rapallo treaty.
In Istria the use of Croatian and Slovene languages in the administration and in the courts had already been restricted during the occupation (1918-1920). In March 1923 the prefect of the Julian March prohibited the use of Croatian and Slovene in the administration, whilst their use in law courts was forbidden by Royal decree on 15 October 1925. The deathblow to the Slovenian and Croatian school system in Istria was delivered on 1 October 1923 with the scholastic reform of minister Giovanni Gentile. The activities of Croatian and Slovenian societies and associations (Sokol, reading rooms, etc) had already been forbidden during the occupation, but specifically so later with the Law on Associations (1925), the Law on Public Demonstrations (1926) and the Law on Public Order (1926). All Slovenian and Croatian societies and sporting and cultural associations had to cease every activity in line with a decision of provincial fascist secretaries dated 12 June 1927. On a specific order from the prefect of Trieste on 19 November 1928 the Edinost political society was also dissolved. Croatian and Slovenian co-operatives in Istria, which at first were absorbed by the Pula or Trieste Savings Banks, were gradually liquidated [2]. After this complete dissolution of all Slav political, cultural and economic organizations, armed resistance was organized against Italian rule (see TIGR), followed by new repression, which further embittered relations between the two communities........".

The expulsion (and the murdering) of the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia as consequence of the Italian Fascist aggression and (purpotedly engineered) systematic oppression of Slovenians of Carniola and Istria is a bomb buried by the Counter Reformation of Rome ready to explode every attempt to put in discussion the past events in the North Adriatic regions since at least the appearing of the Lutheran reform (Vlacich, Trubar, many unknown executed Italian ‘heretics’ of the coasts).

The expulsion (and the murdering) of the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia is a means to divert on the ethnic clashes any religious question putting the legitimacy of Rome at the light of the sun. Remember that near the Adriatic regions there’s the Balkans where Rome is pursuing his extermination crusade against the Orthodoxies of Balkans with the Roman Catholic Fort Apache called ‘Croatian state’ and that any sort of religious dissidency has to be wiped away as for the Vatican crusade the Balkans and the North Adriatic regions are: war zones.

From the Baltic sea to the Adriatic sea - the door of Rome, the unified German speaking ocean has been destroyed in the name of the Counter Reformation strategy to take back the Europe to the before-Luther, against-Luther Vatican Middle Age:

Ethnic war in the North Adriatic regions: To bury the Reform under an ocean of corpses?

Saint Francesco Bonifacio, the Vatican hero of Council of Trent's Second Thirty Years war in Europe (1914 -1945)

Corpses of the victims of the Counter Reformation ethnic war in the North East Adriatic regions:

After the war - it starts the propaganda. The ethnic bomb has been triggered with years of genocides. In order to be able to return back to the before-Luther against-Luther Middle Age, to return back to the 'good old times' of the assassin Inquisitorial tribunal of Venice which wiped away any sort of 'heretic' from the Dalmatian and Istrian coasts, to return back to the serial killer from Trento, the bishop Nicolò de Coret who 'wiped away from Trieste the heretic problem', they rendered impossible for ever for the populations of the North Adriatic regions to return back to an age were they were living one near the other without massacres and horrors:

And after all this weight of corpses and horrors, at the bottom of the abyss built by Rome, there's the true target of Jesuits, the Reform in the North Adriatic regions and their men - one of them, broother Primoz Trubar:

UPGRADE 2nd November 2008 --- HAVE YOU NOTICED THE CHAOTIC SHAPE OF THIS POST? At least this is what I see from my screen, .... I don't know what 'they' allow to you to see from your screen,.. Anyway, if you are seeing below an all-in-order post, I explain to you what am I seeing here: the buttons for the size of the characters don't work well (and this could be due to software really casual problems), the strange fact regards the pic of Ledochowsky, which I took directly from Continuing Counter Reformation blog, where it appears in a normal format (=size). Below the pic (this is waht am I seeing from my screen) appears in natural-size, not scaled down as usually (when then you open it and it appears in its page in the real dimension) ---> so it appears 'invading' all the page....
Very strange, the happening of this software behaviour.... It seems they just created the Artificial Intelligence!!!....HAHAHAHW.... this software must be a very die-hard Romanist software!!!.... And probably this software is born in my zones, as he demonstrates a very high sensibility for the Counter Reformation arguments related to the North Adriatic regions!!!...
Jokes a part, I can't avoid to put a link between my exposition of the probable Counter Reformation scenario for the North Adriatic regions with the software difficulties I encounter....And all that linked with my support to the ones who are aiming their efforts to expose the figure of Wladimir Ledochowsky and the Counter Reformation massacres in Eurasia in their 1914-1945 war...... and that's not all: I didn't expose to you how in last months I mysteriously had the ADSL line cutted off...... Also the ADSL lines are.... die-harde Roman Catholic ones, and are very hurted to see all this Protestant megabytes travelling scot free all along themselves??!!!! Just this morning I had the ADSL line totally cutted off!!... For another time I had to call the service centre to get the line!!!! Just after I decisively exposed in the last post the Counter Reformation backstage which supported the North Adriatic massacres in 1914-1945 holy Jesuits war!!! CASUALTY?
The fact is that if you keep yourself in the role the Black pope assigned to you, i.e. to spread the usual poison on 'America', 'Israel', etc. or the usual Veltroni-lead ingenue and unoffensive critic to the Constantine order knight Berlusconi government, they not only tolerate you but they offer to you thousands and thousands of virtual possibilities to express your hate..... When you start to put a link among local traumatic events, (events for which an army of mercenary intellectuals of left and right area has been drafted and shaped in order to drown the brains in the usual Jesuit/Hegelian dialectic smokes of the "Reds/Blacks" front clash), all the support above mentioned cease to exist and you feel exactly like -- an example lies in the documentaries in their televisions --- the few men, for example in Naples, who are denouncing the Mafia and Camorra, but for doing this are isolated not only by the usual (Vatican lead) institutions, but especially are isolated from any kind of social recognition (= a sort of dead walking man).
(For the respect owed to the true Eastern Catholics I should name it ROMANIST-LAND, but the meaning is clear here).

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God Does Not Play (Obama-Faced) Dice

I was talking with a man about the incoming elections in America for the CEO of the US Congress (= President of U.S.A.). This man is not interested about the Jesuits conspiracy (even if he agrees with many arguments of that) but is interested in the practice, material politic like the Italian politic , as well the American one. In fact lately the papal media system in Italy is strongly pushing to depict the elections over Atlantic ocean as very important not only for the states but for the all planet. Since 2004 elections a groups of political activists in Tuscany (region of Italy) are doing a sort of local ‘American’ elections (in the city of Livorno from where the Jesuit trained former Italian President and former Bankitalia central bank governor Azeglio Ciampi comes) claiming that if the U.S. President is so important for the entire world, all the world should vote him. This is a clear consequence of the Verona’s Treaty war on American Freedom – a treaty whose goal is the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon, white and Protestant sovereignty, in North America as well in every corner of this world. In a symbolical matter this destruction is performed also from Tuscany and from the screen of the papal Italian televisions – public or private owned ones, all channels in Italy are controlled by the Vatican. The man with whom I talked told me that probably the winner will be Mc Cain, justifying his conviction on the base of the propaganda bombing slogans: “If wins Obama all will change – if wins Mc Cain all will remain the same”. So, as the ‘changing’ is in an allusive way intended as an exit from the nowadays global crisis (financial, political, warfare crisis), and as the man doesn’t believe in the fables, he said that they will let Mc Cain to win the elections, as surely the things will go worst. Obama is the Star, the ‘good’ hero, and he can’t soil the image dealing with a world going worst. At his place the face of Mc Cain and his party – as winner – will be definitively linked with the crisis. I agree with this man. Months ago I was convinced that the Jesuits would have probably killed their Obama, to sanctify him about as they did with the James Dean of Carinthia – Joerg Haider. Just only look at the last Italian Tirol regional elections: the far right wings are considerable increasing thanks the Haiders’ ‘sanctification’.

And then to put in the (Andrew) White House, instead him, the speaking body of Hillary. At those time the Muslims, Blacks, Roman Catholic Latinos, etc. will feel justified to consider themselves targets exactly like their Obama, pushing them to pursue a revenge on the race to whom would belong the imagined Obama’s killers – the WASP race. This scenario is still a valid one, but probably it or a similar one, will be played not in the next future, maybe they’ll switch it on just on the next elections, which have to be held the year before the 800th anniversary of the donation of the British kingdom and the colonies to the Vatican. So when the man exposed to me his persuasion, I recalled the ones of Eric J. Phelps, who are similar. I don’t remember exactly in what post I read them. In any case it is clear that the Jesuits with this electoral race want to bring together with the Protestants also the American White Roman Catholics who are considered untrustworthy by their Romanist masters (‘infected’ by the WASPs), to put them in the Titanic of the next ‘whites’ U.S. government in order to drown them all with the next incoming political disaster (the purportedly engineered iceberg has been built on the 11th September 2001). Practically with these elections the Vatican is doing the same 100 Flowers Campaign it did in the late thirties in Germany. Phelps observed the division among Roman Catholic in Democratic-Obama’s supporter ones, and the ones supporting the Republican candidate Mc Cain. This operation was realized through a months long electoral campaign with which the Jesuits and their Masonic minions classified probably for the last time the entire North American population (if you want they classified also the world population too, don’t forget the ‘planetary’ dimension of these elections!) and their Roman Catholic sheep, before to launch the final assault to the last bulwark not only of the Protestantism but also of the Western, anti-Feudal civilization in the world.

Mc Cain or Obama as future president, it is clear that the world events of the last months have been engineered also to support this Vatican 100 Flowers Electoral Campaign in America. The first true Roman Catholic president of U.S.A., as Bush jr. was depicted by a clear minded American journalist, obeyed, together with the Congress, to the orders of his master in Rome, exposing himself and his country as the first cause of this world financial crisis. This is not a novelty for Rome, accustomed to infiltrate and then to destroy, calumniating, entire nations from the inside. What are affirming the not-conventional war strategies? Before to start the classic military assault to your enemies it is strongly reccomanded by general Sun Tzu and Sun Pin to destroy their Ch'i and at the same time to strengthen the Ch'i of their enemies – of your soldiers. Sun Tzu manual was firstly translated in the Western world by a French Jesuit in 1772, the year before the loosing of the Society, really a strategically deceptive retreat. The Templar special Vatican agent Skull & Bones George Bush jr. simply has been elected to realize this Sun Tzu – Sun Pin strategy. Dragging also hate on himself in order then to spread it on all the American nation and especially on her revolutionary, anti-Romanist Protestant based Constitution. So for real, five years ago, when he celebrated the invasion of Iraq, he could say: “Mission accomplished!”. In this light you have to read all the recent (I limit on the most recent to not bore the readers) world events involving the U.S.A. as episodes of a giant Truman Show/Greek Pshychodrama-tragedy supporting this last Vatican 100 Flowers Campaign. The Jesuits have to charge the Ch'i of their beloved front, where the Roman Catholic die-hard-loyalist to the pope and most sincere haters of America have to be gathered in a compact army, and these are the White Roman Catholics who hates the WASP America, the 47 millions Roman Catholic immigrates Latinos who are struggling by the desire to cut the throats of the WASPs (as they publicly are claiming in their demonstrations in the R.C. Schwarzenegger California), the 20 millions Muslims trustful to their Zakat/Canon 32 anti-Lutheran Salvation doctrine dogma, the millions of Afro-American purportedly kept in oppression by a R.C. Blue Mass and Colombo knights ruled U.S. police in order to charge them with the thirsty of revenge (the same strategy performed with the R.C. Latinos immigrates purportedly targeted by murdering, violence in the job places etc. – see the Jesuits movie about the disappearing of Latinos immigrate female workers….). At the same time the Jesuits have to destroy the Ch'i of their enemies, who are the same WASPs and Protestants and defenders of the Western civilization, which have been purportedly pushed by a well finely tuned Obama’s campaign (see the frequent allusions to his Muslim true faith, the allusions to his declarations against the whites etc. ) to accept the very low crap of a Mc Cain & Sarah Palin Jesuits’ circus. We can well say that first they created the slogan “If wins Obama all will change – if wins Mc Cain all will remain the same” and then they shaped the reality in order to adapt it to their slogan!

(In this context think about the tactical importance of the Council of Trent Materialist intellectual army, i.e. the Marxists and the left revolutionaries, who denies the concept of the supremacy of the ideal, abstract world on the material world. These ones are the best intellectual praetorians of the Jesuits control on the society, as the same Marxists are always busy to materially works in order to detect & destroy every brain in the society who dares to suspect the existence of a sort of intelligence behind the curtains – being the “Jewish plot” the only plot Jesuits let you to believe in).

I said that all the recent world events are tuned and focused in order to support this Vatican Detect & Destroy operation. Moon-day the 27th October 2008 was a crucial day. Do you have noticed how Jesuits blessed their Obama lead R.C.-Islamic front in America with the murdering plots of a pair of young Nazis? And contemporarily have thrown the allusive poisoned calumniation on the white proud American front? What kinds of amateurish killers-actors should Jesuits draft the next time in order to stage another 'Nazi plot'? Ten years old young Nazis, recruited in the Vatican paedophile net managed by their Romanist priest in America?

And then do you have you noticed how on the same day when the Pussy-Moon is praised by the Romanist priests the ‘American’ army was exposed in all the world for the 1,000,000th times as a criminal army? In the informative chaos of the last months, the commander staff of the U.S. Iraq operations had a very superlative idea choosing to perpetrate an heavy crime against ‘innocent Muslim civilians’ and to trample on the international laws performing war acts on a neutral country just some days before the American elections!!! If the brain in your skull is not yet totally controlled by the Jesuit-Masonic ideologies, you should ask yourself about this really incredible coincidence! But Jesuits probably knows a very strong crypto-algorithm with which to ensure the blocking of their brain stored in your skull so - don’t worry! - you’ll never be touched by these kind of disturbing thoughts. But in the case the ideological Jesuitical lock of the brain in your skull should have been successfully forced by a remaining bit of sincerity in your soul, you’ll have also surely noticed in this case how another act of ‘American barbarism’ helped to depict the poor ‘innocent Islamic world’ as ‘victim’ of the (Protestant White) ‘America’, a nation (it is well known) which is the first bulwark in the world of the Western civilization and of the anti-romanist Christendom.

And here I am not talking only about the friend of the Muslims - Obama, I am referring also to the (Roman) Catho-Islamic Steel pact which will be confirmed in the ‘ecumenical’ forum in Rome from 4th November to 6th (sixth) November. This pact - with which the pagan Romanism for white Caucasians and its Middle East and North African version for Semite Arabs and Blacks shall be strongly coordinated, will be signed just in time not only to celebrate the 4th November anniversary of the Rabin’s murder (and the future Vatican final Holocaust of Jews), not only to celebrate the 4th November anniversary (and national holiday) of the Italian (read: Pontifical reign) victory on the Austro-German (read: Protestant lead) front in the WWI but also to celebrate the 4th November conclusion of the Jesuits 100 Flowers Campaign in America and the building of the biggest mosques of the cursed Germany , in Cologne and Duisburg.

What do you want more from the life?!?!!

To arrive to a conclusion in this actual sad chronicle, I must give to you a pair of details who will help you to see better the planetary Inquisitorial picture. The private army of the Black pope known also as "14th U.S. amendment Army", being it an actor on the world Novo Ordo Seclorum stage, had to perform his role in the psychodrama with the support of the Syrian professional player. Surely it is due only to a quantum mechanical coincidence that the actual president of the country ‘invaded/targeted’ by the ‘Americans’ is the first Islamic president of an Arab nation in the history to become a member of the Roman Catholic Order of Francis I - a sub-order of the Constantinian Order. It is also of a certain interest to see that the man was appointed as stable-boy servant of the divine emperor of Rome just the year after the ‘American’ aggression to the bordering Iraq, an aggression led by another servant of the divine emperor of Rome, the papal Skull & Bones Bush jr.. Another quantum mechanical coincidence. And just to end, as we are speaking about the Constantine order knights of the divine emperor in Rome let’s turn the attention to the land where they have their master - the divine emperor on earth. In the late evening of the same Moon-day, the same day of the news announcing that the friend of the Muslims the candidate Obama has been blessed for the second time by a ‘Nazi’ attempt to his life, the same day of the news announcing that the ‘Americans’ committed other crimes on Islamic civilians and against the international right, the Italian private television channel Rete 4 (yes, four, like the 4th of November), with a wonderful quantum mechanical coincidence, broadcasted the movie “Black Hawk Down”:

“…It was the 3rd October 1993 when a Delta Force squad penetrated into the city of Mogadishu to capture a local boss of the guerrilla. It was a rout. A celebration of the America in war, which protects the world and then pays the bill, a decade after the victory in Iraq, when the Twin Towers were still standing out against the sky over New York. The direction is clever and the spectacle fascinate, but it smells of propaganda (and that displeases)…”.

So sounds the recension of the Rete 4 (four) channel broadcasted movie Black Hawk Down, published on the weekly magazine “Il Venerdì”, supplement of the centre left supporter daily “La Repubblica”. Did they celebrate the Council of Trento’s religious war, meanwhile they were pushing the reader to focuse the attention on the ‘American’ war crimes? The real event exposed by the movie was an occult sacrificial celebration of the 780th anniversary of Vatican possession of the entire British crown pertinence and so of the same future incoming American plantations. Go again in the first part of this message where's the link and refresh the memory. To remain in the much less amazing Pontifical reign of the Apennine Peninsula, on the same 3rd October 1993 - meanwhile the ‘heretic’ Americans went again butchered by the Zakatist mercenary army of Rome in a purportedly SMOMs’ C.I.A. engineered trap -, in the grey and not so exciting seat of the Jesuits’ magazine “La Civiltà Cattolica”, Rosy Bindi and other members of the just loosed Christian Democratic party held a meeting agreeing to re-build the Christian Democratic party in the future, an event punctually occurred 14 years and 11 days after with the Walter Veltroni headed Democratic party’s birth. Who was the Italian prime minister in charge during the meeting and during the Massacre at Mogadiscio? He was Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the above mentioned Jesuit trained, former Bankitalia central bank governor and then president of the same Italian republic.

And who is the owner of Rete 4 (four) television channel? The Roman Catholic Constantinian order knight Silvio Berlusconi.

The Roman Catholic Constantine order knight Silvio Berlusconi, kissing the hands of his divine emperor of Rome, Benedict XVI, on the 6th (sixth, like the last day of the Roman Catholic-Islamic forum in November) June 2008 alias 6-6-08:

“God doesn’t play dice” said Einstein who warmly opposed to the quantum mechanic statistically based theory. Even if he was a friend of the Vatican treasurers Rothschild, his deepest sincere soul couldn’t stop herself from speaking the truth, disguising it in a scientific dress. Only Jesuits are playing dice – hiding one among the infinite tampered sides with the face of their Obama.

OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION – Constantine order. The general of the Carabineers army is the Constantine order knight Giandomenico Siazzu. Carabineers are present in every corner of the planet where there’s a formal or occult institutional presence of the Italian state:

General Gianfrancesco Siazzu Commander General of the Carabinieri Corps, Constantinian Knight of Grand Cross of Merit

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Two Faces Of The Same Medal


UPGRADE 27 October 2008 - After I posted this message I received a newsletter-mail from Barry Chamish where he is dealing with the same stuff - Catho Islamic forum in Rome. Scroll down to bottom page to see an excerpt! (& I noted on The Unhived Mind a new warm thread about Ledochowsky and WWI - WWII, I have to say something on the subject, obviously not on Ledo whose figure I know only for what has been exposed by Willinger, but on his Counter Reformation policy in the North Adriatic regions, which continues well after his death. Believe me, here Jesuits for real are saying: "Long live to our Ledo!", and this is not a joke!)


At the beginning of March, just when the electoral campaign in Italy was going on in order to decree the death of the Italian secular state, the Holy see announced an ecumenical forum among Roman Catholics and Muslims. Four months later I understood better the sound of the Vatican music to be played in this forum, the tonal scale has been revealed by the arrest of the ‘heretic’ Karadzic in July, and it was nothing else than the usual music played by the Vatican crusade big band since the birth of Byzantium. The birth of the Roman Catholicism for Semite Arabs, called Islam, has been engineered as the sword of Rome to destroy/influence the not submitted to the Roman popes Eastern Orthodoxies. If you prefer, in a more fine a-la-Jesuit language: theological gloves in order to not leave the Romanist fingerprints on the crimes’ scenes. So today Rome has to award his theological mercenary Muslims with the head of Karadzic. An ‘heretic’ symbolically beheaded just four months before the alleged ecumenical forum. The Muslims who - since their creation - are fighting against Byzantium shall appreciate very much the gentle present the Black pope made to them with the blood and flesh of the Eastern Catholics. Because now the Jesuit-Masonic mufti are the occult stinger of the re-conquer of Europe by the popes and their, from day to day, increasing presence in North Europe clearly speak only of a pure, simple not-declared religious war of the Jesuits against their old Protestant enemies:

Gegen Bolschewismus! Gegen Nazismus! Gegen die Jesuitische Islamisierung des deutsches Landes!

It doesn’t matter if one day Rome will suppress their mercenary Muslims or not, this is a logistic problem of the Jesuits. What matters is that they have agreed again a (Roman) Catho-Islamic Steel pact (clear, with Rome as absolute master, and the Islamic world as submitted gladiators) and the forum in Rome is the evident proof of all that:


Cattolici Romani: forum cattolico italiano. > Fides et Ratio. Cultura cattolica. > Ecumenismo e Dialogo

05-03-2008, 12:53

Comunicato del Pontificio consiglio per il dialogo interreligioso



The Vatican, March 5th 2008

In the light of the Open Letter "A Common Word" signed by 138 Muslim scholars, and the response of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, through the Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a Delegation of the Signatories of the Open Letter met with a Delegation representing the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (Vatican City) in the offices of the same Pontifical Council on Tuesday, March 4th and on Wednesday, March 5th 2008. Five participants from each side participated in the meeting.

The participants were:

Catholic Participants:

1. His Eminence Cardinal Jean-Louis TAURAN, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.
2. His Excellency Archbishop Pier Luigi CELATA, Titular Archbishop of Doclea, Secretary, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.
3. Msgr. Khaled AKASHEH, Head Officer for Islam, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.
4. Fr. Miguel Ángel AYUSO GUIXOT, M.C.C.J., President, Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies.
5. Prof. Dr. Christian W. TROLL, S.J., Visiting Professor,
Pontifical Gregorian University.

Muslim Participants:

1. Sheikh Professor Abdal Hakim MURAD, President, Muslim Academic
Trust, UK.
2. Prof. Dr. Aref Ali NAYED, Director, Royal Islamic Strategic
Studies Center, Amman, Jordan.
3. Dr. Ibrahim KALIN, SETA Foundation,
Ankara, Turkey.
4. Imam Yahya PALLAVICINI, Vice-President, CO.RE.IS. (Comunità Religiosa Islamica),
5. Mr. Sohail NAKHOODA, Editor-in-Chief, Islamica Magazine,
Amman, Jordan.

In order to further develop Catholic-Muslim dialogue, the participants agreed to establish "The Catholic-Muslim Forum" and to organize the first Seminar of the Forum in
Rome from 4 to 6 November 2008. Twenty-four religious leaders and scholars from each side will participate. The theme of the Seminar will be "Love of God, Love of Neighbor". The sub-themes will be "Theological and Spiritual Foundations" (1st day) and "Human Dignity and Mutual Respect" (2nd day). The Seminar will conclude with a public session on the 3rd day. The seminar participants will be received by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Jean-Louis TAURAN
Sheikh Prof. Abdal Hakim MURAD

[00356-02.01] [Original text: English]


fonte: Sala Stampa della Santa Sede

Hanno istituito un forum per il dialogo mussulmani-cattolici che si terra' a Roma dal 4 al 6 novembre 2008... 24 gran papaver 24 per parte... e verrano ricevuti dal Papa... tutto questo in risposta ad una lettera di centoerotti scolari mussulmani... lettera titolata "per un mondo in comune" e' un po' a spanne ma, questo e' il succo...
Traduzione artigianale:

Vaticano, 5 marzo 2008

Alla luce della lettera aperta "Una parola comune" firmata da 138 studiosi musulmani, e della risposta di Sua Santità il Papa Benedetto XVI attraverso il Segretario di Stato Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, una delegazione dei firmatari della lettera aperta si è incontrata con una delegazione rappresentante il Pontificio Consiglio per il Dialogo Interreligioso (Città del Vaticano) negli uffici dello stesso Pontificio Consiglio martedì 4 marzo e mercoledì 5 marzo 2008. Hanno partecipato all'incontro cinque delegati per parte.

Hanno partecipato:


1. Sua Eminenza Cardinal Jean-Louis TAURAN, Presidente del Pontificio Consiglio per il Dialogo Interreligioso.
2. Sua Eccellenza Arcivescovo Pier Luigi CELATA, Arcivescovo Titolare di Doclea, Segretario, Pontificio Consiglio per il Dialogo Interreligioso.
3. Mons. Khaled AKASHEH, Capoufficio per l'Islam, Pontificio Consiglio per il Dialogo Interreligioso.
4. P. Miguel Ángel AYUSO GUIXOT, M.C.C.J., Presidente, Pontificio Istituto per gli Studi Arabici e Islamici.
5. Prof. Dott. Christian W. TROLL, S.J., Ricercatore, Pontificia Università Gregoriana.


1. Sceicco Professor Abdal Hakim MURAD, Presidente, Muslim Academic Trust, Regno Unito.
2. Prof. Dott. Aref Ali NAYED, Direttore, Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center, Amman, Giordania.
3. Dott. Ibrahim KALIN, SETA Foundation, Ankara, Turchia.
4. Imam Yahya PALLAVICINI, Vicepresidente, CO.RE.IS. (Comunità Religiosa Islamica), Italia.
5. Sig. Sohail NAKHOODA, Editore Capo, Islamica Magazine, Amman, Giordania.

Al fine di dare nuovi sviluppi al dialogo Islamo-Cattolico, i partecipanti hanno convenuto di stabilire il "Forum Islamo-Cattolico" e di organizzare il primo Seminario del Forum a Roma dal 4 al 6 novembre 2008. Vi parteciperanno ventiquattro leader religiosi e studiosi di ognuna delle due parti. Il tema del Seminario sarà "Amore di Dio, amore del prossimo". I sotto-temi saranno "Fondamenti teologici e spirituali" (1° giorno) e "Dignità umana e rispetto reciproco" (2° giorno). Il Seminario si concluderà con un'assemblea pubblica il 3° giorno.. I partecipanti al Seminario saranno ricevuti da Sua Santità il Papa Benedetto XVI.

Cardinal Jean-Louis TAURAN
Sceicco Prof. Abdal Hakim MURAD


Roman Catholicsm and Islam, two faces of the same theological medal - to sacrifice and pay to propitiate the deities and their ‘vicarious’ on earth, the divine emperor of Rome today nicknamed ‘the pope’.



“….In 1516-17, Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar and papal commissioner for indulgences, was
sent to
Germany by the Roman Catholic Church to sell indulgences to raise money to rebuild St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Roman Catholic theology stated that faith alone, whether fiduciary or dogmatic, cannot justify man; and that only such faith as
is active in charity and good works (fides caritate formata) can justify man.
These good works could be obtained by donating money to the church.

On October 31 1517, Luther wrote to Albrecht, Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg, protesting the sale of indulgences. He enclosed in his letter a copy of his "Disputation of Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," which came to be known as The 95 Theses….”..

“Arbeit macht frei” is the German language translation of the Roman Catholic dogma “Good works grant salvation” and is the occult slogan of the Roman Catholic revenge not only on the Bismarck’s Kulturkampf but on 400 years of Lutheran, Reformation Protestantism.




The Master and some of his soldiers - from the slaughter of the last Byzantines in the Balkans, to the grip on the territoritory in North Italy, to their biggest operative base in Germany, Duisburg, a nest built thanks to the same secular tolerance they have to destroy in the name of 'religion'.
From Wikipedia,

"....Zakaat : (has the implied meaning of 'grow', 'purify', or 'foster').
It is often compared to the system of tithing and alms but unlike these older systems, it serves principally as the welfare contribution to poor and deprived people in the Muslim lands, although others may have a rightful share. It is the duty of the state not just to collect it; but to distribute it fairly as well.

Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Amounts & Minimums

It is an obligation on Muslims to pay 2.5% of the wealth which they have had for a full lunar year, 2.5% of goods used for trade, and 5% or 10% of certain type of harvests depending on irrigation. Exempt from Zakat are a person's house and personal transportation.

So we can see the global picture whose Vatican Balkan bloody crusade piece is a fundamental part.
Before to start the
gassing of Jews in Israel via their Jesuit Masonic and traitors of the same S'hite people, the president Ahmadinejad, before to start the bloody religious 'civil' war in America to exterminate the last true Protestants, it is necessary to impose again in their papal European Union (purportedly by them created with its many soccer stadium and garbage incinerators) what they have lost in the last 500 years. It is necessary to kill also in the soul the greatest son Germany never had.
Or: imposing Council of Trent Canon 32 via one of the five pillars of the Islam, the Zakat alias obligation of payment.


"... Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. .... It is an obligation on Muslims to pay 2.5% of the wealth which they have had for a full lunar year, ...".


""...Canon 32. If anyone says that the good works of the one justified are in such manner the gifts of God that they are not also the good merits of him justified; ........ let him be anathema...."

CREATED ISLAM, this is the reason for which the great part of the
Johann Tetzel of today are Arab speaking Muslims.




I take advantage of the occasion also to drag the attention on a recent censorship of the Jesuits on my post. In the post:

…. you can see (at least is what I am seeing from my PC) that the pic with the bishop of Bergamo surrounded by his Muslim mercenary allies is disappeared from the screen:

Not Found

The requested URL /old/settembre 2008.htm was not found on this server.

Practically an entire site has been cancelled. Again, as happened in my posts about Karadzic with the "Muslim pissing on Christian ruins", another pic has been eliminated. Fortunately I have saved it on my hard disk. Here again the pic and the comment:

The pic is a bright witness of the Roman Paganism for white Caucasians (Roman Catholicism) & Roman Paganism for Arabs (Islam) - united & strong, together marching for the destruction of the Western world and for the full restoration of the Canonical law based, anti-Lutheran Middle Age. The pic from:

"...(in the city of
Bergamo) - The workers of the Bonduelle preside encountered mons Amadei, ntered that showed a punctual knoweledge of the situation of the Bonduelle (an industry in crisis), expressed solidarity with the workers and their families...". Mons. Amadei is only the colonel of the local papal immigration mercenary army for the 'war on heretics' in Europe.

I recall to you about the end October, start of November Catho-Islamic Steel Pact Forum in Rome. Obviously Rome as the Master ally and Mecca as the Submitted mercenary ally. Could be involved this forum in this case of Jesuitical censorship, what do you think?....Here other pics to refresh your memory......




Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part one)

Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part two)

Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part three)

Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part four)

Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part five)

UPGRADE 27 October 2008 - From Barry Chamish newsletter:

................ARISE YE, SAINTS AND KNIGHTS by Barry Chamish

On Yom Kippur, the former Nazi, Pope Benedict XVI, announced that he would approve Pope Pius XII as a saint. Pius, the Holocaust Holy See, could have done much to stop the slaughter of the Jews if at one Sunday sermon, he had warned the murderers that they would face an eternity in Hell. But he would no more do that than the popes would have warned their monasteries that enslaving and working to death millions of American Indians was a crime against his God.
His apologists insist that a fascist gun was put to his head during the war, so somehow, he was innocent of the charges of aiding genocide. These same apologists have no answer to the post-war Vatican ratlines, which saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nazis by hiding them in Vatican monasteries, providing them with fake passports, and liberating them worldwide. Yes, Pius knew and approved.
Everyone, but one in Israel, objected to Benedict's plans to raise the butcher pope to sainthood. Unfortunately, the one who did not object was Pres. Shimon Peres. He was too busy planning the pope's visit to Israel for that.
And then, on Nov.4, the anniversary of the Peres' murder of Yitzhak Rabin, the Vatican will be mending its ties to the Moslems in Rome:

ROME 4-6 November 2008 Catholic and Muslim scholars initiate formal talks,8599,1848707,00.html
On Thursday, Benedict put his moral weight (though not yet his signature) behind the cause for sainthood for Pope Pius XII.
At a special Mass on Thursday marking 50 years since Pius' death, Benedict praised his wartime predecessor's actions to save Jews and called on Catholics to "pray that the cause of his beatification goes forward smoothly." ................

Well, I didn't mention the importance of the (Roman) Catho-Islamic steel pact as regard the next Vatican planned Holocaust for Jews and the re-building of the Solomon's temple in Jerusalem by Jesuits & Vatikaners, because Barry knows better than I the matter. I simply concentrate on a side of the reality often shadowed by other topics, and the Vatican crusade in Eastern Europe, destroying the last true Byzantines lands has not yet received a full attention (have you noticed how well developed are the Roman Catholic East Europe countries? And how the Eastern Catholic ones are lying in the ruins? I spoke about this in the thread about Rovereto's council, give a look there!).