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What I Said.



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15 September 2008 - two months after:

“….The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) offered an exceptional trading session on Sunday, September 14, 2008, to allow market participants to offset positions in various derivatives on the condition of a Lehman bankruptcy later that day. Although the bankruptcy filing missed the deadline, many dealers honored the trades they made in the special session.

Lehman Brothers headquarters in New York City on September 15, 2008

In New York, shortly before 1 a.m. the next morning, Lehman Brothers Holdings announced it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection citing bank debt of $613 billion, $155 billion in bond debt, and assets worth $639 billion. It further announced that its subsidiaries will continue to operate as normal. A group of Wall Street firms agreed to provide capital and financial assistance for the bank's orderly liquidation and the Federal Reserve, in turn, agreed to a swap of lower-quality assets in exchange for loans and other assistance from the government. …”.

September 2008 is the month of the collapse of the world financial system based on the 'Western' (= Protestant) economies. Now the Jesuit agent Mario Draghi has his beloved alibi to strenghten the role of the world central banking system and the papal canonical Admiralty law all along the planet (pardon - Jesuits have their beloved alibi...).

2) Sunday, June 15, 2008: Destroy the LISBON TREATY to make it stronger?

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28th September 2008 - three months after:

Jorg Haider wins the electoral race in Austria (with the new electoral law which allows to vote the sixteen year youngs - another allusion to Benedict XVI and his crusade); the Jesuit-Nazi-NWO boys are stronger in Austria as never happened after WWII. Every time the European Union of papal Harlots is in a danger, they call their butler Jorg and his friend Heinz-Christian Strache...:

29/Sep/2008 16:31

(.... 16 like Ratzy,... 31 like 31st October 1517,... who do they want to fool?... - note of avles)

VIENNA (EJP)---An Austrian Jewish leader is convinced that Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the Austrian extreme-right Freedom Party, “is more dangerous” than his predecessor Joerg Haider.

The Freedom Party saw its vote-share surge by 7.1 percent to 18.1 in Sunday’s early parliament elections, while the other extreme-right party led by Joerg Haider, the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZOe), saw its score more than double to 9.8 percent.

“There is no doubt Strache is more dangerous than Haider,” Raimund Fastenbauer, director general of Vienna’s ewish Community, said.

“Strache wants the banning of the use of Nazi’s symbols and Nazi’s ideas to be lifted. Such attitude speaks for itself”, he said.

He added: “Not all people who vote for him are neo-Nazis, but the hard core of his party has extreme right-wing backgrounds. He gives people having a neo-Nazi past high positions within the party."

In 1999 elections, the Freedom Party — then led by Haider — won 27 per cent of the vote and was included one year later in a coalition government formed by the People's Party, leading to months of European Union sanctions over statements seen as anti-Semitic or sympathetic to the policies of Adolf Hitler.

The heads of government of fourteen EU members decided to cease cooperation with the Austrian government, as it was felt in many countries that the “cordon sanitaire” against coalitions with parties considered as right-wing extremists, which had mostly held in Western Europe since 1945, had been breached.

Israel then recalled it’s ambassador from Vienna.

After Sunday’s election, observers said that if one of the extreme-right parties is brought in to a government coalition, it could prompt punitive measures from other European Union members.

With the Jesuit right hand the guy Nicolas move his Nazi clowns. With the Jesuit left hand Nicolas moves his 'democratic-saviour' clowns. Adolph Nicolas: THE skilled Jesu-puppetman of Rome.
Now the pope & the Jesuits have all the alibies they want to "....make the Lisbon Treaty stronger". "Don't you see that if you reject the European Union you'll open the doors to the horrors of the past?!!!...". Now the lesson has been well understood. Finally Giuliano Amato will have its Jesuitical Medieval European papal empire. Not with violence but with the 'bad cop - good cop' technique. The violence shall arrive then, when they'll have the absolute power. In the meanwhile they've get the NO more NO the the Harlot of Rome. (Also Hitler, Stalin & Mussolini wanted to hear only: YES).


1) The new Italian provincial - in charge from September 2008: P. Paolo Casalone. He substitutes Francesco Tata.

2) Priest Named to Head UN General Assembly: (Wikipedia) "... Rev. Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann - On June 4, 2008, he was elected by acclamation to preside over 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, from September 2008 to September 2009 ...".

The sun of the Society enlightens its minions - and makes them dance around its decaying rays of mental insanity:

Mario Draghi:


Giuliano Amato:

Joerg Haider:

No pic for the new Jesuit Italian Provincial - P. Paolo Casalone (but I think he could be pleased to see what image I dedicate to him - from: ; taken from Samuel Clarke's Martyrology):

Roman Catholic priest Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann - the president of 63rd session of the Novo Ordo Seclorum world papal chamberlains assembly a.k.a. U.N.:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

751-1372-1369-1373, the Cell-phone Number of the Hell

Is this man the next Secular Supervisor of Rome for the application of the numbers 751, 1372, 1369 and 1373 in the American plantations?

Before to start to read this message, keep well in mind these three points and that this is dealing with the events in America observed from an European, Roman Catholic prevailing perspective, where the church of Rome has just spread itself as the largest cult in the society and uses for continental propaganda foreign events:

1) in the ancient times a large scale true Christian movement has been definitively destroyed approx. by the Nicean council ruled by the evil Constantine;

2) a second coming of the Christendom is coincident with the Reform movements in Europe culminated with Martin Luther. And the Council of Trent was the second attempt to suppress the second coming of true Christendom - Luther's Reform - an attempt lasting 5 centuries.

3) consequently they'll ever secretly protect their pagan atheist aborts (read: pagan National Socialism and Fascism, and atheist Bolshevism, etc.), and will do every efforts to calumniate, destroy and annihilate every re-birth of the true Christendom in the society.

Roman Catholic Church = 2,000 years of bloody persecution of true Christians, Jews and of anyone refusing to submit to its divine emperor aka the pope.

From the Italian news:{C24AD77F-664B-4A05-9013-64F2E34F5D2B}

Usa: pedopornography, inquired an evangelical pastor
22 Sept 07:03 foreign news

FOUKE (Arkansas) - Blitz of the police in an Evangelical church of Arkansas, following an inquiry about abuse on children, paedophilia and pornography which started about two years ago. Before the operation six female children were transferred in a protected building where they will remain all along the lasting of the inquiries. The minister Tony Alamo is inquired, and is also suspected of tax fraud. (Agr)


The Evangelical community of Tony Alamo (Arkansas) has been raided by the U.S. Inquisitorial Catho-police (NOT by the American Police). The blame: pornography & paedophilia.
Now it is possible to understand better why the same church of Rome is in compliance with the diffusion of the paedophilia and moreover why she is so tolerant as regard the exposition in the media of her crimes.
This is not only due to the tactical effort to infiltrate with perverted people the communities of true Christians - and the case of the raid in the Tony Alamo community is not an application of this tactic.

The church of Rome knows well about the hate she provokes in large layers of the population. Many people hates the pope and its soldiers, the Romanist priests. All this hate and despise is used by the same origin of it, by Rome, which uses it not only through her 'secular' materialist ideologies, but moreover recycling it in the form of a generic, general hate toward everyone professing a coherent sincere Christian faith and refusing to recognize to the church of Rome any kind of Christian authority. Don't the Eastern martial disciplines teach to use the same energy of the adversary's attack - an attack purportedly provoked - in order to defeat (and then annihilate) the same adversary? The church of Rome has been founded in order to destroy Christendom, and the better way to do it is the inner destruction, possible only with the calumniation.

So, after the tactical purpose, we have here another target pursued by Rome through her the same crimes: to calumniate Christendom. The bloody history of two thousands of Romanist church's massacres and persecutions dragged a great hate toward the Christendom and this is precisely the ultimate goal of the Catholic Romanist sect of the Vatican. Once generated, this hate will be keenly manipulated by Rome to deviate it from herself in order then to be utilized turning it against the same ones who are blaming the church of Rome to be 'anti-Christian', who will see themselves blamed with the same despise and ardour provoked by the criminal history of Vatican. (Isn't David Icke et alumni an occult part of this Inquisitorial Romanist propaganda spin?). Aren’t the continue attacks under the disguise of the denial of the existence of Jesus Christ (I the same wasted pages on a Jesuit-intelligence ruled Italian site helping this Jesuits’ tactic) gathering under the same despised and hated label not only the paedophile priests of Rome, but also the sincere, true Christians who are fighting against the pagan barbarism of the church of Rome? And what are telling us the statistical reports I sometimes reported in the message about the Massacre of Ramstein, statistics that are showing how the biggest 'religion' in the once predominantly Protestant regions of Germany is the "no-religion"? The spirit of what they are doing in America supporting Vatican controlled anti-Christian sects and destroying sincere Christian communities (as happened with the Davidians burned alive and the calumniation operation on Tony Alamo today) was evoked in Germany by their witch doctor, the Roman Catholic crusader Adolph Hitler who pretended to be also inspired by some clearly Jesuit manufactured anti-semite booklets, allegedly attributed to Martin Luther - and was supported by the poddles of the Nazis, the Jesuit rigged 'Protestant' church of Germany.

(In fact Roman Catholic crusaders as Adolph had a ’ great hearth’, and sincerely, in harmony with the Vatican’ecumenical' spirit, 'helped' his Lutheran 'brothers' in what they never had the courage to do in 500 years of Protestant history - despite the alleged encouragement of their spiritual father and his allegedly attributed pamphlets: burning in the ovens 'some' Jews (with the support of S.J. Stalin)...Yes, I understand why Rome never excommunicated the sacristan Adolph Hitler, not only to avoid to confirm his Roman Catholic faith, but also because he was a pioneer in the 'ecumenical' efforts made by Rome in order to teach the Protestants the theological and 'Christian' importance of burning Jews… Don't you see how the Jesuits didn't try to pervert with fake booklets the Protestants, but only to help them?! In fact Cromwell, who welcomed again the Jews in England was a very, very bad Protestant. But was he a Romanist?).

Destroy your enemy staging a caricature of him >>> a keen strategy. The witnesses of Jehovah , the suicidal sect of Jim Jones (linked with Jesuits), many sects overall in the U.S.A., have been founded covertly by the church of Rome - indirectly using the Jesuit controlled Freemasonry or directly by Extreme-Oath operative Jesuits, for two principal reasons:

1) to identify, to drag and to trap the sincere Christians and/or the opponents to the Vatican barbarism within his sects, to then 'neutralize' them with the tentacles of the control system;

2) to calumniate, through criminal acts performed by the leaders of the sects on the same members, whoever could decide to follow true Christendom refusing Rome, both in an individual as in a communitarian way, basing exclusively on the Bible (true Bible, not the Romanist bible), on the personal contact with the Lord, without religious Mafiosi and parasite intermediaries as the pope of Rome and his agents. (For example everyone who strongly criticize Romanist religion is depicted in my zones as a 'sectarian'. In other words as soon you start to identify in Rome the Evil, you start to loose all the social recognition and become an alien. At the opposite, no one dares to term the priests of Rome as 'sectarian'.)

These kind of Vatican strategies are not only pursued in America. Israel is another land where the Romanist priests are destroying another religion, true Judaism, from inside. Read, please, read some articles of Barry Chamish about the TRUE Israel. You’ll understand how under the well engineered appearance of a Jewish local super power there’s hidden a secret Konzentration Lager for Juden. Mossad, Shabbak, Hamas, and all the Islamic terrorist groups are working together under the command of Rome and his CFR and king Juan Carlos of Spain landlords in order to kill true Jews and to destroy the Torah making at the same time you (wrongly) think they are at the opposite imposing Jewry in the Middle East and in all the world. They are not imposing Jewry, but only a sect of Vatican servants who are the perverted Shabtai Zhivi mafia. As happens with the American Christian communities who are infiltrated, calumniated, controlled and then 'neutralized' etc., so it happens in the land of Jews, where the Orthodox Jews – the true Jews, are oppressed and killed by the same their allegedly ‘Jewish’ elite & security forces, which works in harmony with the Jesuit-Masonic Islamic killers of Hamas. And if you find hard to believe to my (but they are the Barry’s) words, please, just try to mind how you find so many ‘alternative’ sources of information that are blaming the U.S. government for having engineered the 9-11 as an alibi to brutal foreing and interior policies, meanwhile you’ll never find an ‘official’ or an ‘alternative’ source of information which for an infinitesimal fraction of a second would ask sometimes if the massacres of innocent Arabs performed by Israel forces since tens of years are also engineered by the traitor Shabtai Isralis elite for the advantage of their Hamas & company Islamic terrorist occult allies. Do you need I enlist to you how the Jesuits manoeuvred the anti-Fascist resistance during WWII also in order to create horrible reprisals and to make turn the tide against their Black puppets?

From Barry Chamish mail:




4. No Masks For The War - Well before we discovered that Syria and Hizbollah had armed its missiles aimed at Israel with gas warheads, I reported that the Israeli government was taking away the only protection the public had, with no intention of returning it. My readers surmised why.
Of the people, a correspondent from near Tel Aviv writes;
"Some weeks ago, crews of hilloni boys in unmarked or rental moving trucks combed through the Rishon LeZion neighborhood I live in, literally going to every apartment and demanding the masks. People were scrambling until well past
midnight to comply with the order. After having our gas masks confiscated (supposedly so that they could be upgraded) we learn that there will be no upgrade, and it's obvious that those people about whom you write have decided it's in their interest to make it more likely that there will be mass casualties when the rockets begin falling."

5. Media - Considering the distance from home, I had a good media year with steady reports, for instance, on The Stan Monteith Show and The Bill Deagle Show But I was not forgotten by Israel. The Jerusalem Post had me photographed holding a rifle at a strange location for a lecture, while Shofarnews published a front page expose of my whole story and philosophy.

But this week, Maariv asked me to write my Slichot for Yom Kippur: Yes, the Maariv which published the poll of the year, proving at last, that my Rabin work had not been in vain:

Poll carried out last week by Teleseker of a representative sample of
500 Adult Israeli Jews for Maariv the week of 5 October 2007 and
published in Maariv on 8 October 2007. Statistical error 4.4 percentage points.

Percentage believing Yigal Amir's claim that he was not behind the murder: General population 28% Religious 46%

I could have bluffed my response, with phoney atonement and regrets, but that wouldn't have been me. Here is what I wrote. Let's see if it makes the paper next year.

In the late 1930's, associates of Zeev Jabotinsky went to
Eastern Europe to warn the Jews to get armed or get out. They were admonished by the Jews wherever they went, calling them extremists and fear mongers. And when they were exterminated by the millions, do you think those who warned the Jews asked for their forgiveness?
Today, the six million Jews of
Israel face another Holocaust. These Jews include my children, family and closest friends. They didn't heed my warnings and I hope I never have to say to them from this world or the next, you should have listened. But I don't want anyone's forgiveness and I don't wish to give it out. Taking it would be an insult, and I don't respect the others enough to give anything, forgiveness or not, to them.
I left
Israel until the Jews wake up, because a series of near fatal "accidents," put me in jeopardy. I reported on Ariel Sharon's stroke, half an hour after he drank tea in a private meeting with Shimon Peres. He was taken to Hadassah Hospital by the man I proved murdered Yitzhak Rabin, bodyguard Yoram Rubin. The same assassination squad was back at work. There, Sharon was found to have weak blood vessels in the brain, so naturally, he was injected with blood thinners to finish off the murder.
And just when I was putting the puzzle together, at age 52, I had a stroke.
Ever since the Rabin murder and the emergence of Kach leader Avishai Raviv, I had been warning the victims of
Israel's secret war against religion, that Kach was infiltrated by the Shabak. So while battling the stroke, Kach's Itamar Ben Gvir sued me for reporting his role in the final destruction of Gush Katif. But he is not the only force I exposed while the Jews of Gaza were left to their abandonment. Shall we begin with the government-controlled Yesha Council who organized "protest" rallies in Kfar Maimon and Ofakim and Tel Aviv, anywhere but Gaza, the only place where a protest had to take place?
Now if I was forced to hear forgiveness from anyone, it would be from those who carried out the roles of the criminals we call our government. Yediot Ahronot defamed the members of the Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Murder. So we sued. The attorney representing us, one Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, prepared a deliberately hopeless suit, guaranteed to hush up our fight for justice. Her "success" assured the end of
Sharon. Then, there are the rabbis of Yesha, led by one Shlomo Aviner, who used enough religious gobbledly-gook to win the trust of the youth of Yesha, all the while he was working with the government to throw their relatives out of Gaza.
Do we dare mention the IDF who threw the Jews out of their Gazan homes and beat them without mercy at Atzmona? And what of the Shin Bet working with the PLO to murder the higher ups like Rehavam Zeevi to the lower downs, the dozens of proud Israelis who wouldn't work with the authorities, who offered a proud Jewish voice of morality and survival, and who were hushed up for not joining the establishment mafia?
I don't forgive the active participants of the IDF or Shin Bet, and I don't anticipate they'll even ask me for forgiveness. If there is divine justice, someday they'll need to beg forgiveness from a Higher Force, and He will never grant it.
So now I'm in the
United States and my 31 years of reporting from Israel are in demand on numerous radio shows; and my website receives hundreds of thousands of visitors on all its pages. This is my life in the past year. I tell my new audience of my interview with Ron Pundak just after he authored the Oslo Accord, how he admitted the Americans were behind the agreement and how his boss, Yossi Beilin doesn't believe in borders. That Oslo will end with a borderless Israel melded into a regional bloc. I tell my listeners of my interview with the water negotiator of the Jordanian peace accord, and how he predicted the Kinneret would die in 20 years from all the water we are giving to Jordan. I relate my work with Israel Bonds and how they decided that a Red-Dead canal would make the Dead Sea literally boil and permanently pollute the Negev Aquifer. I let them know that back in 1994, Israel had promised the Russians sovereignty over much of downtown Jerusalem. Or how Peres had promised the Vatican control of ALL the city's holy sites. And this all became news in the past year.
And I tell the audience that Israel's leaders like Peres and Beilin take orders from the Vatican, while the others march to the dance of America's diplomatic headquarters, a think tank called The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). And it's all true. But my audience is largely gentile because the Jews have been persuaded to believe that
Israel is all good, therefore, by implication, I must be all bad.
And while the Israeli people are mostly good, their leaders, all of them, are thoroughly corrupt or have been corrupted thoroughly. The moral leaders have been forced out by severe threats or are unnaturally dead. And to defend the living crooks of
Israel, the likes of Daniel Pipes of the CFR, have been wasting their lives spreading lying rumors about me on the internet, to the point, and this is no exaggeration, that I'm a Holocaust denier.
However, those who know me are aware that I'm using my writing/talking talents to prevent a new Holocaust. And it may be too late.
Israel is surrounded by 100,000 missiles. A mere 4,000 rockets spread over 34 days emptied northern Israel of people two summers ago. Imagine 10,000 missiles hitting Tel Aviv in the first day of the next war. Then imagine Israel knocked out right after. Then imagine the Arabs taking towns and separating the men and women. They rape the women in front of their husbands and then shoot the men in front of their wives.
That is called a Holocaust.
I have much to be sorry for. I'm far from
Israel and feel safe. But I terribly miss my family and the goodness of Israel's people. Still, if my talents can somehow wake enough Jews to stop the deluge, I'll be thanked by some people some day, but never forgiven by anyone. That is how I'd want it to be.


Olmert resigned this week and now Tzipi Livni sits on the throne. It'll be nothing but fun with this monster at the helm of the Good Ship Israelpop. The Gush Katif refugees have written nothing but fruitless complaints, getting them nowhere. But one, Rachel Saperstein, finally struck gold:

In my book Eviction (Pavilion Press, 2005), a compilation of my blogs, I included a chapter titled "Imagery of the Holocaust". In this chapter, I described the plans being developed by the Kadima party to harass the people of Gush Katif. Livni was quoted from the
Jerusalem Post of that period. These are excerpts of quotes attributed to Justice Minister Livni:

"Internment camps are being made ready for those who refuse to leave willingly." "The Jews will be relocated." "All possessions of those who oppose the expulsion will become state property." "Children of demonstrators will be removed from their parents homes and sent to be re-educated." "Parents will be indicted for putting their children into danger."
The internment camps for families were built deep in the
Negev area. Activists who fought for Gush Katif were imprisoned there without trial. Today, the camps are used for African refugees who have entered illegally from Egypt. These primitive camps, in a sweltering climate, are a testament to the perversity of Tzipi Livni.


From Arkansas to Israel and back, passing through the bunker of Berlin.

So, my dear reader, I have to warn you. You are reading a blog that identifies immediately you. Because also this unimportant blog is a 'sect' for them. They know your IP address and they know who are you. Then they’ll do discrete inquiries through their files and through their agents spread everywhere to understand ‘how do you think really about that’ (if you are a ‘new entry’), and after they’ll have concluded the investigations they’ll classify you. To what purpose? But simply to apply to you four numbers, the 751, 1372, 1369 and the 1373 - exactly how they applied them in Waco, in Fouke, in Gush Katif, in Auschwitz, in the Lubjanka, in the Balkans, on Dresda, in Sant'Anna di Stazzema, etc.......



Canon Law

"Though heretics must not be tolerated because they deserve it. We must bear with them till, by the second admonition, they may be bought back to the faith of the church but those who after a second admonition, remain obstinate to their errors, must not only be excommunicated, but they must be delivered to the secular power to be exterminated."
- Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, Volume 4 page 90

Canon laws are the laws of the Roman Catholic Church. They are unique in that they claim jurisdiction over civil and religious affairs. In this respect they model the Biblical Justice system. However, there is one flaw. We are not a theocracy. The claims of infallibility by the pope are meant to assure the faithful that biblical justice can be applied because of this special relationship with God. But if this assumption is false, we have unleashed a tyrannical demigod on the world.

To administer this system of justice, the church aims to form a one world government. In it there will be a single economic, political, religious and legal system.
One sign of this success is the creation of the world court. A world court has finally been established in which the Vatican has long hoped for this organization where

"those who are responsible for violations of the most heinous crimes which offend the conscience of the human family . . . will fall under the jurisdiction of this Court".

Because all the laws of the church cannot be reformed, if the church has its way heresy will be one of the heinous crimes that will be punished under this court.
So certain "crimes" will be seen as :

Offending the conscience of the human family. Disrupting the unity of the whole human race. Disrupting families.

Canon Law 751 - Heresy and Apostasy. Heresy is the obstinate denial or doubt, after baptism, of a truth which must be believed by divine and catholic faith. Apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith. Schism is the withdrawal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or from communion with the members of the Church subject to him.

Canon Law 1372 - No Appeals. A person who appeals from an act of the Roman Pontiff to an Ecumenical Council or to the College of Bishops, is to be punished with a censure.

Canon Law 1369 - Inciting Public Hatred for the Church. A person is to be punished with a just penalty, who, at a public event or assembly, or in a published writing, or by otherwise using the means of social communication, utters blasphemy, or gravely harms public morals, or rails at or excites hatred of or contempt for religion or the Church. Canon Law

1373 - Inciting Public Hatred or Disobedience for the Church. A person who publicly incites his or her subjects to hatred or animosity against the Apostolic See or the Ordinary because of some act of ecclesiastical authority or ministry, or who provokes the subjects to disobedience against them, is to be punished by interdict or other just penalties.


Yes, one of these men could be really the next Secular Arm of the Inquisition in the American plantations:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part five)

UPGRADE - UPGRADE - UPGRADE!!!!! (Only a minute after have posted this message!!!)
I controlled again the Wikipage on Walter Veltroni's father - Vittorio. They changed it (read: censored it), cancelling the references about the trustful Vittorio who followed EVERY travel of Mussolini abroad and that he was the FIRST to perform in Italy a no-stop live radio broadcast of the 1938 visit of Adolph to his Roman Catholic friend Benito!!!!! (See bottom page for details)

The third leftist public broadcast channel broadcasted a documentary about the extermination of Orthodoxies from Kosovo, perpetrated by the Jesuit-Masonic Islamic mercenary army of the Vatican. Even the moderate Albanians of Kosovo are living under threat. Members of Rugova’s militia were killed & tortured. The big Answer is: why the papal N.A.T.O. let the Italian tv troupe to film such a cruel documentary? Why the ones which supported the Islamic theological cleaning of the Balkans let to know the truth? There are two simple answers (I’ll give’em shortly, don’t have much time and try to understand my errors in English):

1) Now we are approaching the Big Show, a.k.a. the big trial on Radovan Karadzic, the “Orthodox Butcher of Muslims”. With this documentary about the massacre of Orthodox of Kosovo the Black pope is acting with a media preventive operation, cleaning the table from eventual blames such: “you only blame Karadzic and you don’t mention the crimes of the Albanians!”. I’ll call this a sort of preventive building of a sort of moral shield. When they’ll bomb you with the public beheading of the Orthodox Karadzic, no one could blame them to have been ‘un-equal’ as regard the exhibitions of the objective facts.

2) This is part of the psychological planetary spin in order to depict the formally Anglosaxon and Protestant occupation armies as “criminal collaborators of the cruel Albanian mafia”. You probably have just noted how in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo etc. the ‘Italians’ never fight, never commit ‘war crimes’, and at the opposite always they appear as the ones who ‘helps the poor tribal families’, supporting them with ‘water’, ‘wheel-chair’ for disabled people, etc. This is the reason for which at any cost Italian contingents have to remain in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Because Italians = Roman Catholic = submitted to the papacy = the good ones – meanwhile the British and especially the ‘Americans’ = Protestants = NOT submitted to the papacy = THE ONES WHO MUREDER INNOCENT MUSLIMS. I think you have understood that the reason are the psychological theological war, where the ‘good Roman Catholic Italians’ are an useful milestone to measure the ‘criminality’ of the ‘Protestant’ English speaking occupation armies. Again Jesuitical/Hegelian opposition rule. If I am a dirty person, If I smell, etc., if you are near me immediately you appear a ‘clean’ person. I think that a normal brain could understand this psychological tactics. Yes, the Italians had years ago only one very bloody and cruel attempt, in Nassirija. I think this was engineered just to shut the mouth in the future to the ones as the undersigned avles who could dare to advance suspects about the true role of the Italian Roman Catholic military contingent in Islamic countries. In fact the Italians are continuously targeted by very strange attempts, which NEVER seriously injury the mission. It seems that the military Italian intelligence is collaborating with the Talibans’ masters: “…Hey Talibans, please, shot a pair of rocket tomorrow, near our trenches, we have some news in the Italian media that must be covered by the usual terrorist attempt to our troops abroad…”. As regard Kosovo, the occult mission has been brightly depicted in the interview in that documentary: Evangelisti, an skilly Italian police man sent for some years in Kosovo to build Kosovo police forces, clearly affimerd the accompliance of the N.A.T.O. (= read: ‘Americans’ and British ones a.k.a. heretic Protestants) in the support of the criminal bloody Albanian mafia. It has been clearly stated that the biggest NATO basis of Europe hosted Albanian criminal. Again the sub-liminal equations: Americans & British aka Protestants = supporters of criminals – Italians Roman Catholics = innocent, unoffensive witnesses of the Albanian bloody criminality supported and ruled by the ‘Protestant’ pillars of NATO.

It is time to end this assassin theological dirty occult Roman Catholic propaganda.

Some pics I shoted directly from the screen showing the collective Islamic Albanian destruction of an (heretic) Orthodox church - collective pogrom realized through Jesuit-Masonic Albanian Islamic militia for the sake of the Vatican crusade in the Balkans (with which the Jews of Pristina went wiped away), under the eyes of the PAPAL N.A.T.O and under the eyes of the ITALIAN ROMAN CATHOLIC CARABINEERS ARMY - Anno Domini 2004 Two Thousands and Four:

This is the 'usual' Jesuit-Masonic Muslim pissing on the ruins of Christian church, shoted by his happy friend:

The new incoming mosque of Cologne/Koln:

German police say they have banned a right-wing nationalist group from staging a rally against a mosque in Cologne.

Police spokesman Burkhard Rick says Saturday's rally was canceled because of the security risk posed to officers and other citizens.

The Pro-Cologne group had hoped to protest plans to build a large mosque in the city's heavily immigrant Ehrenfeld district.

Rick says 3,000 officers were stationed in Cologne to maintain peace between the two groups. Just 30 Pro-Cologne supporters had gathered at the site of the planned rally at midday. More than 5,000 counter demonstrators had gathered outside Cologne's famous cathedral for a peaceful (????????) counter-rally. Thousands more had tried to block streets leading to the nationalist rally site.

And this (image immediately below) is one who - from the Hell where he lies - is watching with very happy eyes the Roman Catholic Islamic oppression in Europe: the Jerusalem Muftì with his Bosnian SS division Handzar, the spiritual friends of the today Mussolinians, Hitlerians, Leninists, Trotzkists, of the ‘democratic-anti-racists and anti-fascists’, spiritual leader of the ‘friends of the immigrates’, in other wordsof the un-aware idiot & assassin (as the ones above) actors who are staging for the sake of Rome the cretin psychodrama in Koln (pics below are coming from the very good Spirituallysmart site of Thomas Richard):

Notice the title: "Islam und Judentum" aka "How To Wipe Away Jews From Balkans". A project finally realized today, with the Jewish community wiped away from Pristina under the eyes of N.A.T.O. and CARABINEERS ITALIAN ARMY:

Hezbollah Nazi salute; don't the leftist 'anti-racist', 'pro-Palestinians', 'democratic', 'politically correct' fools see this salute? Yes - they know that. They are not blind, they are only leftist silent mafiosi in accompliance with their Nazi Arab immigrant army (and these Arab Nazi Hezbollah are only stupid, Jesuits hate S'hites, and they are only charging the mind of these idiots to then launch them against Jews in the near coming mutual annihilation Jews-S'hites - remember that the pope hates the S'hites because their spiritual leader is equally 'infallible'):


And this is the usual warning the U.R.A.R. tax office of the Italian public broadcast television sends to me, after have being activated by the Italian Jesuit-intelligence, which reads my post where I talk about tv broadcasted programs, then they send the informative mail to the U.R.A.R. office which then sends to me its exoteric tax warnings. They pretend that I pay as they are convinced I possess a television machine:

In the Pontifical reign of the Apennine peninsula everyone who possesses a television machine must pay a tax. This is only occult theological sign of submission to the Roman Catholic evil power:


It is not a statistical quantum mechanical coincidence the fact that this tax is officially termed: CANON. Search the word “canone” in the warning please:

What means “canone”?

Canon law is internal ecclesiastical law governing the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and the Anglican Communion of churches. The way that such church law is legislated, interpreted and at times adjudicated varies widely among these three bodies of churches. In all three traditions, a canon was initially a rule adopted by a council (From Greek kanon / κανών, for rule, standard, or measure); these canons formed the foundation of canon law.


In the early Church, the first canons were decreed by bishops united in "Ecumenical" councils (the Emperor summoning all of the known world's bishops to attend with at least the acknowledgement of the Bishop of Rome) or "local" councils (bishops of a region or territory). Over time, these canons were supplemented with decretals of the Bishops of Rome, which were responses to doubts or problems according to the maxim, "Roma locuta est, causa finita est" ("Rome has spoken, case is closed").

It is interesting to note that the CANONE papal Admiraly law to kill Freedom to access to information (and at the same time affirming the CANON 32/ZAKAT ‘salvation dogma’ of the Trento’s Council) has been established by the Fascist regime in the same year when Mussolini signed the infamous racial laws against the Jews, in 1938. It is also interesting to note that the first director of a tv news in Italy, was the director of the first tv news of the same R.A.I. (=Radio Audizioni Italiane) i.e. of the same public broadcast television Vatican propaganda system which pretend the payment of the indulgency in order to gain the inforamtiva salvation (Indulgencies introduced by the Jesuit servant Mussolini with the term “canone E.IA.R.” at those times, “canone R.A.I.” today). This director was the most trustful journalist of Mussolini the same, the father of the today ‘anti-fascist’ leader of Democratic party Walter Veltroni.

See the post of Mar 13 2008, 05:37 PM in the thread “ VATICAN PLOT TO DESTROY ITALIAN GOVERNMENT!!” and the post of Jan 17 2008, 03:03 PM thread "Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry)" at the pages:

The head of the new Democratic party is Walter Veltroni. His father should have been a trustful man of the Vatikan, as he was the first director of a tv news in Italy, in the public broadcast television called RAI, practically a Vatikan controlled media. His name was Vittorio Veltroni. He started the career in the previous media public corporate, the fascist EIAR. Vittorio was the reporter for the travels of Benito Mussolini abroad. Interesting, isn’t it? Just look at the Italian Wikipage, and look at the few words they use for this person, who had an important role as he was considered one of the founder of the Italian television:

“….Vittorio Veltroni entered in the EIAR at the end of the thirties, and was appointed as the chronicler of all the travel of the duce (= Mussolini). Vittorio participated to the building of the Fascist television and in the 1938 he followed the travel of Hitler in Italy in the first no-stop live of the Italian tv and radio history….”.

So here the circle is closing, and what it is depicting is only the giant hangman’s noose of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - to hang Freedom in all the world on the scaffold of the Counter Reformation.

UPGRADE - UPGRADE - UPGRADE!!!!! (Only a minute after have posted this message!!!)

These are the original words of the page of Wikipedia by the Jan 17 2008, 03:03 PM, post of thread "Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry)" (sorry, for now only Italian version, when I'll have time I'll tranlate it):

"Vittorio Veltroni (Tripoli, 1917 – Roma, 26 luglio 1956) è stato un giornalista, scrittore e attore italiano.

È stato giornalista radiofonico prima e televisivo poi. Nel 1954 è stato il primo direttore di telegiornale in Italia.

Entrato nell'Eiar alla fine degli anni '30, Veltroni fu incaricato di fare il cronista di tutti i viaggi del duce. Partecipò all'avvio della televisione fascista (vedi "La tv di Mussolini", Mursia) e nel 1938 seguì il viaggio di Hitler in Italia nella prima no-stop della storia della radiotelevisione italiana...."

And this is the today version, last modified by 12th September 2008:

"Vittorio Veltroni (Tripoli, 1917Roma, 26 luglio 1956) è stato un giornalista, scrittore e attore italiano.

Diplomatosi al Centro radiofonico sperimentale diretto da Fulvio Palmieri, iniziò la carriera come cronista sportivo al Tour de France del 1937. Fece parte, con Franco Cremascoli, Mario Ortensi e lo stesso Palmieri, di un'équipe di radiocronisti che seguì tutti i maggiori avvenimenti legati alla vita politica italiana e internazionale del periodo fascista, distinguendosi per alcuni servizi in diretta dagli aeroporti militari e dai sommergibili in perlustrazione nel Mediterraneo. Sua anche la celeberrima radiocronaca della visita di Adolf Hitler in Italia.

Nel dopoguerra fu a capo della redazione radiocronache formata da giornalisti che avrebbero fatto la storia della radio italiana.


WOW!!! How are so meticolous our Jesuits 'friends'!!!!................ Thre references of Vittorio Veltroni as the most trustful journalist of Benito Mussolini and the ones of his historical role as the first no stop showman following Vatican crusader Adolph in Italy in '38 have been cancelled or heavily occulted!!!!! WOW!!!! It must burn the asses of Jesuits, if they changed their Wikipedia!!!!