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Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part two)


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In recent days, I have continued to comb the coverage of the Radovan Karadzic arrest, looking for clues that might indicate where reporters were getting the tips that this monster had spent parts of the past few decades hiding in Eastern Orthodox monasteries and churches.

No real clues, so far. Most journalists continue to mention those theories, always in passive voice or in some other vague way. But the main theme now is that Karadzic was using his skills as a psychologist to transition into a new identity * that of a expert in alternative medicine, delivered with a kind of mystical, guru style that fit his new appearance. Yes, some journalists are using that "New Age" label.

But the strangest religious reference I have found is in an ABC News online story by Dragana Jovanovic, which ran with the colorful headline: "Double Life of the Butcher of Bosnia * War Criminal Radovan Karadzic Was on Facebook, Had Own Web Site, Even a Girlfriend."

But check out the lede:

For 13 years, investigators combed the mountainous regions of eastern Bosnia, looking for Radovan Karadzic. A popular theory for much of that time was that the fugitive Bosnian-Serb leader was hidden away in a monastery, protected by Orthodox monks.

But it turned out to be the colorless boulevards of New Belgrade that provided a hiding place for Europe's most wanted man. He found an effective alter ego, in the guise of an Orthodox mystic.

Say what? As you would imagine, I read on through the piece * looking for some kind of factual material to justify adding the word "Orthodox" to the very unorthodox profile that was emerging about Karadzic's life as a freelance mystic. This is all you get:

People who live on Juri Gagarin Street, a street of gray Communist-era apartment buildings across the Sava River, felt certain that their new neighbor was some kind of mystical guru.

"He moved to our neighborhood early last year. I thought he was a spiritual man," said Danica Jankovic, a sixth floor neighbor of the man who assumed the alias Dr. Dragan or David Dabic. "His dense white beard and distinctive long hair, his long periods of complete silence, and the fact that he was into meditation left me with no doubt. I still cannot believe his true identity."

Unrecognizable, with long white hair, a long beard and 40 pounds lighter, Karadzic, under the new name, appears to have led a very different life than one would have expected from one of the world's most wanted fugitives.

That's it. The word "Orthodox" just came out of nowhere.. I have not seen that angle in any other mainstream coverage.

If you are looking for a nasty slam at Orthodoxy in the Karadzic coverage, far and away the worst I have seen is in a Globe and Mail piece by columnist Doug Saunders. Once again, it seems that the goal is to blame the hierarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church - which actively joined with other religious groups to oppose the Milosevic regime's use of violence - for the actions of the ethnic cleansing monsters, or at least some of them.

What does the word "fundamentalist" mean in this context?

The man who drew on Serbian Orthodox religious piety to build his movement in the early 1990s, using fundamentalist religious imagery to make speeches calling for the extermination of Bosnia's Muslim population, appears to have spent the past few years living in sin with a much younger mistress, whose existence was unknown to his wife.

I know it is easy to blur the line between Serbian nationalism and the land's Orthodox heritage, but that is simply going way too far. -----------------------------------------------------------

Now that the bird is in the cage, they can tell you some pieces of the truth. They can tell you that the bird never leaved the cage. At the end of the sum, you too are a bird. Feed with lies on the others’ life and imprisoned in the same cage.

BUT THEY CAN TELL IT ONLY FOR A REASON: THESE "BITS OF TRUTH" are only the bricks with which they are building next, giant, murdering lie.
Can't you see the finesse of the religious Jesuits' blade? They exposed a traitor Jew, Madeleine Albright, with whom they not only raged on the Orthodoxies of the Balkans with the support of the false friends O.S.C.E., N.A.T.O., U.N.
(and don't miss the many honest Islamics and Catholics, purportedly pushed in the hands of the 'Serbian' butchers in order to obtain a fake evil moral alibi to then exterminate Serbs).
The personal life story of the papal priestess Madeleine Albright is the announcement of the true religious Romanist goals of the Balkans war:


Marie Jana Korbelová IPA: [ˈmarɪjɛ ˈjana ˈkorbɛlova:] was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and raised as a Roman Catholic by her parents, who had converted from Judaism in order to escape persecution.[2] She has a brother, John, who later became an economist. "Madeleine" was the French version of "Madlenka", a nickname given by her grandmother Albright adopted the new name when she attended a Swiss boarding school. Albright is the daughter of a diplomat—her father, Josef Korbel, served in the Czech diplomatic service. Her brother said, "Madeleine had a special relationship with our father, partly because she followed so closely in his footsteps." Later in life, she joined the Episcopal Church in the USA.

From 1936 to 1939 the Korbel Family lived in Belgrade, and in 1939 the Korbel family fled to London. Many of her Jewish relatives in Czechoslovakia were killed in the Holocaust, including three of her grandparents.[3]

Madeleine Albright was not only chosen because she has a personal life that could have been accepted by the Serbs - not simply for a psychological trickery.
Utilizing a person to pursue the goals representing the most oppressive forces in his life, is a message in itself, a declaration of war against every value, opinion, moral the person himself had as victim.
Madeleine Albright - who went rescued by the Serbs from the Nazi persecution, betrayed not only her origins but her life the same and the life of her parents. This is the reason for which she has been chosen to represent with her face and here personal life the occult religious cleaning of the Balkan. They don't want simply your body but your soul, and only the betrayal against themselves is the way to reach what they want.

So after having started to release some pieces of the real facts, they are preparing the concrete to assemble the bits/bricks of truth in the shape of the next incoming mass murder papal lie-building. The bricks now, after they for 13 years spread the 'truth' of a Karadzic helped by the support net of the Orthodox monasteries, the bricks of the N.A.T.O. silent knoweledge about where Karadzic was living, have to be assembled and tied strongly together with the Madeleine/Clinton/Rambouillet concrete. At the end - on the front facade of the new building of lies - on the concrete will appear a giant motto saying that were the 'Americans', for the convenience of their 'imperialism', to let Karadzic, and Mladic, to free fly (in their cage).

The Master and some of his soldiers - from the slaughter of the last Byzantines in the Balkans, to the grip on the territoritory in North Italy, to their biggest operative base in Germany, Duisburg, a nest built thanks to the same secular tolerance they have to destroy in the name of 'religion'.
From Wikipedia,

"....Zakaat : (has the implied meaning of 'grow', 'purify', or 'foster').
It is often compared to the system of tithing and alms but unlike these older systems, it serves principally as the welfare contribution to poor and deprived people in the Muslim lands, although others may have a rightful share. It is the duty of the state not just to collect it; but to distribute it fairly as well.

Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Amounts & Minimums

It is an obligation on Muslims to pay 2.5% of the wealth which they have had for a full lunar year, 2.5% of goods used for trade, and 5% or 10% of certain type of harvests depending on irrigation. Exempt from Zakat are a person's house and personal transportation.

So we can see the global picture whose Vatican Balkan bloody crusade piece is a fundamental part.
Before to start the gassing of Jews in Israel via their Jesuit Masonic and traitors of the same S'hite people, the president Ahmadinejad, before to start the bloody religious 'civil' war in America to exterminate the last true Protestants, it is necessary to impose again in their papal European Union (purportedly by them created with its many soccer stadium and garbage incinerators) what they have lost in the last 500 years. It is necessary to kill also in the soul the greatest son Germany never had.
Or: imposing Council of Trent Canon 32 via one of the five pillars of the Islam, the Zakat alias obligation of payment.


"... Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. .... It is an obligation on Muslims to pay 2.5% of the wealth which they have had for a full lunar year, ...".


""...Canon 32. If anyone says that the good works of the one justified are in such manner the gifts of God that they are not also the good merits of him justified; ........ let him be anathema...."

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH CREATED ISLAM, this is the reason for which the great part of the Johann Tetzel of today are Arab speaking Muslims.

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Radovan Karadzic, a Vatican N.A.T.O.-psy-op cartoon mask hiding the face of Ante Pavelic (part one)


Insert/upgrade of 28th July 2008.

For some time the pics (see below insert) about the "Muslim pissing on Christian ruins" disappeared from both this post and the post on The Unhived Mind where I - in February 2008 - in the thread "SUN-day 2-17-2008 (=allusion to 2017), Day Of, Kosovo In(Vatikan)dependence Declaration" posted them. I sent a mail to some people to warn about the censorship, and some time after the pics appeared again. ...

The racial war of Jesuits pursued in the Balkans through
Vatican crusade and the extermination of the Orthodoxies (from all the Eastern Europe - Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, etc. have only to wait their their turn) is so important that they are disposed to cover it with the usual 'Marxist' questions. Look at the Italian coincidences. The right wing Minister for Public Administrative System of Berlusconi government, Renato Brunetta, lately is raging on the public system with very authoritarian laws. This rose up the warm protests of the left radical area. Lately the Berlusconi government proposed a law which would prevent a worker not-righteously dismissed by his boss to gain again the job via judicial sentence – as usually it happens now. This proposal seems to be a spark in a tank of gasoline especially when launched during the meeting of the Rifondazione Comunista/Re-storing Communism party. But just meanwhile Brunetta and Berlusconi are playing the 'stinky capitalists raging on the poor proletarians' the Communists are helding their national meeting! Rifondazione Comunista (or R.C. - yes, as Roman Catholic! - as the party is shortly named) is not present in the parliament because in the last elections it didn’t have the necessary numbers. The right wing is generous, and Berlusconi, obeying to the orders of the Masters of All the Communists, the pope whose hand he kissed in June, is giving another reason to live to the Red ones. They need it as the Marxists are strong defender of the immigration = read “of the Jesuit racial war pursued through immigration”. And just for coincidence, just in these days when the Bolshevik meeting is occurring, one of the first news that opens the tv news and appears on the press is the “Emergency of the Immigrates’ Tides”. Just an innocent coincidence…. The papal litany: We must welcome the immigrates = read the Islamic papal hordes. The Red, the Black, the Blue etc. Communists are busy to realize the Jesuits’ desires.

Preamble. I agree with Phelps. When Eric John Phelps says that the recognition of our sins and errors is a necessary way to arrive to the salvation – and not the ‘good’ works – all that value also for the OrthodoxIES of Serbia. Without the involvement of the same Serbs, without the blindness of many Serbian who followed without asking “to the benefit of who?” their (fake) Orthodox, occultly NATO/Jesuit built leaders, the disgrace and decay where today they live would have been not so deep and painful.

Monday evening I was watching a documentary about Radovan Karadzic the Slovenian first public channel broadcasted for the occasion of the arrest of the protagonist of the Balkan war reality movie. Exactly as the press pieces – stored in the drawers of the editorial directions - related to important old aged persons which are ready to be published when they die, so for the Serbian hero was ready a documentary stored in the Slovenian public television that would have been showed once the man would be captured. The documentary was un-willingly a grotesque example of a comic movie. Practically, from the beginning to the end, they told you that they (= NATO) knew very well where the ‘bloody Serb tyrant’ of Bosnia was living and where he was moving. They told exactly what many knew, but that the general spectator had not to know. Now that the bird is in the cage, they can tell you some pieces of the truth. They can tell you that the bird never leaved the cage. At the end of the sum, you too are a bird. Feed with lies on the others’ life and imprisoned in the same cage.

One of the most comic but at the same time sad concepts expressed in that documentary, was the “..fear to capture Karadzic when protected in an Orthodox monastery, in order to avoid a riot among the Serbs…”, a piece that revealed to be a tragic-comic one, when you don’t miss the general picture of thousands of Orthodox monasteries burned and destroyed together with its many Orthodox priests killed. What kind of fear should have had the papal N.A.T.O., after the same Milosevic was captured, outraged in the Aja cage, murdered and the same Serbia was brutally bombed?

But are similar incongruence, often not perceived by the spectator, which are betraying the paws of the Anticrhist. So all along this pathetic telenovelas about the attempt to capture an Osama Bin Karadzic escaping from one Serbian Tora Bora to another, the red thread that weaves and joines together the victims and the executioners of this reality Balkan bloody movie, are the Orthodox monasteries. But meanwhile in the Serbian, Orthodox, heretic side of this tissue the red thread is visible and firmly tied with the ‘bloody Serbian slaughters’ of the Balkans, in the other side it is hidden by the dense dark layer of the ‘victims’ ’ tissue.

In the documentary broadcasted Monday evening, the un-balanced weaved red thread was the silent background where the infinite blames, accuses, charges moved to Osama Bin Karadzic were echoing. They underlined many and many times how the Orthodox monasteries hosted and protected the ‘Serbian butchers’. They showed then many times the burned mosques of Sarajevo. They even showed ruined houses of the Serbs. But they didn’t show you the hundreds of Orthodox monasteries burned and destroyed.

So we can today –when its too late – understand why the N.A.T.O. let Radovan Karadzic to live undisturbed and especially with the awareness of the general public opinion of the Balkans, in the Orthodox, heretic monasteries: they were too busy to destroy them and so they need to fill them, at the eyes of the public opinion, with a fake moral alibi that for 10 years would have justified their destruction – they filled them with the face of their N.A.T.O.-built, Vatican- engineered bloody ‘Serbs butcher’.

Religious cleaning N.A.T.O.-assisted in the name of the Inquisitorial Roman Catholic Balkan crusade - notice the (of course!) Muslim pissing on the Christian ruins, at the entry of the church:

See the thread: "SUN-day 2-17-2008 (=allusion to 2017), Day Of, Kosovo In(Vatikan)dependence Declaration"

If your mind is supplied with a sufficient bright sight, you can find another even more thin Jesuit thread, which as an invisible force, keep together the puzzle of tissues which, otherwise – stressed by a minimum of rationality - would go in thousands of pieces. Do you remember a similar story, where a criminal escaped from the justice protected by a chain of monasteries and other holy places? It was precisely the 1865, and the N.A.T.O. papal tailor which built the escape of Osama Bin Karadzic utilized also this stuff to build other threads.

Here you have the address of a page containing the true story of the Abraham Lincoln’s assassination – the original page I translated (I think probably for the first time as regard the continental Europe) in Italian language:


The escape of the Radovan “Surratt” Karadzic through the Orthodox monasteries was another symbolic revenge of the Jesuits on the secular republican justice of the united states of America. The red thread joined another very important piece of the American history – and linked it with the cruelty of the Balkan wars. The betrayer of the America, the Vatican assassin who permitted and voluntarily put at disposition his mind and his body – perinde ad cadaver – in the paws of the Roman beast, was the Jesuit trained president Bill Clinton. It was not a coincidence that he was in charge from 1992 to 2000 – just in the laps of time when the Vatican crusade of the Balkan showed its lowest cruelty. And in 1999 Bill Clinton, and for the translation property, the same America, went tied to the criminal bombing of the Serbia. Madaleine Albright, even if hosted in Belgrade to escape Nazi persecution, during the childhood, was known as strong enemy of the Serbs. Her name is tied with the 18 March 1999 Rambouillet Accords which were merely a provocation to obtain an alibi for the bombing of Serbia. Rambouillet Accords depicted America as an imperialist country seeking an alibi for aggressions at any cost. I remember well, during the minicrusade of ’99, a Serbian professor, I don’t remember his name and I didn’t find a trace of it on the web, who was very present in many programs about the Kosovo war. He, indefatigably, blamed only the “usurers of Wall Street” as the only responsible for the war, in other word the ‘American imperialism’.

So the Vaticaners prepared for themselves a moral emergency exit, that would have putted exclusively on the shoulders of the heretic cursed America, eventual blames for the delays and the obstacles in the capture of the ‘Serbian butchers’ as ‘America is the pillar of N.A.T.O’. Really speaking it is a glove used by the Roman Catholic Inquisitorial war in order to not leave the fingerprints of the Roman Antichrist on the scene of the crime. So what else better way to divert the attention from the Balkan crusade does exist than the infinite Marxist and Bolshevik political groups singing the litany of the “American Imperialism”?

The trickery of the Red deceivers at the service of the papacy is too much abnormal to let it without a mention. The Marxists are praising the theory of their Jesuit-Masonic founder, which told them that the religion is only an abstract over structure of the material social relations, a veil the capitalists are using to hide their exploitation. But it seems that the capitalists didn’t realize they have under their eyes the most bloody powerful religious ‘idealistic’ veil, the Vatican Eurasian crusade. They don’t use it to hide their plots and their wars. But the capitalist class simply doesn’t exist, as they are only the vavasours of the papacy. The General Superior entrusted them the task to stage a production that will replace and hide, in the void brains of his Red materialist theologians and of the general leftist oriented masses, the true bloody extermination war of the Council of Trent.

The Red theologians of the pope, but also many other differently coloured disguised mercenaries, are producing the intellectual smoke hiding the religious core of the s.c. globalization. They can’t bear a ‘conspiracy theory’ as they swore in front of their Saint Marx the absolute inexistence of any form of intelligence or willing behind the social, economic historical events. Their goal is to destroy every sign coming from the reality and betraying the monstrous intelligent evil plot behind it. They have to make banal the reality, to reduce it to an intellectual baby-food in order to obtain a childish, dualistic degradation of the eater’s brain.

WE CAN UNDERSTAND TODAY why Sarajevo was putted for 2 years under a savage bombing –an heretic 'Orthodox barbarism' that was showed to all the world for two entire years. The knights of the pope, as Mr Murdoch, did what they could in order to bring in every home of the planet provided with a television machine the images of the ‘Serbian barbarism’. The multinational organization whose symbol is the papal cross, the N.A.T.O., did any possible effort to maintain a status quo where the television cameras of the whole world were exclusively shooting Muslim victims of Serbain, Orthodox snipers. The O.N.U. forces never intervened because they were only actors. They were the “servants on the stage”. Their ancestors in the ancient Rome were assisting the games and after the bloody spectacles were cleaning the sand of the arena of the blood and the guts of the gladiators. They did what they can to allow to the ‘bloody butchers’ of Belgrade to realize two years of bloody siege of an ‘innocent’ city. Sarajevo was the two-year-long modern arena spectacle preparing psychologically the rest of the world to consider the incoming Vatican crusade against the heretic Serbs as a ‘natural’, ‘just’ consequence of their ‘cruelty’.

Today we know that the events went differently as they showed to all the world. More than 150,000 Serbs were cleaned from Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995. An incalculable number of them was murdered by the papal Islamic mercenary army of Bosnia. We’ll never know the numbers, as the O.S.C.E., the N.A.T.O., the O.N.U., whose anti-Christ flag has just been blessed and kissed by the pope/Beast of Rome, Benedict XVI, are an expression of the Vatican Imperial bloody power, and have been used to destroy any possible information, data, witness of the Balkan Roman Catholic religious mass murder of Orthodoxies in the last 16 years.



“….After Kosovo declared independence, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Carla Del Ponte raucously quit her position at The Hague. She slammed the door so loudly behind her that the ceiling plaster cracked at parliaments across the European Union. After her exile to Argentina as Switzerland's ambassador, Ponte said the new Kosovo was run by butchers who made a fortune trafficking organs extracted from kidnapped Serbs. In her book titled, "The Hunt: Me and the War Criminals," Ponte describes how a black organ market formed during the Kosovo War. Meanwhile, she says, the European Union played dumb paying no attention to the crimes. KP journalists went to Kosovo to learn more about the crimes….


……"They wanted to fabricate this huge story, but they ended up with a piece of crap," said Aleksandr Bechich, deputy chief editor of the Pravda opposition newspaper. "Press has been caught lying on more than one occasion. But there is truth to the article. Many Serbs heard about these crimes even before the book's publication. Serbia's Justice Minister Vladan Batich gave Ponte numerous materials about executed and kidnapped Serbs. There was also evidence, but no one was sure if the organs had actually been trafficked. I originally heard about this 5 years ago from Serbia's former head of Military Intelligence. But no one listened to special agents at the time. The Serbian special forces had documents that certified that medical equipment had been brought to camps in Albania. This evidence was given to Western intelligence agencies. 'We can't work in Albania,' they said. 'Help us with this.' But no one did a thing. U.S. and German special forces knew that Serbs had been kidnapped in 1999. As they didn't do anything to fix the situation, we should assume they were also were involved in the trafficking network. How was the system organized? The KLA received huge sums of cash for the organs. This money was used to buy drugs from Afghanistan, which were later sold in Western Europe. The KLA bought arms using this money. Enough facts had been dug up to indict Kosovo's former Prime Minister Ramush Kharadinay, current head of state Khashim Tachi and other prominent Albanians. But as opposed to being sent to prison, Kharadinay was released from The Hague in early April even though he had been charged with murdering Serbian civilians. They said he wasn't guilty. But we have documented facts proving that Kharadinay personally executed 60 Serbs and ordered 300 more to be killed. Kharadinay's release was a severe blow for the families of the deceased."

The tribunal's decision to set Kharadinay free was as hurtful for Serbs as when the West recognized Kosovo's independence. The KLA's field commander was the equivalent of an Albanian Shamil Basaev * cruel and uncompromising. Nine witnesses were lined up to testify against Kharadinay at
The Hague. But they were all killed under various circumstances during the trial. Two were killed by a sniper, one died in an automobile accident in Montenegro, two were stabbed, two were burned to death in their car while serving in Kosovo's Police and two were killed in a village cafe in Kosovo…..


"Tachi was a criminal," Deyan Mirovich, a radical party deputy in Serbia's parliament, told KP before our trip to Kosovsku-Mitrovitsu. He spouted off his version of a brief history of modern-day Serbia. "First, Tachi was involved in drug trafficking, then he headed a gang and later a terrorist group. Now he's a U.S. and EU ally. Kharadinay is the same story. He was a bouncer at a night club and ended up running a terrorist organization. In the forward to his book 'Peace and Freedo,' he wrote: 'I've killed Serbian policemen. I've killed civilian Serbs and Albanians who were disobedient.' This is why I believe everything Ponte wrote. We know all about this in Serbia. Kharadinay had a camp on Lake Radonich in Metokhia. People were taken there from Prizren, Pecha and Djakovitsa. Many were executed. People were also selected for so-called medical centers. They were kept captive while their organs were systematically extracted. You want proof? Look for their relatives in Kosovo. That's the only way. All the other e
vidence is destroyed."….


…… "Many politicians are straying from their positions and writing about the truth," Neboysha said. "Carla Del Ponte didn't want to write about what really happened before because she would have had to launch investigations into crimes connected with organ trafficking. It would have been career suicide for an EU politician in Kosovo. We have enough facts to prove genocide. We have information confirming 1,200 Serbs were kidnapped and 1,700 killed. No one can say for sure. Serbs were kidnapped all over Kosovo. People disappeared * and not farmers but doctors. Several were kidnapped. One was the famous surgeon Andrea Tomanovish. His body was never found….”.

How could a bunch of cruel Islamic Mafiosi coming from the Balkan mountains, kill nine witnesses during an international trial in a North Europe secular country, for crimes against humanity, without the support of the Jesuit controlled, inquisitorial intelligence of the same N.A.T.O. and of the of the same North European countries???

This is the Jesuit-Masonic Islamic mercenary army coming from Albania, under the personal command of the Italian and Albanian Jesuit Provincial, at those times Father S.J. Francesco Tata. These are the many Albanians veterans of the crusade against the Orthodoxies the Jesuits make to infiltrate in Italy, to keep them silent till the hour X. This is part of the Islamic Vatican mercenary army saturating the heretic North Europe, ready, at the hour X, to put an end once for all to all this ‘modern, civil, progressive, lay, secular’ society born from the Lutheran thoughts – as Wladimir Ledochowsky warmly desired.

How can you accept the murdering idiocies of the leftist intellectuals, who are busy only to hate the ‘American’ imperialism and its ally, the ‘Zionist’ imperialism, meanwhile the supposed ‘almighty’ Jews went wiped away from Pristina, just little after the papal N.A.T.O. army entered in the city together with its paramilitary allies the Islamic papal assassins coming from Albania? And exactly as it happened thousands and thousands of times all along Eurasia in thousands and thousands of pogroms, without a single voice of the supposed ‘Jewish-controlled’ world media lies system to denounce the crime?


".....Jared: Why did you leave?

Cedda: Because the political settlement became a military resolution. Pressure was on the citizens. They didn't ask which nationality you are, you were pressed to leave the apartments and the city. Even if I had a paper which said I am the President of the Jewish Community of Pristina in English and signed by the President of the Federation of Jewish Community from Belgrade, Mr. Singer, the officers from KFOR [NATO], refused to recognize that paper and I was kept imprisoned in my home for one week.

I gave it to another KFOR officer later and he said "I have other business to attend to."

The powers from Albania came inside the country. Their main purpose was to get all the non-Albanian population out. With help from Eliz Viza from Israel and from the Chairman of the Jewish Community from Skopia I was rescued, taken by Taxi together with my wife and my mother to Macedonia and from Macedonia I came to Belgrade. ...".

Just wait and see, the Vatican guillotines hidden under the false veil of the ‘inter-religious, ecumenical dialogue’ every day present in every of their planetary media source of information. Do you remember the deceptive 'ecumenical' attitude of Rome which hid the preparation for the massacre of the Huguenots?

So what the leftist Red theologians could never understand, is the long psychological planning for the Vatican crusade. The continuous smokes of the burning mosques and the abundant bloodshed of the innocent inhabitants of Sarajevo was purportedly poured to flew well after the end of the Sarajevo siege. It pours also today in the records and in the memory of the people of all the world, and it was and is the curtain with which to hide the giant hidden massacre of Serbs.

Milosevic has been under trial under the papal UN's International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. He was then killed to shut forever his mouth that would have compromised the ‘saviours’ of the victims. Was the pope thinking to his crusade in the Balkans, when he blessed the U.N. flag under which the heretic Orthodoxies are exterminated or dragged in his Inquisitorial international (= catholic) courts?


Was he thinking to the phoney capture of the heretic Radovan Karadzic? So we can understand why, meanwhile the Serbian ‘tyrant’ was captured just only after 13 years , the victims of the Vatican soldier, the Ustasha Ante Pavelic, after more than six decades, didn’t yet find justice: because Radovan Karadzic was another Vatican mask hiding the face of the eternal Vatican crusade.


Immediate Release February 6, 2008

Vatican Bank Lawsuit Plaintiffs




Current Status of Lawsuit

The lawsuit, Alperin v. Vatican Bank, remains pending in the United States District Court against the Franciscan Order. The Judge must still rule on the Franciscans Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.

On December 27, 2007, the Court granted the Vatican Bank’s Motion to Dismiss on grounds of Sovereign Immunity. It is the intention of Plaintiffs to appeal this decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Excerpts from: the Fifth Amended complaint in the lawsuit Alperin v. Franciscan Order for return of the Second World War era Ustasha Treasury - March 17, 2008



1. This is a civil action arising under international law and the laws of the United States

of America on behalf of named plaintiffs and a worldwide class of all SERBS, JEWS, ROMA


successors in interest, assignees, legatees and beneficiaries hereafter referred to as Holocaust

Survivors, who suffered monetary and/or property losses during the systematic and brutal

persecution of the class of Holocaust Survivors by the regime known as THE INDEPENDENT

STATE OF CROATIA (hereinafter referred to as the Ustasha Regime) and whose property,

collectively known as the USTASHA TREASURY, was deliberately concealed, laundered,

hypothecated, and converted by defendant OFM and its agents for the benefit of defendant and

members of the former Ustasha Regime.

2. Defendant OFM was heavily involved in the politics of Croatia and Bosnia at the

outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 through its five administrative Provinces in Croatia

and Bosnia. An OFM Province is an ecclesiastical administrative unit containing at least 8

friaries headed by a Minister Provincial. In 1939, the OFM and its Minister General invested

certain powers to a Croatian member of their Central Administration from Herzegovina, Father

Dominik Mandic, who was contemporaneously Treasurer of OFM and General Definitor (Rome

Representative) of all the Franciscan provinces in Slavic countries including Croatia and Bosnia

1939-1945. With the Ustasha takeover of Croatia and establishment of the Ustasha Regime in

April 1941, a significant number of Croatian OFM priests, monks, friars and seminarians joined the ranks of the Ustasha. Some of those who had been affiliated with OFM committed atrocities and mass murder against Holocaust victims including the infamous chief of the Jasenovac Concentration Camp, Father Miroslav Filopovic-Majstorovic, known as “Brother Satan” due to his incredible cruelty to Serbs, Jews, and Roma. While OFM in Rome did not appear to condone or order any atrocities, it was aware of the genocidal policies of the Ustasha Regime and the looting of Holocaust victims’ property that occurred through regular dispatches and visits received from OFM Minister Provincials in Croatia and Bosnia to Mandic and the OFM Minister General, Leonard Bello, in Rome (The OFM Minister General is the highest office in OFM and he is considered the successor and representative of Saint Francis of Assisi). Mandic and OFM were also politically involved with the Ustasha Regime and sympathetic to Croatian independence from Yugoslavia, and with the consent of the OFM Minister General, Mandic attempted to negotiate with the British government on behalf of the Ustasha Regime in the closing years of the war.

Radovan Karadzic, the Mask of a preventive diverting civil ethnic war.....

....hiding the modern Face of the millenium lasting, Vatican Inquisitorial mass murder of Balkan Orthodoxies (and of Jews, of Roms, of Sintis, of dissident, bad Cathlics, of atheists, of...):

Sunday, July 20, 2008



On 18th July Mario Draghi, the Jesuit trained governor of the Italian Central Bank ‘Bankitalia’, participated to a meeting of the Irish central bank in Dublin. There he putted his mouth and his tongue at the service of the Vatican Usurers Global Wide crusade (they call it: globalization) with which the Romanists want to enslave (they call it: to evangelize) every living being on earth provided with some quantum of conscience. Our diligent schoolboy arrived from the new restored Pontifical reign of Italy to carry out, with worry and diligency, the important exercises his black teachers gave him. So what said our Mario to the anxious spectator in the Roman Catholic Dublin Castle?

“…Central banks must take the lead in restoring order…”.



“….Saturday July 19 2008

CENTRAL banks will have to think seriously about using interest rates
and other measures to try to prevent financial imbalances which lead to
bubbles and crashes, the Governor of the Bank of Italy said in
Giving the annual Whitaker lecture at Dublin Castle, Governor Mario
Draghi said the only certainty in the current uncertain economic climate
was that the banking industry would look very different when the turmoil
was over….

….."Inflation now looks more persistent than we expected a few months
ago," he said.

….Central banks would have to consider enlarging their role in defending
financial stability, with better regulation and, even, the use of
interest rates to cool overheating markets


"We must seriously reconsider what was until recently a widely held
view: namely, that monetary policy should play a passive role as
financial imbalances are building up, and should intervene only after
the crash," Mr Draghi said.

Answering questions about this later, he said: "Central banks must ask
if they are wise enough to recognise a bubble, and are they powerful
enough to prick one, and can they be balanced enough to do it without
prejudicing the goal of price stability?


Admiralty power Über Alles.

Now we can understand better one of the reasons for which they made explode the subprime and oil price crisis. Was it also an alibi to enforce and centralize further the just controlled world financial system, through central banking? No doubts. Sad surprises are awaiting us in the next future.

The world banking system is coordinated by the International Settlement Bank whose seat is in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1930 by some central banks of Germany, Italy, French, Britain, Belgium and two private groups, one coming from Japan.

Board of Directors of BIS today (who are member of respective principal central banks of the world - look at the Chinese guy – bold characters):

  • Jean-Pierre Roth, Zürich (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • Hans Tietmeyer, Frankfurt am Main (Vice-Chairman)
  • Nout H. E. M. Wellink, Amsterdam
  • Axel Weber, Frankfurt am Main
  • Mario Draghi, Rome
  • Fabrizio Saccomanni, Rome
  • Mark Carney, Ottawa
  • Toshihiko Fukui, Tokyo
  • Timothy F. Geithner, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, Washington DC
  • Lord George, London
  • Jean-Pierre Landau, Paris
  • Christian Noyer, Paris
  • Stefan Ingves, Stockholm
  • Mervyn King, London
  • Guy Quaden, Brussels
  • Alfons Vicomte Verplaetse, Brussels
  • Guillermo Ortiz Martínez, Mexico City
  • Zhou Xiaochuan, Beijing
  • Jean-Claude Trichet, Frankfurt am Main

BIS was created purportedly to support the Jesuit Eurasian crusade named « World War II ». The alibi for its creation was the Versailles Treaty: (Wikipedia) “…After World War I, the need for the bank was suggested in 1929 by the Young Committee, as a means of transfer for German reparations payments - see Treaty of Versailles….”.

In the German page of Wikipedia on BIS, they tell you it explicitly: “…In der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus von 1933 bis 1945 galt die BIZ als sehr „nazifreundlich“ mit einer einflussreichen „deutschen Gruppe“ innerhalb des Unternehmens. Zum Beispiel war Emil Puhl (Vizepräsident der Reichsbank) einer der BIZ-Präsidenten. Die BIZ übernahm 1938 nach dem Anschluss Österreichs das österreichische Gold und war 1939 nach der NS-Besetzung der Tschechei auch bei der Überweisung eines Teils des tschechischen Goldes zugunsten der NS-Seite behilflich. Lord Montagu Norman, einer der Präsidenten der BIZ und gleichzeitig Leiter der Bank of England, verhinderte die Überweisung nicht. Ab April 1939 wurde der amerikanische Anwalt Thomas McKittrick in die BIZ eingegliedert, um eine demokratische Fassade vorzutäuschen. Während der Kriegszeit 1939 bis 1945 wickelte die BIZ alle notwendigen Devisengeschäfte für das Dritte Reich ab. Die Bestrebungen des US-Finanzministers Morgenthau und der norwegischen Exilregierung ab 1943, die BIZ wegen ihrer Nazifreundlichkeit aufzulösen, waren vergeblich. Der britische Finanzexperte Keynes argumentierte u.a. gegen Morgenthau, die BIZ werde für den „Wiederaufbau“ nach dem Krieg gebraucht. Erst im März 1945 wurden die Devisengeschäfte mit dem Dritten Reich eingestellt, weil der amerikanische Druck auf die Schweiz nicht mehr abzuwenden war. Die Nazi-Vergangenheit der BIZ wurde bis in die 1990-er Jahre verschwiegen….“.

Quick resumee.

During the Nazi age from ’33 to ’45 the BIS was considered a Nazi-friend bank with a strong German internal influential group. Emil Puh was both president of BIS and vice-president of Nazi Reichsbank. After the Austrian Anschluss (1938) BIS took the Austrian gold and was involved with the Nazi robbery of the Nazi occupied Tschoslovakey. Norman Montagu, who was at the same time the president of BIS and of the England Bank, didn’t obstacle the National-Socialist robbery. From the April 1939 the American lawyer Thomas McKittrick was drafter in the BIS in order to achieve a democratic façade. During the end of the II Thirty Years was (’39-’45) the BIS worked as clerk for the financial business of the Third Reich. The U.S. financial minister Morgenthau and the exiled Norway government tried unsuccessful to loose the bank (but Morgenthau was an Judenhof of the pope, he merely played a comedy). The British minister for finance affairs opposed to the loosing stating that the bank was useful for the post war re-building of Europe. Only in March 1945 they decided to add a special realistic effect to their phantastic comedy, blocking the financial transaction of the Third Reich as “…the pressure of the U.S. government was no more avoidable by the Swiss !...”. Wow! What a panic! In fact the past dealings of the BIS with the Nazis (BIS IS a Nazi bank…), vanished to re-appear only in the 90ies….”.

Clear now? A true Swiss beauty. And a similar bank couldn’t avoid the Saturnalia occult symbology. It has 55 central bank members, so 5 X 11. The five is related to Venus, to the female principle, so to the liquids of whom the circulating financial liquidity are a strong metaphor. Then the eleven, which is the judgement. Money as a medium for the ‘divine’ (= Luciferian) judgement? All that joined, packed and sent in every corner of the world by the Canonical based Admiralty International law. International as allusion to Universal as allusion to Catholic.

So the further centralization of the control on the world economy represents the realization of the Comunist/Socialist utopia which is only the Hegelian dialectical reversal (in other words: the fable for the dummies) of the Vatican hate for the private property. Private property = individual natural rights = denial of the feudal world. I hope that now it is clear from where the inspiration for the various ‘socialisms’ is coming: the Fascism was a form of Socialism (see corporativism), National-Socialism contained it even in its name, then the Bolshvism elevated socialism to the sanctity calling it: communism. Didn't Lenin start his bloody race in a Vatican sealed Wagon in a Swiss railroad stations? So the central banks are the central key for the world socialist dictatorship of the Vatican. Lenin can well come back in Switzerland, the circle is closed! So the Marxist intellectuals are only Roman Catholic disguised theologist. I am not speaking of militants of the action as Lenin. They know the truth, they are simply delinquents and criminal. What told Lenin in fact? “…If you announce that tomorrow you want to hang all the capitalists, today you’ll see all of them offering to sell you a scaffold!...”. In fact, at the end of the sum, the ‘proletariat’ (=the heretic) was the one who paid the scaffold, he was the one who built it and then he was the one who was hanged on it… Lenin knew the (theocratic) truth about the Marxism: punishment war for the heretics.

Have you still some doubts? I’ll not tell you about the moderate and radical leftist I know who are ‘friend of Jesuits’. I’ll bring to you more illustrious examples.



De Jaco, Aldo. «Cattolici e marxisti discutono di Gramsci (Due intense serate al Centro dei gesuiti milanesi di "San Fedele"),» L'Unità (April 6, 1966), 3. [Ital.]

[On the conference «Gramsci e la cultura marxista in Italia», held at Milan, April 1-2, 1966, by the Circolo cattolico "San Fedele" with the Centro di studi sociali di Milano and Relazioni sociali .]


San Fedele is a Jesuit centre in Milan. The conference: “Catholics and Marxists are debating about Gramsci. Antonio Gramsci, the famous Socialist who founded the Italian Communist Party. Died in the Fascist prisons in 1937. Please, go again on the year, the 1966. Two years after it exploded the radical leftist world revolutionary Movement of the ‘68. Three years after it exploded in Italy the Hot Autumn workers battle season. Yes, the workers battle season which, together the cultural support of the student revolution of 1968, gave the birth in Italy (but not only) to the phenomena of the ‘Red Brigades’ armed guerrilla (= Jesuit killers to calibrate the Italian political class). The same season when “…some Jesuits went down in the street taking the side of the workers…” as here and there you could read in the memories of some Cathocommunists. But isn’t the biggest idiot of Italy, the theatral comic Dario Fo, a creature of them? Dario Fo played the famous anticlergy piece “Mistero Buffo” (=Funny Mistery) on which the official Roman Catholic church threw its anathema. But the Jesuits laughed and had fun with it. Clear, they are Luciferian and know the truth:


“…..Con la Chiesa ufficiale che lanciava anatemi e chiedeva di bloccare la messa in onda e i gesuiti che applaudivano. «Il filmato venne mostrato loro in una visione privata e, stando ai racconti di chi era in cabina di proiezione, per tutto il tempo si sentirono risate incontrollabili, quasi sguaiate. E alla fine ci fu chi chiese: per favore, possiamo rivederlo da capo?»…”

I.e. during the preventive showing of the Mistero Buffo (to control the contents - censorship), meanwhile the official church was launching its anathema on Mistero Buffo, before to broadcast it in tv, the Jesuits - who were clapping to Mistero Buffo - were present in the showing hall of Television broadcast RAI, and following what told the technical personnel or RAI, for all the time you heard them laughing without control. At the end some asked: “…please, can we watch it again?...”.

So let’s see – after Antonio Gramsci – the life of another founder of the Italian Communist party – Onorato Damen:



”………Giovanni Philippone nasce in Sicilia, a San Giovanni Gemini (Agrigento), nel 1922. …….Frequenta il ginnasio in collegio dai Gesuiti a Pedara e li matura 1'interesse per le materie artistiche e la decisione di iscriversi cl liceo artistico di Palermo, doveotterrà il diploma nel 1942…………..
È durante gli anni della guerra e a seguito dei suoi disastri che si fa strada in lui la necessita di unire gli ideali religiosi ai quali era stato cresciuto ed educato a quellipolitici di una sinistra che auspicava un mondo senza prevaricazioni. ………

Nel 1960 espone al Salon de l'Art libre (Palais des Beaux Arts di Parigi)

Nel 1961 sposa Dora Damen, figlia di Onorato Damen, fondatore con A. Bordighera nel 1921 del Partito Comunista d'Italia, dopo la scissione di Livorno …..


They say:

“….Giovanni Philippone is born in Sicily, San Giovanni Gemini (Agrigento) in the 1922… He frequented the gymnasium at the Jesuit college in Pedarea and there he develops the interst for the artistical matters nd the decision to enter in the artistical lyceum of Palermo, where he obtained the diploma in 1942….
During the years of the war cause the disasters he became conscious about the necessity to unify the religious ideas with whom he was raised and educated together with the political ideas of a leftist area which hoped for a world without abuses. For all the life he would had oscillated between these two poles: a religiosity without schemes and dogmas, but lived in the in inner soul, and the panting for a better world where the man, creator of the proper destiny, finds himself as conscious protagonist of the choices…..
In 1960 he exhibits his works in the Salon de l’Art libre (Palais des Beaux Arts -
In 1961 he married Dora Damen, daughter of Onorato Damen, founder with A. Bordiga in 1921 of the Italian Comunist party, after the Livorno’s split….”.

So isn’t appalling the Jesuits’ stench you smell around these ‘left-atheist revolutionaries’? Keep in mind, some months ago our friend Dario Fo - who has been awarded even with a Nobel prize! – during an interview with the showman Fazio in the tv program “Che tempo farà?” (= the next future coming weather), praised one of his ‘inspirator’, the probably greatest serial killer of the known history, Maozedong and his Red Book.

World banking system created Fascism, Nazism, Bolshevism who are only variations on the theme: “New Roman Catholic Feudalism through Modern Socialism”. And the Vatican created – starting with its assassin double tongued snakes Templars – the world banking system. On the top of it, as trustful religious commander, you find Vatican Assassins as the Italian Jesuit trained Mario Draghi, serial killers who uses the economic financial mass murder wapon for the benefit of the Novo Ordo Seclorum, in other world: the extermination war of the Council of Trent.

Three prestigious products of Switzerland or supported by the renowned Swiss skillful - Switzerland is the core of the Vatican bulwark I named: "Catholand". Catholand is the central region of Europe with the Alps at his centre.
Secrets of the "Bank" of Rome Reveled At Last!! "...The Imperialists under Charles V, sacked the city of Rome in 1527 and stole most of the gold. The city was defended by Swiss mercenaries and as a result they were commissioned to guard the "Bank". The "Bank" also decided to store the gold and silver in Switzerland as a precaution against another repeat of the sack of 1527....
.....Ignatius LIEola was the founder of the reorganized "Bank" of Rome. The Jesuits were founded on August 15, 1534, and LIEola was officially commissioned to reorganize the almost bankrupt "Bank" of Rome in 1540......". Last pic below: the Babel tower (headquarter BIS) from where the General Superior of the Society of Jesus controls the efficiency of its Inquisitorial mass murder global weapon - the world central banking system.