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It seems that the attempts to send a post have had success. The problem was consisting in code strings to be cancelled. Never-happened-before. I hope to continue to use this means of expression, generously lavished to the haters of Jews & America. Are they censoring me with a sort of low-intensity technical 'failures' that are slowing the work? Meanwhile they are showing you the theatral 'brutal Chinese censorship', no one would care to a 'fool who is blaming for stupid technical problems'.....
Below The post I tried to send since two hour ago. They've got a point on me, now I am tired and have many other things to do. I had to do many other comments on other very important events happening on these days, but I have no more time to upgrade the thread about the JESUITICAL CENSORSHIP about these events, figure it out for others! So now, my friends, I have to go, hope to come back tomorrow, with more lucky. Take a message as I putted it, without pics, without refining it. I am working in a virtual/real trench. Now I wasted (they make me waste) enough energies & time to continue.

.....And meanwhile they are showing to you the theatral 'brutal Chinese censorship', no one would care to a 'fool who is blaming for stupid technical problems'.....

Tuesday 26th August a shocking news went along Italy: three poor innocent friars went seriously wounded and were lying in the beds of the hospital in the struggle between life and death. They went 'misteriously' assaulted by a group of criminals who then took just only 150 Euro. The investigating authorities talked about a "punishing spedition" for some misterious goals. Then, some days after, the news of the discovery of some words written on post-it papers, theathening both the Vatican and the priests and invoking a revenge on the pedophile priests, ("...Vatican.... pedophile priests, the jail is not sufficient..... blows"), added fuel to the Vatican propaganda machine.
"Crack the head of someof your soldiers to have then the fake-moral alibi to crack millions of the your-enemies ones"?


From "The Jesuit Holocaust" - of

Two Vatican criminals, face to face, Ante Pavelic and mons. archb. Stepinac (then surnamed mons. "Genocide"):

Nuns marching with Roman Catholic Ustasha :

Ante Pavelic with monks (allegedly Franciscan order):

Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic
WWII Croat Franciscan friar turned fascist


Franciscan guy Miroslavreading mass in Banja Luka:

Excerpt from

"Nazi Gold and the Vatican"

Several high Catholic officials in Yugoslavia were later indicted for war crimes. They included Fr. Dragutin Kamber, who ordered the killing of nearly 300 Orthodox Serbs, the "hangman of the Serbs" Bishop Ivan Saric of Sarajevo, and Bishop Gregory Rozman of Slovenia, a wanted Nazi collaborator. A trial in 1946 resulted in the conviction of a half-dozen Ustasha priests, including former Franciscan Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic, a commandant of a concentration camp where the Ustashas tortured and slaughtered hundreds of thousands with a brutality that shocked even the Nazis.

As more secret documents become public, it is Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic, who emerges as the most significant player of all. The Franciscan had been a senior official of the Ustasha committee that handled the forced conversion of the Serbs. In 1943, the Ustasha arranged with the Church for Draganovic to be sent to Rome. There he served at a seminary of Croatian monks that was in fact a center of clandestine Ustasha activity. He also became the Ustasha's unofficial emissary at the Vatican and liaison to the Vatican organization to aid war refugees. Draganovic and collaborators such as Fr. Golik provided the means and support, including forged Red Cross passports, for a number of Ustasha war criminals to escape justice.

Anyway, what matters today is the fact that meanwhile the 'Serbian butcher of Muslims' Radovan Karadzic is facing the (Roman Catholic) 'justice' at Le Hague tribunal, the gold and the money - to not speak about the murdered and tortured people - robbed by the FRANCISCAN ASSASSIN USASHA too is still waiting for the human justice in an American court:

Current Status of Lawsuit

The lawsuit, Alperin v. Vatican Bank, remains pending in the United States District Court against the Franciscan Order. The Judge must still rule on the Franciscans Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.

On December 27, 2007, the Court granted the Vatican Bank’s Motion to Dismiss on grounds of Sovereign Immunity. It is the intention of Plaintiffs to appeal this decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


I remember, when I was child, that my grandmother, coming from a village of Istria peninsula, a Slovenian mother-language and ethnical group belonging woman, frequently expressed a deep hate towards the general Roman Catholic church and its priests. But when she was talking about monks & friars her hate and anger reached very hig peaks and she ended the epic angry 'meetings' with a passionate, warm desire to see all those disgusting representatives of the Devil well coocking among the flames of the Hell. Yes, because even if she has been infected as the rest of the low social rural layers - cause ignorance & poverty, by the Marxist ideology, purportedly spread to divert the popular anger from the Roman church to the bourgois puppets, she always remained a true beliver in our Lord. And this is what the Romanists are hating the more, people who really hate them but at the same time are believing in the Lord. And the one that just cause their true Faith can't avoid to hate the Romanist priests are the most dangerous. Because this is the starting of the Lutheran 'infection', and the cretin, stupid and poisonous Marxist/revolutionary atheist ideology has been purportedly spread (toward an opportune preventive destruction of the economy of sussistance) by them just to fight this very dangerous (for Rome) kind of believers. Istria, Dalmatia, Carniola (the today Slovenia) and also some parts of Croatia, were a true hotbed of the Lutheran thougt. The 'infection' coming from the North. And the hate, the blood, the suffering, the tears that by the gang of killers dressed in Sumerian costumes and performing pagan rites in Rome was spread in the North Adriatic Europe, it had the exclusively intention to eradicate once for all the Lutheran 'infection' - without absolutely not mention the terrible word: Counter Reformation. When I was child - but then also till the adult age - I didn't understand the reason for all this hate. Yes, I agreed about the ipocrisy, the falsity etc. of the church. But only today I know why my grandmother was fired by this holy anger, and I am proud to continue to be 'infected' by the Luthern thougt, and that all their fucking stakes, their bloody disgusting bishop-killers like the Trento bishop Coret, didn't serve to much as I am: H-E-R-E. I know today why she hated all that scum, because they are continuously spitting on Jesus Christ, using his sufferance as a moral shield for their bloody crimes – exact as they are doing today in India with their sheep-‘believers’, but also as they did with three of their Franciscan soldiers. So, as did my grandmother, I cannot avoid to wish to the Romanist soldiers of the Antichrist, my best wishes: priests, friars, monks, bishops, popes, jesuits: may the Lord - the Allmighty - send all of you to Hell!!!

I'll not spend more words here on this case as many other important world events are gripping this planet in the evil net of the Jesuit Novo Ordo Seclorum. If you want to know other details about the links among the savage assault on the Franciscans and my exposition on the criminal Franciscan order (links consisting in an allusive warning launched by the crushing of three heads), see the post of Aug 28 2008, 08:42 PM in the thread "Religious clashes between Hindus and Christians - Guess Who is the Beneficiary" (so you'll be forced to read also other very important events in the world):

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The miserable buffoonery of the “church of Rome ‘victim’ of Hitler”.


A 'technical' observation. This evening I have heavy difficulties with the web. I opened my blog, the Willinger's blog, The Unhived Mind, and the Szymansky's Arctic Beacon. Guess what site was the first to open? Meanwhile the others were still blank? Then, meanwhile the Szymansky's site opened, and the other were still void pages, I tried to open the Jesuit intelligence italian site Comedonchisciotte: Wow! Formidable! it went downloaded istantly!! (Nicolas guys at work this evening, and not only in their Red China....)

VON GALEN WAS THE VATICAN STAR charged by his masters for a very special mission. All had to see that the one who ‘courageously’ and publicly opposed to the Nazism was only the church of Rome. Which created the same Nazism and for this reason was obliged to distance from its creature in order to avoid the rising of suspects. This was probably the most keen plan in the Inquisitorial persecution aimed to destroy the Lutheran Reform in Germany, and an answer to the Bismarck Kulturkampf. I don’t know if the same Eric Phelps realized that. To what am I alluding? But to the same von Galen, a professional actor at the service of his Romanist masters, an actor of the same level, if not higher, of his colleague coming from Braunau am Inn - Austria. In order to realize the Counter Reformation extermination in North Europe, it was absolutely necessary to strictly link the image of Adolph Hitler with the images of the Nazi horrors. For this purpose the “Sterbehilfe” (= euthanasia) campaign in the Germany and Austria was widely advertised. The shrewd Jesuits understood that they need of an ‘Nazi-horror’ show against which to make to fight their puppet-actors bishops and priests, so to gain a sort of ‘anti-nazi driver licence’ for the same harlot of Rome which created the N.S.D.A.P. In fact the fall of Germany has been just programmed by the same doc Frankenstein who created the meat puppet Adolph. Didn’t and don’t they hate the Protestantism? And what else perfidious punishment and subtle revenge for its homeland cold be realized if not a bloody defeat in a war? Hitler was the bait in order to ‘capture’ the German Protestants and also the ‘bad’, ‘untrustworthy’ German Roman Catholics who were considered infected by the Lutheran thought. Well, returning to our ‘anti-nazist’ friend von Galen, it was absolutely necessary to give the most larger echo to the monstrous Sterbehilfe campaign. Purportedly movies and documentaries went produced in order to train, with a large scale application to the masses of the rough simplified behavioural techniques, the people to learn that the Roman Catholic church – alone - opposed to the Nazi horrors and also to Hitler. “Ich klage an” / “I blame”, the movie, was presented also in the international context of the Venice movie festival. This was a necessary step in order to transfer the ‘Klage’ / blame from the Hitler’s shoulders to the Luther’s shoulders. The same ‘greatest son of the last 1,000 years’ of Germany and its ideology have been engineered for this purpose: in order to expose them in front of all the world as ‘products’ of the Protestantism the same. Have you present the Kristallnacht pogrom? It was realized a week after the 31st October not for a coincidence. Adolph Hitler not only pronounced convenient words against the Christendom (and as he was an admirer of the Jesuits, stay sure that he was sincere too), but also against the same church of Rome (“to be squeezed like a toad”) in order to realize a tactical distancing from his true spiritual Mother (and for his theatrical efforts he was then awarded, not only letting him to survive in a Nazi oasis in the Roman Catholic Chile, but also with a ‘suffrage’ mass in the Franco’s Spain, officiated obviously by Roman Catholic priests), he also acted in order to strictly link the figure of Martin Luther and of the Protestant Reform to his party and so to its ideology and to its actions. Here the reason for which it was publicly ordered to the Jesuit created militia (the SS and SS is the acronym of Sanctissimus) to realize the Sterbehilfe campaign, and here you have the reason for which the National-Socialis catechism praised and celebrated Martin Luther declaring him the spiritual father of the anti-Semitism, having Martin Luther published some libels where he was raging against the “Jewish damned race” as one of them was entitled. And it doesn’t matter so much even if those libels revealed to be – according with Eric Phelps – one of the first intellectual false flag operations of the newly born Society of Jesus: what matters is their highly symbolic value, that was used to link eternally the Lutheran Reform to the National-Socialism. Obviously about all that you’ll never heard a single word and also in the documentary I report below, hardly you’ll find an allusion to all that. This is due to the fact that the Jesuits, smelling a possible incoming critical period of time, are holding hidden a ‘winning card’ consisting in the ‘Nazism which took Luther as its spiritual founding father’, a card kept in reserve for future hard times. I aks pardon so to the Jesuit intelligence men if I am wasting one of their most precious secret cards. Returning to our friend von Galen and to the euthanasia campaign to suppress the useless mouths, then all will become clear and logical. With some words, here you have the ruse drafted in the name of the COUNCIL OF TRENT:

1) Hitler is an assassin who exterminates the weaks;

2) The weaks are the famous ‘last ones’ cared by Jesus Christ;

3) So Hitler, as he was exterminating the ‘last ones of Christ’, it means he was an anti-Christian;

4) And as Hitler took Luther as a model of its anti-Semitism, it means that Lutheranism is synonymous of anti-Christendom;

5) Ergo: the Counter Reformation is right and Bismarck was an anti-Christian heretic deserving to be wiped away. And Germany to be punished for having hosted the Lutheran ‘anti-Christian’, ‘heresy’.

Just to arrive to the conclusion: in the below NOTES mentioned documentary they told that before to start the Final Solution regarding the Jews, they stopped the Sterbehilfe campaign, officially on the 24th August 1941. Why? But it is clear. Meanwhile the Sterbehilfe campaign has been engineered only to be advertised and so to constitute an easy target in order to build the fake image of an ‘anti-nazi’ church of Rome, the most serious and for great part fulfilled extermination of Jews, purportedly engineered by the Jesuits and the Vatican, had to really wipe away the greatest numbers of heretic Jews from the face of Eurasia, and so it had to be not discovered/advertised until the planned defeat of their Nazi puppets. Just only in that moment the church of Rome, with exception of the usual indiscretions, clandestine news, etc., will ‘discover’ the truth of the Holocaust, playing a staged surprised face: “Hitler kept all that secret!”. But at the same time they saved their face, as they clearly and publicly ‘opposed’ to the previously largely advertised Sterbehilfe campaign – alluding so that they implicitly would have ‘morally’ opposed also to the sequent Holocaust. Aren’t they shrewd?

These ones are ruling the world since two millenniums (to not speak of the previous 6,000 years). They don’t do it because they transform themselves with their flesh, but because they use their brains, meanwhile are keeping yours in the freezer of their intellectual scum.


THE GREATEST INTELLECTUAL SUPPORT TO THE INQUISITORIAL CRIMES of the contemporary Counter Reformation consisting in 80 millions of murdered hertics in Eurasia (1914 – 1945), is offered, at the opposite of what one could think, by the Marxists, by the radical left revolutionaries of the left wing. National Socialists and Fascists are too much primitive, rough and stupid and so a source of embarrassment for their Romanist masters. But not the Reds. These ones, meanwhile are dragging the sympathy of large popular layers cause their apparent aversion to the hierarchy of the church, are utilizing the same sympathy to deceive the same sympathizers, minimizing, ridiculing, and attacking sometimes also physically, the ones who are blaming the church of Rome as the first responsible for the above massacre. Coherently with their ideology which imposes to them to consider the religious sphere a secondary element, they serve the plans of the Jesuits minimizing their role in their Novo Ordo Seclorum massacres, and helping them to hide the truth every time it went searched. Karl Marx was an intellectual mercenary of the contemporary not-conventional Counter Reformation war, and was instigated by Rome via its Masonic soldiers to produce the ideological smoke with which to cover the responsibility of Rome. Besides, the same Bolshevik regime was exposing himself as a form of Inquisitorial punishment for the heretic Orthodoxies.

Radical Leftist during a “march for peace” in Assisi - Italy, the home town of Saint Francis and the central symbol of the Franciscan Order. ‘Saint’ Francis was a shady dealer of the Vatican, an impostor and a subtle dark figure of Vatican diplomacy. The Italian parliamentary ‘anti-fascist’ and ‘anti-nazist’ communists frequently are going to the “Assisi marches for peace”, even if the Franciscan Order, to whom the assassin Franciscan friar, the Ustasha Filipovic Mojstorovic belonged, even if the gold and money robbed from the Jews and from the Orthodoxies slaughtered in their holy Jasenovac camp was never returned to the heirs of the victims, and the judicial legal system of the 14th Fascist Corporate U.S.A. governing the North American plantations is refusing to apply the legal right to the robber - the Vatican bank:

THE GENERAL SUPERIOR MOVED THE THREADS tied to the tongues and the mouths of his controlled fake Protestant authorities just six days after the end of the Kristallnacht pogrom

Der Oberkirchenrat der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche Mecklenburgs gab gar am 16. November 1938 zu den Vorgängen eine Woche zuvor unter Bezugnahme auf ein Lutherzitat zu bedenken: „Kein im christlichen Glauben stehender Deutscher kann, ohne der guten und sauberen Sache des Freiheitskampfes der deutschen Nation gegen den jüdischen antichristlichen Weltbolschewismus untreu zu werden, die staatlichen Maßnahmen gegen die Juden im Reich, insbesonder die Einziehung jüdischer Vermögenswerte bejammern. Und den maßgebenden Vertretern von Kirche und Christentum im Auslande müssen wir ernstlich zu bedenken geben, daß der Weg zur jüdischen Weltherrschaft stets über grauenvolle Leichenfelder führt.”. Er rief die Geistlichen dazu auf, „ihre Verkündigung in Predigt und Seelsorge so auszurichten, daß die deutsche Seele keinen Schaden leidet und den deutschen Menschen dazu verholfen wird, daß sie ohne falsche Gewissensbeschwerung getrost alles daran setzen, eine Wiederholung der Zersetzung des Reiches durch den jüdischen Ungeist von innen her für alle Zeiten unmöglich zu machen.”

In other words the Superior Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mecklenburg gave an address where they – alluding to a quote from Luther – warned the Germans that they couldn’t avoid to support the efforts of the regime against the Jews and the Jewry in the Reich (“die staatlichen Maßnahmen gegen die Juden im Reich“), “….without to become a deserter (“untreu zu werden”) of the same good national liberation struggle against the Jewish anti-christian world-wide Bolshevism”. Very interesting the “….serious effort to induce the foreign representatives of the church and of the Christendoom to think and ponder that the way for the grip of the power by the Jews is leading to an horrible field paved with corpses (“über grauenvolle Leichenfelder führt“)...". The statement ends with and invite to do the possible to protect the the German soul in order to make impossible a repetition of the disgregation and decadence of the Reich caused by the Jewish evil soul (“durch den jüdischen Ungeist”)”.

Just try to imagine how meny addresses and speaking of their fake and traitor ‘Protestants’ the Jesuits have in their archives, ready to be printed and revealed at the hour X when they’ll decide to give another stab to the homeland of Luther.

THE GREAT HISTORY – THE GREAT LIE, of the Jesuit propaganda broadcasted always on the leftist public national third channel R.A.I. 3. Friday 22nd August a very strange documentary about the ‘fight of the church against Hitler’ was broadcasted. It was an episode of the serial “The Great History of RAI 3 Channel” – a deceptive bombing of lies. The episode was entitled: “The cross and the swastika”. I.e.: two faces of the same medal. The propaganda tried fortunately to save the face of the Hitler’s masters, the Romanist priests. I said ‘fortunately’ as the devil, represented by the Jesuit propaganda ghost behind the lie-cumentary, wasn’t able to avoid to expose himself together with the true plans of the Roman Catholic church in execution of its Inquisitorial Counter Reformation German campaign (1914-1945). I am sorry I wasn’t able to record the sad buffoonery. It contained a big amount of very interesting and moreover revealing details of the covert theological operation called “National-Socialism regime”. They filled their documentary with an impressive amount of never-before-revealed images and videos, at least they said so. Even a secret video shooting of the Dachau camp, with coloured film, they claimed it has been done by the local baker who was supplying daily the camp with the bread. I imagine they added this particular to support their Holocaust deniers, as it was allegedly supporting the “light and easy conditions of the camps”. Never forget that Rome is obliged to wear two shoes, the shoe of the Holocaust denial with whom it drag sympathy for its Nazi soldiers, and the shoe of the simplified, banal and idiot demonizing of its soldiers the same. The banal demonizing is indirectly hiding the banality of its SS dragging for them symphaty, but at the same time the demonizing permit to Rome to keep always its (cartoon) Vatican gun at the temple of the Reform. I don’t have the time to translate the introduction of the television serial site page, I just give you a short list of names quoted in it:,1067207,1067034--572,00.html

Clemens August von Galen

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Alfred Delp

Claus von Stauffenberg

Philipp von Boeselager

Hermann Scheipers


"......5) Ergo: the Counter Reformation is right and Bismarck was an anti-Christian heretic deserving to be wiped away. And Germany to be punished for having hosted the Lutheran ‘anti-Christian’, ‘heresy’...". So let's see how worked the COUNCIL OF TRENT in/on the 1942 - 1945 Germany :

1) Before to be burned - alive - the Romanist priest was holding a cross keeping it over the heretic victim, and then the fire started:

2) ..... equally in the '42-'45 Germany the many crosses were kept over the homeland of the most dangerous 'heretic'/enemy of the Harlot of Rome .......:

3) ....and then, the punishing fire, exited from the womb of the crosses :

4) burn the historical urban centres of the German cities, the cities which flowered in the German
Lutheran Renaissance:

5) ...reducing them in ashes for the guilty to have given the birth to the Protestant Reform:

Some of these esplicit pic and many very interesting information you can find them in a Nazi-Jesuit forum, where you can find also the information about the many incendiary bombings of the Jesuit Inquisitorial assassin, the crypto Roman Catholic Josiph Stalin ordered to perform on Lutheran Danzig and Lutheran Konigsberg:

The Black chimps behind similar forums and 'informative' sources are a pure expression of the Romanist infected Inquisitorial dagger the Jesuits have sticked in the true, sincere Lutheran core of Germany. If someone should deserve the same treatment the Jews were submitted to in the extermination camps, well, in those Jesuit assassin parasyt insects you have found them. So I truly agree with the National-Socialist slogan, but not properly in the way that dark scum would desire, and I say too: "Deutschland, Erwache!".

See also the thread "...28th August, A Day As many Others....":

If you want to deepen the Counter Reformation war of the Vatican and of the Jesuit on the contemporary Germany and in general in Europe, you absolutely have to visit the Douglas Willinger's Continuing Counter Reformation blog. I'll not give you a particular address - in the first page you'll find a list of the groups of arguments under which his posts have been gathered together. Go and explore:

And obviously the open discussion on the most criminal figure of the last two centuries - 26th General Superior of the Society of Jesus, father Wladimir Ledochowsky: "Jesuit General Wlodimir Ledochowski":

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Your Car - Your Guillotine

This video arises many important considerations:



[The previous video, no more avalilable, has been substituted, on 12th May 2012]

In Palestina and Israel Bulldozers suddenly start to squeeze people. The first action the always near security guards do is to kill the driver as it was a “kamikaze”. And then no one can question him…. After the accident the Bulldozer disappeares in the depots of the security services.

From the other part, in Israel, which is a sort of new kind of Shabtai-Jesuit Konzentration Lager for the Jews, there’s a continue death of Orthodox Jews especially Rabbis, in mysterious accidents where their vehicles or the opposite travelling trucks suddenly are going mad. Slowly the true Jews disappear ousted by immigrates….

In our days the vehicles are all servo-assisted. Power steering, servo brake, servo-everything, the commands of the driver are passing through circuits before to reach the devices that have to be commanded. A sort of “censors or superintendents” examining your decisions…. Steer left! – O.K.,…. Steer right! – O.K.,……Slow down! – O.K.,…

But if a day the semiconductor superintendent or a throttle would decide that our orders aren’t worthy to be listened to? And if it does start to do what he wants? Or to follow the suggestions of another occult third player in the scene?

The car corporations (but you can extend the reasoning to all the rest of the industrial productive world) are filling their vehicles with “tech innovations”. In which direction are they going? Are we sure that what is depicted as “innovation” has been developed only for profit or instead it is a purportedly developed system to not only control our lives but also to terminate them?

What kind of ties – for example – there are among the Guelph Black Nobility family Agnelli of F.I.A.T. car-trucks-aerospace corporation and the related Italian Intelligence (former SISMI and SISDE today AISE and AISI)? And with the Vatican? And the Masonry? And with the Jesuits? After all Luca Cordero Montezemolo, head of the Italian buisnessmen association (= “Confindustria”), was instructed by the Jesuits, as was the State Police head De Gennaro (= G8 of Geneva in 2001), as was the international bankster Draghi (= he sucked also the inimaginable when he was at the head of the Treasury Department of the Italian government – the Treasury Ministers were and are only diverting puppets), and so on.


Most power steering systems work by using a hydraulic system to turn the vehicle's wheels. The hydraulic pressure is usually provided by a gerotor or rotary vane pump driven by the vehicle's engine. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder applies a force to the steering gear, which in turn applies a torque to the steering axis of the roadwheels. The flow to the cylinder is controlled by valves operated by the steering wheel

Today the great part of vehicles is equipped with an hydraulic system mechanically tied with the steering wheel in the cab. This allow a manipulation only with a certain amount of work on the system. The vehicle had to be brought in a specialized workshop to be modified by specialized personnel and this require an alibi to bring it there. For special mission this could be done with not enormous difficulties. But today the tech innovation supply with new means the men in black:


Electric Power Steering

systems, such as those found on the Audi A3, Honda NSX, Chevrolet Cobalt, Honda S2000, Saturn Vue V6, 2009 Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV 4, Toyota Prius, Suzuki Swift and on most Fiat Lancia and Peugeot as also the Peugeot 307 model, use electric components, with no hydraulic systems at all. Sensors detect the motion and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive power via an electric motor coupled directly to either the steering gear or steering column. This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied depending on driving conditions. Most notably on Fiat group cars the amount of assistance can be regulated using a button named "CITY" that switches between two different assist curves, while on Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen AG) cars, the amount of assistance is automatically regulated depending on vehicle speed.

So the heavy work to deeply manipulate the car is less and less required.

I have a FIAT car with a “City” steering power system. I started to have suspects about the many dealys in the delivery of the car after I inquired the possibile way they could have manipulated the Italian aircraft responsible for the Massacre of Ramstein in 1988. Did they manipulate also the Electric Power Steering of my Fiat? Then I went on some Italian Forums and had the confirmation on how easily is possible to kill a person who is driving an Electric/Electronic Power Steering assisted vehicle. In one of the topic you read:


“….(referring to a question of an user - avles)… In fact (the electronic power steering of a FIAT - avles) has the force required to turn the wheel suddenly, in case of a tampered electronic control system. A drop of tin in the wrong place, a contact assembled by not expert hands, could make the system go mad….

Imagine what could happen in the highway, if your power steering was gone mad, and decided to turn the wheel to a side without warning!!!...”

Original page: - Forum > Discussioni Generali > Casa per Casa > Fiat > servosterzo punto multijet, spia servosterzo accesa (power steering Punto multijet, warning light power steering on)

From the thread “28th August, A Day As many Others....”:

(Probably the argument has just been discussed on The Unhived Mind, but as the site contains many topics, I surely missed the discussion)


Note - 1 . “How Jesuits will help you to commit suicide. Even if you don’t want”.
Modern car are plenty of black boxes and servo-mechanism that will help you to drive them. But also to disappear from the face of the heart very fast. When I was studying the case of Ramstein and thinking about what David Icke told in “The Biggest Secret” about how was realized the homicide/sacrifice of Diana, an idea emerged in my mind: did they influenced the tech development of the cars also in order to get useful tools to eliminate in a not conventional but occult way ‘disturbing’ people? Almost every car today has a servo-mechanism that allow you to turn the flying without many efforts. Have the flying been engineered also in order – with a little manipulation - to be turned by third occult agents outside the willing of the driver? It seems a reality what I am telling to you, just ask Barry Chamish about the strange cases of Israeli’s ‘mad cars’:

From: “Israel's Hellocaust”
by Barry Chamish
November 13, 2007

“…November 11, 2007, 03:26:24 PM
I regret to inform you that two sons of Rabbi Kreuser, the Rav of Mitzpe Yericho and the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat HaRa'ayon HaYehudi in Jerusalem, were killed in a fiery car accident on the main highway just outside of Mitzpe Yericho. They will be buried tonight at
12:30 in Har HaMenuchot.
( Four residents of one
Negev town were killed in a car crash on Sunday. One of those killed was a soldier; three were children. The accident took place when the truck in which the group was traveling went out of control due to the rain and hit an oncoming bus. Eitan Orenbach, 12, Ahiya Huri, 12, Yishai Kreuser, 13, and Shlomo Kreuser were killed in the accident. Another four passengers were wounded. Shlomo Kreuser served as a captain in the IDF's elite Duchifat unit. He and Yishai Kreuser were both sons of Mitzpe Yericho's rabbi, Rabbi Yehuda Kreuser.
It was no accident. It was murder. Permit me to remind you of a few recent "accidents" killing the families of
Israel's religious opposition:…..”.

The rest you can read at the page address:

So nothing new this Sun Tzu strategy, used by Castro, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh, etc. to destroy from within the ‘giant Imperialism’ of America. The difference: in the Far East jungles were used mines, bamboos traps and propaganda, in Israel are mostly used common cars, as the ones driven by me and you, my dear reader.

And another quote from the web about the increasing diffusion of the Electric/Electronic Power Steering devices today:


Currently, most automotive and truck power steering systems involve an engine-driven pump, pushing hydraulic fluid at high pressure through hoses to the steering gear, producing the necessary power assist. Common usage of this arrangement goes back more than 50 years. Today, additional electronic components are often added to vary the amount of assist, protect against overheating, and other situations.

However, the hydraulic pump system is facing quick extinction in the face of rapidly advancing electric power steering system technologies.

Electric power steering systems replace the entire hydraulic assist system with a powerful electric motor, built into the steering assembly and driving it directly.


Hydraulic systems are a complicated mix of maintenance-intensive components, they are prone to leaks, use heavy and expensive components, and require large amounts of underhood space which is increasingly at a premium. Environmental issues stem from the use of hydraulic fluid and are becoming increasingly troublesome, especially in the vehicle's recyclability.


In contrast, electric power steering systems can be exceptionally compact, packaged with the steering gear. The units are relatively light and far simpler to design, build and maintain. Sensors, often mounted on the steering column, measure the angular position of the steering wheel, feeding the information into a computer and telling the system how much power assist to use and when. Tied to a vehicle's electronic stability system, the steering can be programmed to provide widely varying levels of assistance at any engine speed (more assist when parking, for example).


Finally, the hydraulic fluid environmental and recycling issues are eliminated.


The 1990 Acura NSX was the first production vehicle to use a fully electronic steering rack, a unit from Showa. The 2000 Fiat Punto used Delphi's E-STEER electric power steering system in the first high-volume production application. Volkswagen's 2001 Lupo 3L TDI can be optioned with E-STEER for 1.3 MPG better fuel economy. Honda's Insight, Prelude and S2000 use Showa electric power steering and the new MGF uses EPAS. The Saturn Vue will use a unit from Koyo.



The problem with the trucks nowadays is the high voltage required for the amount of watts requested, but soon, with a 42 Volts system, the problem will be solved:


Electric power steering is limited to smaller vehicles. This is because the 12 volt electrical system is limited to 80 amps of current which, in turn, limits the size of the motor to less than 1 kilowatt. (12.5 volts times 80 amps equals 1000 watts.) Vehicles such as trucks and SUVs require a more powerful motor. An upcoming new 42 volt electrical system standard may enable use of electric power steering on larger vehicles.


So it is normal in a Roman Catholic country, where values the forgiveness for the crime (= Medieval Indulgencies), to see an assassin (and I am not speaking about the many amateurish assassins), a mafioso involved in 13 homicides to be released …. Meanwhile every day you hear the papal litany amplified by all the political parties, raging against the death penalty in U.S.A. or in China

Probably they hate ‘to death’ the death penalty because this is at least a sincere penalty. In
Italy and in the Roman Catholic countries usually the death penalty is administered by other means. By the hand of a delinquent, for example. After the assassin will go in prison, the society will have to pardon him as every good (Roman Catholic) Christian do. And then to release him after few years. So meanwhile the victim was killed in the name of an occult death sentence, the executioner becomes object of the ‘Christian pity’ (read: Roman Catholic one) and then released to ‘help him’. Once you have been murdered by a criminal, no one will do for you demonstrations with candles & signals to “stop the execution”. When your executioner will be jailed, the ‘good’ Roman Catholic priest will slobber by the desire to grant him a permission to ‘integrate again’ him in the society – and to put him in the ‘community’ where he will do everything the priest will ask him in order to not return in the hell….

So goes a Roman Catholic society. And then you hear them to rage “against the death penalty in America”! Well intended, a penalty approved by the Roman Catholic European agents of the Vatican, as the Styrian Arnold Schwarzenegger governor of California.

We are going back to the Middle Age, not only through the death sentences, but also as regard the freedom to move. Wasn’t the medieval subject of the Landlord considered an object part of his estates? In a social order blessed and controlled by the Anticrhist of Rome? So today with the Medieval forces occultly governing the society, it is not strange that the traffic problems are increasing and that they do nothing of concrete to solve the problems. They instead are filling your head that the car is dirty, uneconomic, useless, it is an anti-ecological slavery.

They dream of a world where you move on bcycles at 7 miles per hour… and they flying on your head on board of helicopters with infrared detection systems controlling you…. Exactly like the giant herds controlled by helicopters in the giant breeding. Anyway the return to the Middle Age (the Middle Age before and against Luther) will never be fulfilled in short times, as the Counter Reformation Jesuit war against the secularism and modernism discovered a new torture and killing device, a personal guillotine you the same paid for it giving your money – your sweat, to the Vatican usurers, and this is your beloved car.

The accident/massacre happened along the border of the Italian regions Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto on the A4 highway, tooke the life of 7 people and occurred at 15:15 local hour of Friday 8th August – the same day of the opening of the Olympic games in Beijing.

Electronic Power Steering sensors: Fast, cheap, simple and efficient: “Plug In & Kill Him”:

Important related blogs - by Douglas Willinger -


Counter Reformation Jesuit-Masonic engineering of the transport system:

In particular:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part four)

Below there are three pictures. The one in the middle is showing the Bonsinan Islamic soldiers dressed in the white of the Islamic religious war. But it seems that the Jesuit censorship is not happy I put here this pic. They'll have preferred I had putted a pic of their puppet Ratzinger, or that I had a blog talking of the same 'alternative' crap and scum they permit to you to talk. For this reason they created an enormous quantitiy of information sources, just only inthe web you can have the example of Indymedia, Alex Jones and various others who simply are the infamous papal clerk that have the duty to present to the subjects the INQUISITORIAL LIST OF THE TOPIC THE JESUITS PERMIT TO YOU TO TALK ABOUT. Do you remember the "List of cursed book" of the Roman Catholic church? (don't worry, it exists also today). So these sites, are the "List of the cursed personalities and ideas" the Roman Catholic Inquisition via their infamous Jesuit-Masonic servants publish regularly on the web. The List of David IckeFeller (to whom the undersigned once did a subscription - they know perfectly who I am an where I live, but they can do what they want, if they prefer they can publish my address on the web and go to hell!) is another "papal List of cursed personalities and ideas".
The difference respect the past is laying in the way they present it to you. Once the papal messengers or the ones of the Black Guelph nobility were reaching the centres of the villages where they read the list in the public doing this in order that everyone could hear the papal willing. Today they adopted the Sun Tzu strategies and the not-conventional psychological tactics. The papal bull cursing Jews, Protestants etc. are no more explicitly read in the public, but published on the web (and other media) under the form of "alternative sources of information". In Italy on the web you have for example:
- Indymedia
- Comedoncisciotte
- LuogoComune
- Effedieffe of Maurizio Blondet
- Nexus Italia on line magazine of Tom Bosco
- Disinformazione
and many, many others papal messengers who communicate to you not simply the persons but the ideas and the religions to hate and destroy. This elements are not Vatican assassins, this term is too much important to apply to human insects like them. They are just only the human grease the Jesuits use to spread on the blade of their poniards in order the swords can be exctracted and then putted inside their scabbards very fast avoiding witnesses and to hide so their homicidal utilization. Remember that the Jesuit Counter Reformation war want first to kill your mind and your ideas in order to transform you in an idiot puppet uncapable to understand what is happening around you. And then to terminate you physically as for example the Europe filled with soccer stadiums, garbage incinerators and Jesuit Masonic Islamic veterans of the holy wars is confirming.
So it seems that the below pic in the middle is not properly included in the papal list so it has to disappear from the page. You must click on the void space (but you have to understand that it is not simply a blanck space but a space containing a pic! As only the author of the blog knows it!!!) in order to see the pick!
It is clear that we are under the tyranny of what I call "the Roman Catholic - Islamic Steel Pact", with obviously Rome as a leading partner. In November the Catholic-Islamic Inter-religious forum of Rome demands that voices as the AvlesBeluskesExposed have to be definitely closed, and possibly also physically - following their assassin customs. With the support of their absolute master, the General Superior Adolph Nicolas and the Italian Provincial Francesco Tata (till Sept. '08), the Masonic papal Muslims are ruling also on me, on my personal computer, on my FREEDOM of SPEECH. They have not to be disturbed when they use the secular FREEDOM of SPEECH in order to supprss the FREEDOM od SPEECH the same. And they pretend I don't use the same FREEDOM od SPEECH they want to annihilate when I expose their homicidal plans.
Funny! And then on tv news they are talking to you about the "Chinese censorship in Internet"! But Who Do They Want To Fool???
Just look at what is happening in Central Asia, the Continuing Vatican crusade to exterminate the last Byzantines, then read what I wrote about the capture of Karadzic, and you'll understant also why in the last days I was submitted again to the JESUIT CENSORSHIP ON THE WEB.

------------QUOTE from:------------

"A few days ago Mr. Boutros Ghali informed me that the projectile which hit the Markale marketplace in Sarajevo was an act of (Bosnian) Muslim provocation". President Mitterrand of France, 1995

Open military confrontation in Bosnia-Herzegovina ended with the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement on 14th December 1995. The conflict had resulted in more than 160,000 deaths, and 2.5 million refugees and displaced persons. Not long before, the United Nations (UN) had ordered the first combat units from its rapid reaction force into Sarajevo, after after Serb rebels killed two French peacekeepers. Three Bosnian Serb shells had hit the French and Danish areas of a U.N. compound in Zetra, north of Sarajevo's centre killing a French peacekeeper and wounding another French soldier and a Dane. A half-hour later, another French peacekeeper was killed and two wounded, one seriously, when a U.N. convoy was targeted by Serbs in the suburb of Butmir. The deaths brought the number of French dead to 42 since the Bosnian war began in April 1992 - and not all of them were killed by the Bosnian Serbs, a number of them were also killed in crossfire or deliberately by the forces of the Bosnian government.

Not only did the UN get tough with the Bosnian Serbs - whose political and military leaders have now been charged with war crimes - in 1995, NATO had become directly involved when when they ordered air strikes against the Bosnian Serbs. These attacks had been preceded by a series of barbaric attacks against civilians in the Markele market in Sarajevo, all of which were assumed to be the work of the Serb army laying siege to Sarajevo.

There were three attacks on the markets, all of which were blamed on them: the first on 27th May 1992, killed 16 people, the second on 5th February 1994 killed 68, and the third on 28th August 1995, killed 37. The last attack is the most significant, as it has been widely alleged, by members of the UN Mission in Bosnia, UN Commanding officers and of course, predictably, the Bosnian Serbs themselves, that this one in particular was staged by elements within the Bosnian government to provide the pretext for NATO military involvement in the war. In subsequent attacks, bombs and bullets used by the NATO jets used Depleted Uranium (DU) which is now estimated to have claimed the lives of some Serb 300 civilians who lived in the vicinity of the bases hit by NATO, according to reports that surfaced in 2001. What evidence is there for the claims that the Bosnian government carried out these attacks ?


The first of three attacks happened on 27th May 1992 when 16 people killed in a "mortar attack" on a bread queue in Vase Miskina street in Sarajevo. As The Independent (22nd August 1992) noted, the televised scenes of civilians cut to pieces by an explosion as they queued for bread horrified international public opinion, and added growing pressure for NATO to "intervene" in the civil war against the Bosnian Serbs. Vivid footage showed dead bodies littering the street and "terrified crying people sitting on the pavement in pools of blood". The attacks came shortly before a meeting by European Union ambassadors to consider imposing sanctions on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. UN officials from the start were "suspicious about the circumstances but would not go public with their thoughts without jeopardising the UN mission" in Bosnia. Classified reports given to the commander of the UN peace keepers, General Satish Nambiar, concluded that it was likely that the army of the Bosnian government in Sarajevo carried out the attack. In fact, they were reported to believe it wasn't a mortar attack at all but a "command-detonated explosion - probably in a can". The impact mark left by the "mortar" on the market square floor was nowhere "near as large as we came to expect with a mortar round lading on a paved surface". This is also supported by another UN commander in Bosnia, General Michael Rose of the British army, who according to his book Dispatch the Bosnian government in Sarajevo shelled their own people to get a military response by NATO against the Bosnian Serbs (The Observer, 28th March 1999). NATO launched air strikes against the Bosnian Serbs as a result of this attack.

According to The Independent, United Nations (UN) officials and senior Western military officers believe that the attack in 1992 was carried out by the Bosnian government, "To win world sympathy and trigger intervention". This was also expressed in confidential reports circulating at the UN headquarters in New York, and in classified briefings to US policy makers in Washington, according to the British newspaper. The attack on the bread queue in Vase Miskina Street also led to draconian sanctions against Yugoslavia imposed by the Security Council (resolution 757) on 30th May 1992 (which had been preceded by Yugoslavia's expulsion from the WHO). All supplies of raw materials to the well-developed pharmaceutical industry of Yugoslavia for production of medicines were immediately suspended. The justification for blaming Yugoslavia for attacks carried out in Bosnia was based on Western intelligence disinformation that the country was directing the war on behalf of the Bosnian Serbs.


The second attack on a market in Sarajevo happened on 5th February 1994 when a single mortar round left 68 dead and 200 wounded. Some people immediately questioned how son many civilians had been killed or wounded by one mortar bomb. Furthermore, officials from the Bosnian government did allow anyone from UNPROFOR to verify what had happened. Despite vehement denials from the Bosnian Serbs, the US news channel, CNN, immediately reported that they were responsible for the shocking carnage that the attack left, which CNN claimed was "caused by a Serb mortar bomb". The US President Bill Clinton added to this saying it was "highly likely" that the Bosnian Serbs were responsible for it.

Thus, US ambassador to the UN, Madeline Albright and the US presidential security advisor Anthony Lake, immediately called for NATO air strikes against the Bosnian Serbs. Yet there were already people claiming that even the UN itself did not suspect the Bosnian Serbs, but this appears to have been suppressed by the Western media, possibly acting under covert British and American pressure, assuming the the whole purpose of the mortar attack was to provide the pretext for NATO military involvement in the Balkans for the first time. If this is not the case, then it is certainly hinted at by the former British Foreign Secretary David Owen in his book Balkan Odyssey (Victor Gollanz, London, 1995):

"People around General Rose never tried to hide the fact that at his meeting with Bosnian Muslim leaders (President Alia Izetbegovic and General Delic) he said that he had just received some information which shows that the mortar bomb did not come from the area under Serb control but from the Muslim part of the city . . ."

However, Owen's account of the the Market square massacre in 1994 has been criticised by Noel Malcom in a review of his book in The Sunday Telegraph on 12th November 1995.

When discussing the market-place massacre in Sarajevo of February 1994, Lord Owen goes on at length about a UN investigation which concluded that the mortar shell had been fired from a Bosnian Government position. Dramatically, he confirms that General Rose put pressure on Bosnian ministers by threatening to reveal this finding, unless they did as they were told. What Lord Owen does not tell us is that a second, more thorough investigation found that the first had made mistakes in its calculations, and concluded that the shell could equally have come from the Serb side. It is surely inconceivable that Owen is unaware of this second report; yet he chooses not to mention it. Readers will have to draw their own conclusions about the overall reliability of this grotesquely vainglorious book.

But, Owen also fails to give any clear evidence as to the perpetrators of this attack - if you read his statement carefully, he is only telling us that the second investigation, although on one hand, described as "more thorough", still concluded that the shell could "equally" have come from the Serb side. This indicates to me that their is still no hard evidence that either side were responsible. Bosnian Serb and Russian claims should be treated with scepticism (as they have a vested interest, from a propaganda point-of-view, in making sure these allegations are widely circulated). But the claims of the UN and representatives of various NATO countries serving as peacekeepers should be treated as serious and worthy of investigation.

From example, On 6th June 1996, Yasushi Akashi, UN special envoy for Bosnia, told a German journalist working for DPA in New York, that there was a secret UN report accusing the Bosnian government forces of this massacre. It was claimed that this secret report was passed on to the UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutros Ghali, who did not publish it in the interest of "higher politics". Citing this UN report, B. Volker, a French journalist working for TV TF1 said that the mortar bomb was fired from Bosnian government positions. Volker also quotes the words of President Mitterrand: "A few days ago Mr. Boutros Ghali informed me that the projectile which hit the Markale marketplace in Sarajevo was an act of (Bosnian) Muslim provocation".


The third attack, on 28th August 1995 also hit market and left 37 dead and 90 wounded. When UN issued a declaration blaming the Bosnian Serbs, it evidently ignored the report of the British and French experts as well as the assessment of the UN's artillery expert for the Sarajevo sector, a Russian colonel, A. Demurenko. Soon after the attack, NATO launched extensive air strikes against Bosnian Serb military and civilian targets. The strategy appeared pre-planned as it coincided with an joint Croat and Bosnian government offensive against the Bosnian Serbs. The attacks changed the course of the war in Bosnia as enabled NATO to enter the conflict on behalf of the Bosnian government and Croat forces. After this attack, President Yeltsin gave official credence to reports circulating in the Russian media that a "third party" was responsible for the mortar attack on the bread queue. Yeltsin said that Russia "insists" that the UN "look again" at the attacks as there was new evidence indicating that it was not the Bosnian Serb's who carried out the attack. Despite this, NATO went ahead and launched air strikes. One military adviser to the foreign ministry, General Boris Gromov, even claimed (with no evidence provided) that one of the NATO powers was involved in the mortar attack "as a provocation". Yeltsin also said:

"Why am l against the expansion of NATO ? This (mortar attack in Sarajevo) is the first sign of what might happen when NATO comes right up to the borders of the Russian Federation. Those who insist on the expansion of NATO are making a major political mistake. The flame of war would burst out across the whole of Europe" (The Guardian, 9th September 1995).

The Russians and Bosnian Serbs have claimed that the third attack was prepared in advance over many months by "certain" Western secret services (probably including the CIA), and that Bosnian government troops under the commander of the General R. Delic carried it out. The reason for this, they argue, was to provide NATO with an opportunity not only discredit the Bosnian Serbs, but to provide the pretext to use heavy air strikes on them so as to destroy their military potential. The Russian intelligence service (FSB) were said to had known about the preparation of the plan since February 1995. Then a detailed plan, allegedly called Cyclone 2, was related to a secret memorandum, signed on 10th August 1995 at the Pleso airport in Zagreb, Croatia. The memorandum was signed for the UN by the commander of the UNPROFOR forces based Croatia and Bosnia,General B. Janvier and by Admiral L. Smith for NATO. This secret memorandum was only passed on, as "secret", on 13th September 1995 to the UN Security Council, when the main destruction of Serb targets had already taken place. According to article 7 of the memorandum UNPROFOR agreed to provide all information necessary for the NATO strikes against Serb targets to achieve the maximum success.

According to the FSB, the mortar was fired from the roof of a building near the market and they further claimed that the device was not a standard mortar bomb. Another author, Y. Bodansky, the director of the Republican parliamentary task force studying terrorism and unconventional warfare (Target America, Terrorism in the US Today, S.P.I. Books, Shapolsky Publishers, New York, 1993), believed that the Bosnian Serb intelligence service knew that "something was being planned" in Sarajevo. On 26th August 1995 (two days before the second massacre) he spoke by telephone to a senior official of the Republika Srpska in the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, who told him anxiously that once again "something terrible is being planned against the Serbs" in Sarajevo. How much of this is true, made up or just a joint FSB-Bosnian Serb disinformation campaign is hard to assess.

Another report indicating that the Bosnian Serbs were not responsible for this market place attacks was published in The Sunday Times on October 1st 1995. It claimed that British ammunition experts serving with the UN in Sarajevo had "challenged" key evidence of the attack on the bread market which not only triggered NATO attacks against the Serbs in Bosnia, but turned the tide of the war against them. According to the newspaper, the British experts:

"found no evidence that the Bosnian Serbs had fired the lethal round"

Nora Beloff, writing in her book Yugoslavia: An Avoidable War (New European Publications, London, England, 1997), also allege that "that Bosnian government arranged to kill their own people" so as to get the Bosnian Serbs blamed. She alleges the news reporter Martin Bell, now an independent MP in Britain, had known about these allegations through his contacts with British UN officers but "he ignored what they might have told him". She repeats claims, as reported in David Owen's account of the bombings, that western experts had discovered that it was the Bosnian government forces and not the Bosnian Serbs who had been behind the attack in February 1994. Allegedly, when UNPROFOR wanted the Bosnian government to participate in truce negotiations, the British commander, General Michael Rose:

"Blackmailed the Bosnian Muslim leaders into submission. He told them that unless they agreed to cooperate, he would tell the international press that he had technical expertise proving that the grenade came from the Muslim, not the Serb, side" (Beloff, p112/113).

Other attacks supposedly carried out by the Bosnian government - and blamed on the Bosnian Serbs - include:

1) 29th June 1992: Rocket attack on Sarajevo's TV station kills 5 people. Bosnian government troops implicated in this attack (The Sunday Times, October 1st 1995).

2) 17th July 1992: A "choreographed" mortar salvo, 30 seconds after British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd entered a building for a meeting with the Bosnian President, Alija Izetbegovic. The attack killed or wounded 10 bystanders - but not Hurd's guard of honor, who had clearly been forewarned and ducked for cover seconds before the attack.

3) 4th August 1992: Bomb attacks which were filmed by the Western film crews at a funeral of two orphans in a cemetery in Sarajevo. The attacks were blamed on the Bosnian Serbs.

4) 13th August 1992: After the Yugoslav Prime Minister Milan Panic arrives in Sarajevo airport for a meeting with Izetbegovic, a Bosnian government sniper kills US TV producer David Kaplan. The attacks disrupts the schedule of Panic, and he only manages to spend 20 minutes on the phone with Izetbegovic.

Philip Corwen, a senior member of the UN in Bosnia has recently written a book about his experience there (Dubious Mandate: A memoir of the UN in Bosnia, Summer 1995 [Duke, London, UK, 1999]):

"The French forces (the main UN armed force in Sarajevo) were continually harassed, shot at, blocked at, and threatened by Bosnian government forces . . . it was the French who pointed out that the Bosnian government was placing weapons systems next to UN facilities in order to draw fire from Serb artillery onto civilian and UN targets and thus provoke international outrage against the Serbs . .. (p178)

I recommend that readers interested in the background to the conflict in Bosnia read Corwen's book: His meticulous account shatters once and for all the "one victim - one enemy" myth promoted mainly by the Western media. For the record, l unequivocally condemn the war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by the Bosnian Serb regime against the people of Sarajevo - whom they relentlessly bombed and shelled. The Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic have been rightfully indicted by the International war crimes tribunal in the Netherlands - but why has this tribunal failed to indict Alija Izectbegovic, the Bosnian President and other senior officials of his government when there is clearly enough prima-facie evidence of their complicity in war crimes carried out by the Bosnian army ? I believe that the UN probably has ample evidence to show that the Bosnian government carried out these attacks in Sarajevo, but along with NATO, decided not to pursue charges against Bosnian government leaders for political reasons, and decided to sweep the whole story under the carpet and suppress it.

Footnote: an estimated 300 civilians killed after NATO used depleted Uranium in reprisal attacks

"Up to 300 men, women and children who lived close to the site of the (NATO) bombings in 1995 have died of cancers and leukemia over the last five years". Robert Fisk, 2001

Finally the bombings of the market place unleashed a wave of NATO air-strikes against Bosnian Serb military targets in and around Sarajevo. In these attacks, bombs and bullets used by the NATO jets used Depleted Uranium (DU) that is now estimated to have claimed the lives of some Serb 300 civilians who lived in the vicinity of the bases hit by NATO. According to Robert Fisk, writing in The Independent of Sunday on 14th January 2001, NATO subjected the Serb military bases and surrounding civilian areas to an intense bombardment between 30th August to 15th September 1995, using jets and artillery from Mount Igman just outside Sarajevo. Civilians living in the area surrounding the bases starting to begin suffering from a variety of symptoms now linked to the use of DU by NATO in Bosnia. NATO governments have so far shown little interest in helping the civilian victims of DU in either Bosnia, Yugoslavia or during the assault on Iraq in 1990.

(The bold red characters are mine - avles)

---------END OF THE QUOTE--------

(Observation on the last paragraph. Depleted Uranium syndrome could well be only a trick of the military services in order to hide all the other exothic weapons. This is the reason for which you heard many times speaking about it by various sources of information, from the alternative ones to the official ones. The military intelligence probably decided to expose just one of their poisonous weapons, in order to cover under it the collateral damages of all the other (secret) weapons. So experiments, poisons, toxic releases of the bombings, the damages of the chemical and biological warfare could be gathered under the effects of the Depleted Uranium. And the propaganda collateral damages in the public opinion could be easily controlled thanks with only one term – Depleted Uranium)

Notice the interesting statement of Yeltsin: "Why am l against the expansion of NATO ? This (mortar attack in Sarajevo) is the first sign of what might happen when NATO comes right up to the borders of the Russian Federation. Those who insist on the expansion of NATO are making a major political mistake. The flame of war would burst out across the whole of Europe" (The Guardian, 9th September 1995).

It is interesting to see Yeltsin blaming the N.A.T.O. for the same tactics and strategies his gang was realizing in the same moment in the Chechen war. I remember well how was well known that the Chechen guerrilla often had the most modern light weapon of the Russian arsenal, even before they were assigned to operative companies and battalions of the same Russian army! Who else could have supplied the Chechen rebels if not the same F.S.B.? So our friend Yeltsin: had he the task in 1994 to stage a freezing of the relations with the Western powers and so with the same NATO, in order to supply the last with an alibi to justify the two years of Serbian siege of Sarajevo without a muscular intervention against them? Here you have another hidden purpose for the first Chechen war – to stage tensions between NATO and Russia.

Antonio Russo was a free lance Italian journalist of the Italian Radical party. He never was member of the National Order of the Journalists. He was the only western journalist present in Pristina during the NATO bombings to document the ‘ethnic cleaning’ performed by the Serbs. The escape of thousands of Albanians from the Kosovo was an engineered comedy realized thanks to the criminal NATO bombings on Kosovo. “Islamic victims” psy-op, and Antonio Russo as assistant of the director. Some months later he went in Caucasus region to document the atrocities of the Russian army on the Chechen people. But probably – as the Serbs went definitively wiped away from the Kosovo and so no one needs no more to depict the Muslims as their victims, they didn’t need no more of a free-lance military intelligence agent , and in the night among 15 and 16 October 2000 Antonio Russo was killed by unknown (expert of military techniques).

The tensions among NATO and Russia in 1994 went for the benefit of the Red and Black anti-Americans. Form the Mussolinians and the Nazis, to the Marxist-Leninists and the Trotskyites, every opposition to the NATO bombing of the Bosnian Serbs was hammering in your head that it had the purpose of the enlargement of the same military treaty to the East (and the enlargement of the 'American' imperialism). But this is for great part a farce. And the pieces of the truth drowned in this farce are not the goals but a tool. The NATO needs an enemy to exist and the enlargement would have devoured any possible useful enemy. Not only the Missile Shield of Bush and the enlargement of NATO hadthe purpose to provoke the Kremlin gang in order to establish in Russia the today authoritarian regime, The threats of the enlargement of NATO was another crap hiding a more deep truth, and this truth is the enlargement and spreading of the Jesuit-Masonic mecenary Muslim world in the opposite direction, not to the East but to the West, the West of the cursed America and of the Protestant secular North Europe.

Siege of Sarajevo in documentaries and art

A short list of the enormous video material created by "Sarajevo Siege Vatican Balkan Crusade Production Inc.":

(from Wikipedia on "the Siege of Sarajevo" page)

Excerpt from the part one post on Radovan "The Mask" Karadzic:
"....WE CAN UNDERSTAND TODAY why Sarajevo was putted for 2 years under a savage bombing –an heretic 'Orthodox barbarism' that was showed to all the world for two entire years. The knights of the pope, as Mr Murdoch, did what they could in order to bring in every home of the planet provided with a television machine the images of the ‘Serbian barbarism’. The multinational organization whose symbol is the papal cross, the N.A.T.O., did any possible effort to maintain a status quo where the television cameras of the whole world were exclusively shooting Muslim victims of Serbain, Orthodox snipers. The O.N.U. forces never intervened because they were only actors. They were the “servants on the stage”. Their ancestors in the ancient Rome were assisting the games and after the bloody spectacles were cleaning the sand of the arena of the blood and the guts of the gladiators. They did what they can to allow to the ‘bloody butchers’ of Belgrade to realize two years of bloody siege of an ‘innocent’ city. Sarajevo was the two-year-long modern arena spectacle preparing psychologically the rest of the world to consider the incoming Vatican crusade against the heretic Serbs as a ‘natural’, ‘just’ consequence of their ‘cruelty’....".